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idea validation

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  1. guidaccio05

    11 questions to test your idea and how to validate it next

    I'm currently in the process of validating two ideas, one being a membership group and another a lead generation business. So, I had to search how to do it and created a two-part method. Before trying this I would recommend running your idea through the CENTS framework. However, if you want...
  2. yla

    Simple, HTML-based analytics reports to your clients' emails

    I'm currently in the process of validating an idea for agencies and business owners that want to send scheduled reports to their clients with metrics they care about. I'm also partially building out the Minimum-Viable-Product currently. This space is filled with competitors already, but I feel...
  3. Overdrive

    Torn between two mentors with opposite viewpoints on startup process

    Hi! Not sure if the general folder is the right place for this thread and sorry if this is going to be a long post. But I really need some advice, guys. Some background first: So I’ve been sitting on a startup idea now for almost six months (basically since I’ve been a member on this board)...
  4. I

    Upgrading to Fastlane by Teaching the Slowlane...Is It Even Legal?!

    This is my personal history. I'm 21 and still living with my parents. I happened to stumble across TMF about 8 months ago and decided to quit my job. In my opinion, it was a good decision since I was only earning $US250/month part-time. (Yeah, that's above minimum wage in my country, which...
  5. M

    EXECUTION progress

    The product: - It will allow you to post problems you find in the world and solutions that you think about. You can also vote up problems that you deem are important to you and solutions that you think are useful. It's similar to what MJ talked about in his books - if you can't...
  6. M

    Best Way to Validate an Idea

    Hello everyone. I'm working on my business and I'm currently on the idea validation phase. I planned to survey 500 Facebook friends but I realized it's a mistake since (1) what if the plan doesn't work out and I have to validate another idea again. I wouldn't want to take some of their time...
  7. M

    I'm Mage. Here's my idea

    I found MJ's book, The Millionaire Fastlane, for more than a month now. I'm finished with that and almost finished with Unscripted. Right now, I'm working on my project with the aim of being financially free by adding value ginormous amount of value to society. The project is a web app. I'm...
  8. rollerskates

    After 10 months here, I'm still slow lane....

    I am stuck, even after 10 months on this forum. TLDR: Do I revamp and fastlane my slow lane handmade widget business, or do I just do that for money while I execute some other fastlane ideas? The problems I struggle with: Problem #1: My handmade widget business is very slow right now. And...
  9. Franco100

    INTRO Ciao a Tutti dall'italia!

    Hi everyone I read the book and it was a fantastic experience ... Thanks MJ DeMarco Really an Exciting Reading !!! I write from Italy, I am in charge of the real estate market. I would like to present my project and ask for advice, maybe in private, but I did not understand where I should post...
  10. Arevico

    Idea Validations

    Hey Guys, While I'm developing my small new product, I'm thinking about how i can validate ideas in the future. I know how to validate (soft proof, hard proof ,etc), but I've some questions. Which questions do you ask when validating a idea. Do you validate the idea or do you validate that...

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