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  1. Lygia

    {Lygia's Journey} Building A Successful Author Brand

    Hi there! :) I’m officially starting my journey’s thread so I can update it monthly with what I’m doing at the moment. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ve written this post detailing my goals and this one talking a bit about my personal and professional background. Today’s post...
  2. BellaPippin

    I made a book and it's selling. I never got this far, so I'm a bit stuck xD

    Back in August I had a flash idea for a drawing book/sketchbook I wanted to exist, so I made it. I proved the concept with pre-orders and eBook sales, so I got 200 from a printer abroad. Right now sales trickle as long as I'm investing in ads but it's been a learning curve to figure out how to...
  3. REV5028

    Are you an author/writer?

    Happy New Year, All! I'm working on writing a non-fiction book. I feel fairly confident in the content research and writing aspects, but I have some questions more on the business/legal/publishing side of things. I would immensely appreciate any insight/guidance you'd be willing to provide...
  4. MTF

    How to Build and Grow a Newsletter as a Business Model

    Newsletters have been a stable online business model ever since the Internet became popular. For some time overlooked because of social media, they're now making a big comeback. There are a few reasons why newsletters are now hot: Writers are looking for new ways to make money without being...
  5. Tim Wallace

    What Do You Think of This?

    I have recently published a short step by step guide ebook (35-pages), which guides you on how to properly work on Amazon's Mechanical Turk. The major pitfall of MTurk (as it's called), is there is so much crappy work mixed in with the decent tasks available. So it is the norm for an untrained...
  6. O

    Franchise, Publish or Both?

    Him: "Franchise my business? I think it's a terrible idea, people buy into a franchise for the name, I don't have a well known name. On TV years ago, a trendy local hair salon was looking to build a name, then franchise it. They got nowhere. You're technically not selling a franchise, just an...
  7. Monkeycom

    How to build a successful online business, without relying on any third party (Ecommerce)

    Hi, I received quite a few pm's lately of wannabe entrepreneurs looking to start their first online venture. Here's the most simple business model I found, after few decades of internet marketing. The key to making money through your eCommerce store is building up your email list and then...
  8. MJ DeMarco

    Children's Book Publishing... WOW?!

    Saw this at Costco... WOW. Over 200 million sold, the "Wimpy" series I'm guessing. Safe to say that Mr. Kinney is probably doing pretty good for himself. Anyone here in this market? I do recall seeing some threads but can't seem to find them.
  9. persistencyiskey

    What's MJ's Story on How he turned TMF into a best seller?

    Hello, Big fan of @MJ DeMarco and the forum. I've been trying to search for a post where MJ discusses and breaks down in detail his successful story regarding The Millionaire Fastlane, but I haven't been able to find one...does it exist? If not, if MJ could be generous enough to share with us...
  10. Cat Lady

    Amazon publishing help needed - Advantage vs P

    Hey folks - I know some of you are successful on Amazon and I'm really eager for some help. If you have experience in the publishing part of amazon and can help with my specific problem, I'd be happy to compensate you or just shower you in love. This problem has eaten up way too many hours for...
  11. Leo Hartas

    I'm doing it!

    Hello Everyone, Nearly finished Unscripted. ok, I haven't read Fastlane yet, but it's next! I'm a middle-aged freelance illustrator from the UK and have lived a half-way unscripted life doing what I love. The only thing is that despite many attempts I've never managed to escape my clients...
  12. Supa


    If you never heard about NaNoWriMo or the National Novel Writing Month, here‘s the website‘s description of it: National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to creative writing. On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a...
  13. DanInSyd

    Tips for writing a textbook

    Hi all, I started out writing a guide for new colleagues coming in to our business (think trainees, and assistant level staff) explaining some of the intricacies of the job, an overview of the industry, and where we sit within it etc. This was drafted off my own back really, as I was having to...
  14. Vigilante

    Vigilante's Book "Vigilant Kids" Step by Step

    This first post is a placeholder as I intend to chronicle for you the steps from conception to launch of the kids book I wrote called "Vigilant Kids." This thread will be about process, not content. I'd be remiss if I didn't give three shoutouts from the very beginning : To @MJ DeMarco for...
  15. Vigilante

    Vigilante Soft Launch of New Kids Book "Vigilant Kids"

    I thought I would turn to my friends and fellow forum members with a fun announcement and a request for assistance. Over the past year, I have written a kids book called Vigilant Kids. It's an edgy/aggressive book, aimed at teaching young kids some essential survival skills to bring them home...
  16. Vigilante

    Uncommon Publishing Results Require Uncommon Action

    I am a product marketing guy, but book launching and marketing is different. Many of the tricks of the trade that are used in physical product marketing don't apply to book marketing, and many successful strategies for book publication don't apply to the physical products industries. I tasked...
  17. Tiisetso Maloma

    Book Selfie icon for promoting books

    Sup guys – howzt!! If you are an author or contemplating on releasing a book, like me, you are forever brainstorming ways of marketing your book. A while ago, a way to further market books hit me. The idea was to create an icon which asks or encourages people to take selfies with my books and...
  18. rocksolid

    Publishing a childrens book help

    I am thinking of writing a children's book. I already have an illustrator and I will do the story of course. Has anybody done this before? I want to do it myself and see if I can keep the cost as low as possible. The only thing I would like to pay for is the actual printing of the book. Is there...