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  1. OkLetsGo

    Any advice on the legal stuff when starting an online business?

    Hey, I live in Germany, and I am currently building myself an online business, I am not selling products, but I'm looking forward to getting into affiliate marketing and ads, as you may realize, yes I'm still at the very beginning. The problem is that it is hard to make all the things with the...
  2. Q

    How to find legal advice?

    Hi, I'm trying to find some advice regarding the use of WhatsApp Business in my Business. I can't find information anywhere and even here in the forum nobody seems to be able to help me (How do I find out if my Service based on another product is legal?). What would you do now in my situation...
  3. Q

    How do I find out if my Service based on another product is legal?

    Hi, I am in the journey to build my own business. I'm thinking of a service for landlords that helps them to install WhatsApp Business and use it in the right and most effectful way. To achieve that, I want to create something like an instruction. To make it easier to use, I want for example to...
  4. EngineerThis

    My Value Skew Product apparently, is patented... Advice?

    My biz partner and I found the perfect product for value skewing.. Its a fantastic idea, but the design has flaws, and the creator has done 0 marketing.. We were in the middle of designing and 3D printing our concept (Engineers by trade) and, working on some promo material to start going "Door...
  5. MOW

    Need some advice

    Got a problem that I could use some advice on. A friend of mine runs a YouTube channel, but someone is using his copyrighted videos and bringing them to court has gotten him nowhere except broke. He wants to throw in the towel and let this person win even though it will keep him from making a...
  6. A

    Advices for a 21 year old wannabe Entrepreneur

    Hey Everyone, This is my first thread, and I would like to ask for advices from experienced entrepreneurs. I'm about to start my own LLC in Hungary, and the company's main profile is going to be vending biodegradable food boxes, straws and cutlery, for local restaurants. I did a lot of...
  7. seomatic

    Going fastlane in Legal (Lawsuits & more)?

    Hi, I'm wondering if some fastlaners are successful in Legal? The reason I'm asking, somehow I get involved into legal action all the time. I'm not really looking for trouble but somehow it just happens. For example I got sued by an international top model once. Then this year I've...
  8. Flo Rian

    The Millionnaire Fastlane and Unscripted read by a French

    Hello everyone, I'm Florian. I'm 32 years old and live in France. I am Attorney in Real Estate Law and Contract Law since two years. I read the Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted, both in english at first, then both in French to better understand the subtleties and details - (sorry for my...
  9. OverByte

    Copycat Business Discovered - Any Options?

    A few months ago I started an e-commerce business and it has steadily been growing in sales. I knew it would only be a matter of time before someone tried to sell a similar product (I'm selling a customized product), however I didn't expect someone to also steal my website and advertising copy...
  10. S

    Wich authority/department in Germany do i have to talk to bring a new product on the market?

    Hi, i wanna create an ecstasy Test kit including the supplements you need so you can test your drug and got your supplements for a hangover free and safe trip all in one box. Since this is a pretty risky topic i can't just produce the product and put it out there. Do any of you know an...
  11. drako98

    Building a Free Download Directory Website For Selling Ad Space

    I am looking to start a website that is a free download directory for creative professionals. The site will include all types of free downloads including stock videos, photos, powerpoint templates, photoshop templates, fonts, icons, and much more. What will be different about this website is...
  12. C

    (Complicated) Unpaid Invoice

    Hi everyone Looking for a bit of advice from anyone who knows a lot about the legal side of things or has been in a similar situation to me. I’ll outline the details below A few months back, my digital marketing company conducted a 2 month free trial for a local dental practice. In the initial...
  13. Dennis Kaiyer

    Legal contract for option to purchase with assignment clause

    I see this all the time with people "wholesaling real estate", they find an undervalued house and they tie up the rights of the contract. The "option to purchase" contract allowing them to purchase the real estate by some point in the future. Then they then either find someone to sell it on to...
  14. ZF Lee

    Let's Talk Legal....Exemption Clauses?

    Disclaimer: This ain't legal advice. Consult your lawyer.:) I haven't seen many of them even in my freelance contracts, but a recent business law assignment triggered the issue in my mind. I'm currently studying English Common Law and Malaysian law (where it has provisions that don't need the...
  15. S

    Using 3M's products to improve your own product?

    Hi there, I'm looking to manufacture and release my first product on Amazon, and had a question regarding the legality of things. Essentially I plan to improve an existing product using one of 3M's industrial tapes to give it a stronger hold, and sell that improved product on Amazon. Now by...
  16. _davis_smith

    How to structure without knowing founders' potential value?

    Hey everyone, So I thought I'd reach out to anyone in here that knows more about structuring businesses more than I do. We're a group of 4 young guys (20-25 years old), and we're all working to create an interactive educational platform for blockchain development. Since we're going to be...
  17. Roveso

    Legal Entrepreneur in Mexico

    Hello everyone! After spending a few days reading through the forum, I finally got the courage to write about me (this is the first online forum I have ever written on): I am a lawyer in Mexico. I am currently working in the Federal Government, where my main activity is to draft judgments or...
  18. TrueCreator97

    LEGAL WORK: Before or After

    Hey Everyone, I hope you've all had a great start to 2018 and are killing your goals as we move forward in this new year. I was wondering where you think certain legalities fall in the execution process. The two ones I'm most concerned with initially are incorporation and a trademark for my...
  19. nyc217

    Do They Own Me?

    Hey Fastlane, Currently, Ii am employed by a company as a software developer and enjoy it. But, in their contract they state, “you assign your rights to any and all inventions to us....”. Yeah i should not have signed it to begin with, but really wanted a job in general, especially programming...
  20. jon.a

    I'm looking for a Pro Bono attorney for a friend

    An associate wrote an aggressive review of an investment syndicate. He has received a cease and desist. This friend is not a huge fish but not an unknown either. I'm not sure how many attorneys we still have on-board or maybe someone knows someone.

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