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idea finding

  1. V

    Hey Forum, I am Vedant from India.

    I just read The Millionaire Fastlane, and currently I am reading : The Unscripted. I wanted to ask something. I am now well aware of the Vehicles, and Potential Fastlane Businesses. But I don't have any sellable skill. I have a lot of knowledge on workouts of Calisthenics. But I'm still not at...
  2. shneebz

    Just another tech bro

    Hi, I'm a corporate slave by day (Lead User Experience Researcher for a Fortune 100 company) and trying to do my own thing outside that. I'm here on the internet to find like-minded peeps and figure out if I can get some direction on what to do. Basically, I need help and I don't know how else...
  3. E

    How do I escape? (Ideas, suggestions, and advice needed)

    I feel stuck. I work 2 jobs right now. I work at night and I work part time at Chick-Fil-A. I am also trying to get a degree in Cybersecurity. So, I am very swamped. I do work hard enough though that I have a two nights a week plus Sunday evening to work on personal stuff. right now I use that...
  4. L

    Feeling stuck and wondering if I'm trying too hard to find ideas to where it's hindering the process.

    I've been stuck in the idea phase for too long. I'm completely self aware of the 'analysis paralysis' that I find myself in, and I spend an ungodly amount of time trying to research/find needs, brainstorm, observe, etc. I know I must be doing something wrong and that there's room for...
  5. T

    In search of a business idea

    Hello there, I am new to this forum and in search of a business idea. Since I live in a small European country in which we certainly do not have all the convenient products, services like people in America or other high-developed countries. I am wondering what are the most convenient products or...
  6. L

    Trying to figure out how to add value to an underserved niche in a way that could be monetized.

    I've been alcohol free for over 5 years. Been using reddit as one tool to research needs/gaps and kept seeing people on reddit in my city talking about the lack of activities that aren't alcohol focused here. Made a subreddit and posted about it and 1000 people joined in a day, everyone talking...
  7. jfirefly556

    Starting my journey to 1 million$ in less than 2 years by following these principles.

    hello everyone. My name is Jordy. I am 23 and have read the The Millionaire Fastlane and listened to all of unscripted on audible. This is a promise to me. That in 2 years I will have 1 million dollars. There are principles to follow that are under the layer of these books I've read from MJ...
  8. L

    Build a Fastlane Business in Africa

    Hello everyone! I’m living in a poor country of West Africa. I’m 19 and not independant yet, and notice that it’d be such a rare prowess at that age for most of us to leave the parental yoke. Actually i’m begining my 2nd year of University and feeling like i’m doing that just to have a degree...
  9. J

    $1 000, 50 days, what business?

    Hi, I got a job offer, but it's in October, so now I got 40 days and $1 000. But nothing to do. I've always wanted to start a business. My goal is to start a Startup in a couple of years where we build homes/communities/cities under and on water. There are no such things yet, and it's destined...
  10. M

    I have money to invest. I Don't Have an idea. Now what?

    I am really feeling in the rat race lately. I have good job with a good company but I have always seen myself as an entrepreneur and I want out of the 9-5. I have money saved from the last 17 years of working but I honestly don't know where to go from here. I don't want to go sideways and end up...
  11. Stan_

    Do most brochures suck? And would I be able to fix it?

    I've struggled to find a business idea for over 2 months now and I've ended up jokingly searching "Brochure design" through Keyword Planner (recommended by Demarco in his book, thank you) thinking "I'll just make some little brochures to make a living". In my surprise I found out that MANY...
  12. S

    Desperate to start. Please help.

    Hello, my name is Timm from Germany and I'm about to go crazy! After reading Unscripted and Millionaire Fastlane I really want to start my own business. But all the ideas I came up with already exist. In addition, these are very perfected and I wouldn't have a chance in the "value competition"...
  13. abandance

    Challenge: 1 Million Euro Profit by the End of 2022. How to find the demand with this potential?

    Hello, I have to provide value to others, I have to cover the demand, money is just the indicator of how valuable my product or service is. I understand this. Meanwhile, after many years of work, I've managed to create a online business with almost 1 million Euro in sales. But the turnover is...
  14. MikeThePilot13

    How to get the Best Millionaire Fastlane idea for you?

    I have been struggling to find/think of good viable CENTS ideas for the past couple of weeks. Although I can think of quite a few ideas none of them are based on true market needs which would create a productocracy. Does anyone have tips firstly on finding market needs/ problems and secondly, on...
  15. MikeThePilot13

    How to think of ideas?

    Hi, I'm 17 and I am new to this forum after I just finished reading TMF and Unscripted. I struggle to think of business ideas and it's not because of the full or empty room bias (since I never get to check if my idea has competitors as I can't think of an idea in the first place) or because I...
  16. techro

    Ideas for blog name? How do you find good names for you website/project?

    I'm starting a blog where I'll be posting tutorials/guides about programming/game development. I already made the website on my development server and have a ton of ideas lined up. The only thing missing is the website name. No matter how long I brainstorm, I just can't come up with a short and...
  17. ycee

    Idea: A virtual clinic SaaS for doctors

    Since most doctors are also WFH, i.e. consulting patients from home. Their processes are disorganized. They'll either call their patients on whatsapp or skype, the timings may not be clear, the patient might now show up, it's difficult to collect payments, etc. It's also difficult to...
  18. C

    Innovative Ideas for Social Media Content

    Dear online community, I need your help! I am a working student in a small company in Germany. We are in the process of building our social media channels. Unfortunately, we still lack reach and innovative ideas for posts with which we could generate reach. An idea from another company that we...
  19. G

    CENTS Idea Valuation Spreadsheet (Google Sheets)

  20. PizzaOnTheRoof

    Looking for problems? Start with support forums.

    Hey everyone hope all is well and huge thanks to @MJ DeMarco for changing my life! Anyway... Just a quick idea I wanted to share. It's quite clear that everyone is looking for "business ideas" when they should be looking for problems. Go to any entrepreneur forum like Reddit's r/entrepreneur...