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EXECUTION Jab,Jab,Kick in the Nuts - Affiliate Website & Print on Demand


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Mar 27, 2019
Hallo from Germany!

Time for a progress thread.

The goal of this thread is to post something at least every 1-2 weeks so I don't lose focus and see what i have done.
Hopefully the weekly writing reminds me that only I am responsible for my successes.

My ramp to the Fastlane Autobahn is based on 3 pillars.

T Shirt Print on Demand (30% of my time)

Yes, that doesn't make you very popular here - for many good and right reasons.
I've been active on various PoD marketplaces for a year and a half and think it's a good business. I learned a lot there and want to stay in the PoD area... But I also want to develop further, get more control and become a longterm "brand".

Long story short:

I've been setting up my own shop for a few weeks now and getting first sales.
i am using (integrated in a wordpress blog. i dont use the ugly generic spreadshop out of the box) - because they have organic fair trade shirts that sell well in my niche... i would like to try out printful in the near future. but they only have one organic product. so maybe in another project.

My "niche" is relatively broad and something like "sustainability & environmental protection". the topic is in demand and getting bigger and bigger. It is broad enough to have many interesting subtopics. Almost all of my competitors are hobby websites with very strong niche references and often very ugly websites.

I will concentrate on 2-3 subtopics and have about 10-15 designs created .
Quantity over quality.

Facebook and Instagram advertising. Good landing pages. Video content.

Pretty Basic Stuff.

I certainly don't solve the world hunger - but people with a clear opinion on topics like environmental protection and co love to present their opinion - especially if the designs are also fashionable.
Our products are not T-shirts -but the feeling of being a member of a special group and being different - and of course a "good consciousness".
it would be great to build a bit of a community.. but i dont know how to do that yet... maybe start a contest about a niche related thing and funnel them to a facebook group.

Niche Website (70% of my Time)

I got a domain that fits very well to the domain of the T Shirt Shop
translated it would be something like ""

i will create a page for topics like "Good" products. Sustainable,Valuable,Healthy,Organic... Everyday Items.

I already researched some keywords the first weeks of content

Every week publish a ~1500 words buyguide for a certain productgroup .
"organic olive oil / " "what is organic dogfood".

Additionally I want to write smaller articles about cool products from small and interesting producers. Interesting topic - And possibly good to get backlinks and reach out to interesting people and multiplicators.

Maybe i can combine thematically matching buyguides and smaller articles to eBooks and either sell them or use them as leadmagnet.

We live in complicated times. There are millions of products to buy. There are millions of pieces of information. Which products are good? Which bad? Organic? Sustainable? Plastic-free?

I'm not reinventing the wheel - but I want to help people see a little bit more clear.

I also think that many people (especially those with more money) are very interested in "special" and valuable products... The more industrial PRoducts and scandals there are, the greater will be the demand for "special" products and a directory that guides people to those.

3. Online Marketing Case Study
As a third pillar I would like to start a Blog / Youtube about online marketing.

This should not become anything extravagant but actually only accompany and present the first two projects. Maybe someone is interested in how I do it... And maybe someone can learn from me. I would do that first completely without any monetary goal and just see what happens. the online marketing ecosystem is full of snake oil sellers and fake content - so i would like to be a good example for honest content.

Game On!

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