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life advice

  1. Jasper_

    Does money actually buy happiness? (Finding the real answer)

    Hey Fastlaners, For the past couple of months, I have been researching the connection and mysteries behind the infamous money-happiness relation and have summarised my most interesting and useful findings for you guys. (All the important stuff is in bold so you can skim through, but I suggest...
  2. P

    Which road is the quickest way to Rome for a fresh economy graduate?

    Hey guys, 23 year old fresh economics & real estate agent graduate from northern europe here. I finished my bachelor at the university this summer and I'm currently at a crossroads in life regarding the type of job I want to get and what type of business I want to start out of the options I...
  3. R

    How to save myself and my family from finicial problems

    Hi, I'm a young man 16 years old. i began realise that if i live like this the next 10 years i will fail life. my dad is working hard, i see him come from home, in pain. Makes me want to do something, i want to save my family from everything and also save myself and the generation, i don't want...
  4. Ties.

    How can I make most out of my university career?

    Hi everyone, I'm a 19 years old who will go to the university of Maastricht after this summer and I will start studying International Business. I chose this university because of it's international aspect 56% of students comes from abroad. We will be taught via 'problem based learning' which...
  5. MangoFreedom

    How do you get started on the entrepreneur journey?

    Hi. I'll just get straight to the points. I've started my 'self-improvement journey' and recently joined this forum. I want to someday create a business and grow it. However, I'm not really sure where to start. Here are some information about me: I'm turning 15 this year, and I'm currently in...
  6. The One

    !!!????!!!! What would you SLAP yourself at 18 years of age? Hmmm? Or even younger????!!!!

    What would you tell yourself at 18? Any thing in your journey that lead to a tangent off course? The credit cards you would sign up to get those amazing points feature? (seriously, someone tell me about this) Any amazing programs you would watch? The best influencer of our (or your time) time...
  7. kareemt

    Where am I supposed to live?

    I'm a 17 year-old Syrian refugee, I currently live in Saudi Arabia where I'm not a citizen and nor can be. Here in SA, I almost can do nothing because I'm not a citizen, I cannot own a home - I should rent, I cannot own a business - I should partner with a Saudi individual, even living here...
  8. mirumiru

    Just GIVE UP WHAT DOESN'T ADD (Dopamine Detox - how it benefits you to REALLY change your life) | Motivation & eye-opening

    I have been in self improvement for a long time. My progress for a lot of time was just stagnant. I knew I needed discipline instead of motivation. I knew I needed to take action but I didn't. I knew I had to trust the process but I refused to even start. What was stopping me? I was living...
  9. AnthonyK

    A Speed Bump in My Journey.

    Hello Everyone I am in university right now and before coming here, I had strong feelings of not wanting to. I didn't tell my parents, or challenge their arguments as I believed university at the time was the only path I could take and here I am, not enjoying my classes and the environment...
  10. L

    Struggling with finding the right path

    Hey, I am in a very lucky situation: I can decide for myself what I want to do. By that I mean that my parents don't tell me what to do and I've been given many other opportunities (for example, living in Germany, being able to go to school, etc.). Therefore in advance: I am very grateful for my...
  11. Alin Farah

    Being committed or Being interested

    I have read TMF about 2 months ago and I have been committed to executing my business idea since then, from learning how to code to researching and building an MVP website that resolves around my idea. However I've been having some difficulties lately to carry on with this momentum, as I have...
  12. C

    Smart people wanted: 10X income in 5 years, how would you do it?

    Hi Fastlaners, How would you 10X your income within 5 years? A little context, I live in The Netherlands and I'm fortunate enough to be earning double the national average salary, making €4,000 after tax monthly. After my expenses, savings and ETF investments I have about €1,500 left each...
  13. 0

    I could use some life advice...

    So it feels like I'm at a cross-roads and could use some advice from others. Not entirely sure which way to take things right now and every path seems uncertain. So about 3 months ago I got into crypto, mainly NFTs. Turned 8k into about 40k. (Made a bunch of mistakes and lost some money, made...
  14. uzumakinaruto

    Looking for a way to achieve my dreams

    Hi Everyone, I just completed Millionaire Fastlane, which was suggested by my buddy a long time back(I created this account at that time itself). After going through the book I realized a few things: 1) I have been living on the sidelane. 2) Mostly consumer mindset. 3) Would never be able to...
  15. M

    What should I study to not get stuck in the slowlane rat-race? Or is studying redundant?

    Okay, so here's the deal: I'm 19 years old and live in Sweden, where higher education generally is tax-funded. I graduated the equivalent of high school with good grades (over half my grades were A's), and my favorite subject is probably somewhere between chemistry, mathematics...
  16. KushShah9492

    Stuck in a scripted world!!

    Roughly 2 weeks ago, I made a post on this forum about how I'd be recording my daily progress in there. I did that once, and it was all. I had no progress to write about, I was too lazy to learn anything new, about my business or anything else. I have tried meditation, working out, reading...
  17. H

    A millennial seeking advice

    Hi fastlaners, I am an ambitious yet somewhat directionless 25-year-old seeking for your advice. Two years ago, I quit my job and hopped on the entrepreneurial journey. Over these past 2 years, I've been jumping from one stuff to another, didn't persist on anything that I initially started. I...
  18. azt3k

    QUESTION: Should I stay or should I go?

    I'm hoping I chose the appropriate sub-forum to post this, so here it goes... For context: I'm currently working as a bilingual teller (English/Spanish) part-time at a bank in my area. I have 30+ 3-5 minute conversations with people from all walks of life at my window every time I'm at work...
  19. malphax5

    What Would Be Your Advice to the Post-High School Graduates?

    If you could go back, what would you tell to yourself after you graduated high school (life advice, financial advice, entrepreneurship...)? What could you have done going back to the day you've graduated high school? Any regrets? What are the biggest mistakes have you done since you've...