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  1. ajakupi

    Croatian little man

    Hi to all of you which will read this, My name is Arjan and I'm from Croatia. Tbh I am still a nobody, I haven't built a business yet nor do I have anything special to provide except my mindset. I am driven to become libareted from time, locations and liberated financially. But I don't want to...
  2. Mgmt-Consultant

    My Intro...Vamsi from India

    Hi All, Namaste from India. My name is Vamsi Krishna (you may call me Vamsi). I am a Management and Technology consultant. I have worked for 30 years for corporates and just started a new business in India. During my corporate journey, I have helped several clients by providing optimized...
  3. LDumm

    Who I am

    Hi, I'm Leonard from Germany. I am 24 years old. I will begin studying Bionics in Oct. 2023. I began my self-developement journey at age 18 through integrative work which has drastically altered my lifes trajectory. Ever since I strive to improve myself to become the best version of myself...
  4. W

    Tips for dropshipping with Best Buy

    Hello all my name is Alexander and I'm owner of I handle business from Finland and would like to introduce myself. I based my business about two and half month ago on Shopify. The main products I sell are wines and spirits coming from Spain. So it's a few month on journey with...
  5. S

    The Beginning Of My Journey

    Hi all, I've recently finished reading the Millionaire Fastlane book and thought I'd come here to introduce myself and connect with like-minded people. I'm based in London (UK), and I've recently graduated from University studying Computer Science. I'm a normal guy, nothing special, but I yearn...
  6. E

    My Introduction and First Questions

    Hello everyone! My name is Eli Ingrum. I am from southern Illinois. I just finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane and I am super excited about beginning my fastlane journey. I am also stoked about learning from all of you guys on here! I do have a few questions though: 1. I am not...
  7. wolflarsen71

    Introducing myself/Time is king

    Good night everybody, I'm a 26yo architect from Buenos Aires, currently working on my family studio while I'm designing some products to create my business. I rumble a lot in my early 20s but I get my degree in December 2020. Let's say I had the sidewalk mentality while driving on the slow lane...
  8. N

    From debts and a job to the Fastlane

    Hey there fastlaners, I'm Nico, 28 years old, living in germany and happy to be here! After reading theMillionaireFastlane I finally found something I was looking for for such a long time when reading dozens of self-development books - a real and active forum of like minded people. After a...
  9. Tuqaneer

    Tuqaneer; struggling to get to a wild dream...

    Hi everyone, After reading MJ's books, I came here and was very surprised to see such an active forum about entrepreneurship:) Let me introduce myself, so I am Teun, 24 years old (turning 25 this Saturday) and still studying at a Technical University for my masters in the Netherlands. I've...
  10. Phil6798


    Hello everybody, first of all I want to introduce myself. I’m Phil, 22 years old and I signed up for this forum last week by reading about in the book TMF. I’ve had this book now over 3 years, it was always by my side, a read some few chapters here and there but never got the mindset to...
  11. Luis Weiland


    Glad to be part of this community now. I’m Luis and I’m working as a meditation coach. Looking forward to connecting and meeting you in the comments.
  12. Sukhrob

    Hello Fastlaners!. My Name is Sukhrob Nuraliev. I'm a Web Developer. 19 years old.

    I am very Glad to be among Fastlaners. Truly.. MJ has saved my life, you know. I'm 19 and if I haven't read his book , my whole life may become a Slowlane. This book is Priceless.
  13. Dymytro

    My first Introduction

    Hello Word I’m a newbie here so I’m not sure how does it works but...I will try So my name is Dymytry I’m from Ukraine. I’ve moved to Spain as an immigrant in 2015 (alone but with 200$ with me lol) It wasn’t easy at the beginning to find a better life in a totally different country without...
  14. No Fluff

    How Should I Introduce My Product To The Market? Amazon FBA?

    What would be the best way to test out your final product to the market? I have thought of listing it on Amazon and eBay and see what happens. Does this sound like a good idea? How many products would be good to introduce, to begin with? 20? Feels like a waste, if I make 100 products and only 2...
  15. C

    Hello there

    I am a newbie here. To discuss and learn things from you guys. Personally I am belongs to internet marketing industry so most of interest goes to there.
  16. F

    Hello from France !

    Hey everyone, First of all, sorry for the many english faults you will see on my post, I am french and it's not always easy :) So I am Romain, french student of 20. I study economy in univeristy (University is free in France ever I would have stop that ^^). I really started to learn english...