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  1. Rolex Mindset

    Starting a Property Management Business From Scratch

    I'm a 22 year old from New Zealand. Since I turned 18, I derived my income solely from reselling used items. My goal for 2023 has been to change my lifestyle. I've tried to pursue a frugal lifestyle and put money aside to do leanFIRE. Weakness with reselling and my belief that retiring early...
  2. EngineerThis

    The "Costanza Method" Challenge

    I've been in a rut, my business ventures have slowed and got thrown way out of wack after moving back home with my inlaws. I'm having trouble gaining more clients for my "EngineerThis" service, and my Home service business Crystal Clear has also slowed due to the lack of homes in Northern...
  3. Prdgy

    Prdgy's Journal

    Inspired by my chat in the random chat thread (thanks @GPM , @thechosen1 , @Ing , @piano and @BizyDad !) , I've decided to write an open journal with feedback as a thread on here! I do also have a private journal that I write by hand, so this one will mainly just be for noteworthy things that...
  4. DMNinja

    Moving the needle, and readjusting along the way

    Hello yet again! It's been a period of reflection and self-growth for me. I've moved forward, faced fears, got a further understanding of myself, and now it's the time I make this thread. My end goal is to build and maintain a civil engineering business, while creating value in the sector by...
  5. hexelbyte

    Starting A Web Design Business - My Journey

    Hello Everyone! This Thread is primarily entries of my journey in web design / sales. From accomplishments and through hardships follow along and learn along with me! If you find anything insights / comments feel free to share them! If you prefer, you can PM me as well. Thanks @Capitalist_Cat...
  6. N

    My success journal - From debts and a job to the fastlane

    Hello there Fastlaners, I’m Nico, 28 years old from germany and happy to be here. After reading theMillionaireFastlane I finally found something I was looking for for such a long time when reading dozens of self-development books - a real and active forum of like minded people. After a first...
  7. thewalkingtemple

    Is there a market for inventing languages?

    Use Case: What if there was a way to ensure that your private journals remain private? You know, the journals that hold your deepest and darkest secrets? The kind of secrets that would embarass you enough to roll in your grave after your death if someone were to find your journal? What if you...
  8. G-Man

    12 Week Year - Any Fastlaners using it?

    So - i just went through the 12 Week Year on my Christmas Eve/Christmas, have made draft 1 of my vision/ 3 year/ and 12 week - wondering if there's anyone else out there that is using/ has used it and your experiences. Currently considering the "Achieve" program, which includes coaching, but I'm...
  9. Alex Nolte

    finding the best idea

    So the past months I've been procrastinating on my fastlane journey for really dumb reasons. A few months ago I already "discovered" several business ideas (that would solve needs) in different niches but since then I've been procrastinating any further evaluation. Therefore I haven't progressed...
  10. Cat Lady

    Burned down my slowlane political career for entrepreneurship 17 months ago

    Hi! I'm Cat Lady, a 30 year old entrepreneur in the Pacific Northwest. In November 2016 (remember that election?), I left a career in non-profit and political fundraising to try to ramp up a speaking/teaching side hustle I'd had for a few years. I didn't just "leave" a career, I abandoned my...
  11. S

    My App Development Process

    Hey everyone, thanks for reading my progress journal. TLDR: I am documenting my process of building an iOS app, and I'll be posting daily on my progress. I have previously made the common mistake of valuing events over process. This has led to stagnation. So now I've changed my focus to be on...
  12. Laughingman21

    Goal Setting Journals - Recommendations

    Over the years, I’ve seen a few different types of goal setting journals, but never actually bought one as I wasn’t convinced of their value. I’m starting to think that having something like this would help me hit my goals quicker as it’ll help my focus. Does anyone have any recommendations of...
  13. LeoistheSun


    Heres my journey to building a money-tree of my own. *** I got into SaaS about 6 weeks ago. I've got a heavy IT background (no programming XP) so it's not difficult to get into. I've been calling lots of businesses, approx 500 now and spoke with 27 people. The niche I've chosen isn't panning...

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