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google ads

  1. Timo.

    Scaling my Google Ads Freelancing business – 18yo

    Introduction – Last Months -I finished school at the beginning of June. Right after that, I started researching Google Ads. -At the beginning of July, I started cold-calling and cold-emailing local businesses. -In early August, I had my first client. August was a test month. -I managed to get...
  2. Andy Black

    How to Test Business Ideas Quickly & Cheaply - with Google Ads

    I had a chat with a LinkedIn friend today about how business owners can get started and run tests quickly and cheaply using Google Ads. Hope it helps! Curious what your takeaways are. Also... I'd love to know if you think these chats are too "rambly"? Would you prefer them more edited or are...
  3. JJHemingway

    Computer Repair Ads BANNED? What's some workarounds...?

    The stuff about serviced based businesses marketing from @Andy Black is beautiful for what I do (Residential IT). Main issue is that I cannot take advantage of people looking for my type of service through Google Ads due to their Third-party consumer technical support policy. Not one to give up...
  4. Valerio Achilli

    Google Ads vs Facebook Ads in 2023: Pros & Cons?

    Fastlaneeeeeersss, first of all I already feel smarter in reading threads on threads, this forum is blowing my mind. Now, I'm studying Facebook Ads (Udemy Academy's course) and in few days I will launch my first Facebook Campaign in order to sell my girlfriend's brand necklaces all around Italy...
  5. Andy Black

    [Workshop Replay] Selling Google Ads as a Service

    Here's a presentation about how I started and am building a business that provides Google Ads as a service to other businesses. I did it for @Fox 's paid web design group last year and he's kindly allowed me to share it. It should also help people starting other businesses. Let me know what...
  6. Timo.

    How should I prepare for my first client call?

    Hey guys, for the last 2 weeks, I contacted local businesses to get my first clients as a Google Ads freelancer. I tried cold emailing and cold calling but my first approaches failed. Then I stumbled across @Fox free Web designer guide, which really changed how I contacted local businesses. I...
  7. Q

    Recognize Ineffectiveness and Consider Stopping: when to change?

    Hey, for the last two weeks, I was trying to get pilots to visit my website with Google Ads. Today, I think that it didn’t work and that my hypothesis that it could is wrong. What I have achieved in this time: one conversion, that was a mistake ≙ 0 conversions 271 Clicks, 12.7k Impressions and...
  8. Yanezez

    Does this Campaign Have Enough Data to Analyse/Improve?

    Hello all, Bit of context. Last year I started taking courses on a bunch of stuff. Started with website building. I am ok at it now so now I am moving to the marketing aspects, specifically Google Ads. I made a simple website to learn. It's a tiny tiny niche so it can't even be considered a...
  9. I

    Analysis paralysis on specialized skill to start

    Hello everyone, having a bit of a dilemma here. I’m starting from nothing and trying to decide which skill to initially learn for income. I’m stuck between web design, copywriting, and running Google ads. For those more experienced, which of these would you recommend for someone with no...
  10. MarcusAurelius

    Start your first biz from scratch: no money, no ideas, no mailing list.

    The idea of this post, to keep track of the beginnings of a business, was given to me by the great @Andy Black. The main purpose is to report the start-up and execution of a small business. From scratch, no money, no list. What I have in mind is based on three principles: - It helps people...
  11. Q

    G Ads - low search volume

    Hi, I currently want to learn all the fundamentals like how to market a customer and so more. Therefore, I am working on the execution of a fitness and nutrition plan for commercial pilots. At the moment, I finished my MVP and a landing page. My (sub) goal is to attract some pilots to try...
  12. Andy Black

    How to CHAT with Google Ads reps

    The CHAT option isn't always available but here's how to get to it as of April-2023. 1) Go to "Contact Us": 2) Fill something in: It doesn't matter what as you'll be asked later on what the problem is when/if you get into a CHAT. 3) Select "Other": Don't click any of the options...
  13. Conor Foley

    Ex-Googler here to answer your questions...

    HOT! AMA 
    Hey all, I'm an Ex-Googler who's worked with more than 100 companies both B2B and B2C helping to generate millions in ad revenue. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll see if I can help! Conor
  14. Alfie321

    People who have experience with Auto ads Adsense

    Hey there guys, I have a website that's currently producing revenue. My niche is finance and I monetize through Ad sense. I'm using auto ads but that comes at a heavy price to the end user: the script is too damn unoptimized it is pushing my Google page experience metrics 30-40 points down...
  15. O

    Free Google Ads Guide For eCommerce Brands

    Thought this might be useful for some of you! We just wrote a Google Ads guide for eCommerce businesses taking their first foray into PPC (Free and no email required) ⬇️
  16. O

    Free Google Ads Guide For eCommerce

    Guide > Google Ads Guide For eCommerce | Snowball Creations This does not cover how to set up your google ad account but does try to give a load of more high-level advice to follow all born from what works for my agency and our clients over the years. I think this community is more weighted to...
  17. Senecal

    [NEED GOOGLE ANALYTICS 4?] GA4 + Google Ads, GTM, Conversion tracking help

    Do you need to set up GA4 but don’t know how to? Do you want GA4 on your site but don’t wanna go through the steep learning curve? Do you have other “tracking” problems you need fixing? Maybe you’re running ads but no conversions are showing. hint: broken conversion tracking Or your data...
  18. Damien Boss

    Google unfairly banned my ads account. How do I overcome that?

    I created a landing page for my company's website. And on it, I advertised the app we built, asking users to join the waiting list by entering their email. a few days later, Google sent me an error stating my account was blocked due to a suspicious payment method (Paypal). Since I knew my...
  19. mavdm22

    Trying to get started freelancing - Google Ads / Web Design

    Hello All, Hope you are well. So basically as the thread title stated i am trying to get myself started with Google Ads ( got my Google Certification and also ran my own ecom ads a few years ago) and Web Design. Focusing on lead generation. I have spent time learning Google Ads and web design...
  20. Akil

    Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

    Hey guys, I decided to start a digital marketing agency with my brother @CrazyPusher in Germany. We help Local business owners in Germany generate leads with Google Ads. We have no previous experience AT ALL with marketing or sales. All we have is the dream to become financially free and have...

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