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  1. B

    I studied Business Growth Strategies – here is the summary

    Everyone who followed this forum for a time will probably know a lot about what I am going to summarize here. Success is no accident. It is the result of logic and persistence. It follows specific rules and these rules can be learned. Many years ago, when I started my first full-time business...
  2. ShankarS

    Looks like I'm goofing around

    Hi , Recently , I thinking about creating YouTube contents or Amazon FDA both of them compromises CENTS. I'm not clear whether I need to continue exploring that. The reason I'm choosing Amazon FDA is to explore and build my analysis , planing and execution. You tube videos , just to keep...
  3. General JB2006

    Any good niches to work at as a freelance copywriter?

    Title says it all
  4. General JB2006

    Is the "Indie cosmetics and signature cosmetics" a good niche to start at

    I am currently making a lead list of potential clients that I want to work with as a copywriter in this niche. Is this a niche worth investing my time with? And any advice on choosing certain industries?
  5. Laksh Ramesh

    Which niche is better for lead gen ( getting really stuck)

    Hey guys I have been really a trouble in niches thread. I couldn't understand the fact on which niche is better among the two: Home security supplier or Tree services. I had done my research in terms of higher payout, who responses fast and is adequate and on time which is the security...
  6. Laksh Ramesh

    What are the general pain points for owning an auto repair shop?

    I'm curious to ask this as I have been providing the service of locating the auto parts precisely with including the part number, but there seems to be no sales even when I am giving them a guarantee of getting them results within 2 weeks and a free trial. I needed to ask what are the general...
  7. E

    Target Market Advice - Film Career Coaching

    Hello Fastlaners, Thanks for all your insight and thoughts, I absolutely love this forum! I was wondering if it would possible to get some outside perspective on a business idea I'm working on? In particular in relation to defining a target market. Any advice, ideas, or feedback would be...
  8. T

    How to know if there is demand for my service

    Hello everyone, I'm Tom. Just joined the forum, having read the Fastlane. I have a question about my business idea. I believe it fits all or most of the CENTS framework, but my fear is simple: is there demand? For context, I am a freelance English teacher (English as a second language)...
  9. abandance

    Challenge: 1 Million Euro Profit by the End of 2022. How to find the demand with this potential?

    Hello, I have to provide value to others, I have to cover the demand, money is just the indicator of how valuable my product or service is. I understand this. Meanwhile, after many years of work, I've managed to create a online business with almost 1 million Euro in sales. But the turnover is...
  10. MOW

    Need some advice

    Got a problem that I could use some advice on. A friend of mine runs a YouTube channel, but someone is using his copyrighted videos and bringing them to court has gotten him nowhere except broke. He wants to throw in the towel and let this person win even though it will keep him from making a...
  11. DMNinja

    [Personal Freelance Journal] Starting on Niche Freelance Consulting Work

    I've been listening to Unscripted again, and something dawned on me. I have domain experience in a niche field, and I am actively getting paid to tackle a problem. Through systemizing this procedure, I can scale my income (still bound to time though) and in the future I could turn it into a...
  12. Fr33zerPop

    Need help picking red pill or blue pill. Am I adding any value compared to the competition? (demo)

    Being an amateur musician and an animator, I wanted to get into the space of creating beat visualizers and lyric videos for musicians by creating my own designs. This ground is already being well covered by some slick automated sites. I'm looking for free ideas on finding my niche/value add...
  13. RealDreams

    Do I Have a Chance? YouTube Niche struggle

    So I started a YouTube channel in my native language on self-improvement a few months ago. I knew even before starting that I would have been the first to do videos on this niche, since in my country the only videos that are popular are about Fortnite, Call of Duty and pranks. After 2 videos...
  14. D

    One Or Multiple Product Type?

    hello, as I’m working out my master plan for my niche canvas art Shopify Store...I ran into a problem... Do I sell one type of product ? (just canvas art) Or do i sell other type of products my audience would like as well ? (IE statues, and other home decor) example of a one product type...
  15. D

    How To Verify If Niche Is Big Enough?

    Hello I’ve had tiny success as a drop shipper before (15K a month in sales - ~3K in profit) Now I want to build a real of my ideas is to do “print on demand” with unique art work pieces that would 100% belong to me and my brand Question is..when I check the monthly searches for...
  16. L

    How to stop niche-site copying?

    If you make a small niche site that has some of your own written material and photographs, including some (Affiliate) links to where people can buy related items, what is to stop anyone from simply cloning your site and changing any referral codes to their own? Can you premptively "register"...
  17. Robin Andrews

    Audience Dilemma

    My mailing list has been stuck at a very low number for a while now, and in some ways I'm not surprised.. There seems to be a problem with my niche and I can't yet see how to resolve it. My niche is "GCSE and A Level Computer Science," which are UK exams taken at 16 and 18 respectively. Both...
  18. O

    Verifying Market & Demand

    Hi everyone. I have some ideas that I'm interested in pursuing (SAAS apps), and are a niche in a larger market. I'm not sure how to verify whether there is a demand for the ideas. What are some of your ways to verify whether a market exists or you should pursue the idea.
  19. GrandRub

    Jab,Jab,Kick in the Nuts - Affiliate Website & Print on Demand

    Hallo from Germany! Time for a progress thread. The goal of this thread is to post something at least every 1-2 weeks so I don't lose focus and see what i have done. Hopefully the weekly writing reminds me that only I am responsible for my successes. My ramp to the Fastlane Autobahn is based...
  20. NicholasCato

    Anyone in the education industry? (K12)

    Had the idea for a service that I could offer to this industry in the form of interactive media learning materials sold directly to teachers. I’m doing reasearch now but would love to know if anyone here has any experience serving educators specifically k12. Thanks in advance! - Nicholas