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  1. Akil

    Starting a Digital Marketing Agency

    Hey guys, I decided to start a digital marketing agency with my brother @CrazyPusher in Germany. We help Local business owners in Germany generate leads with Google Ads. We have no previous experience AT ALL with marketing or sales. All we have is the dream to become financially free and have...
  2. Andy Black

    Starting a local lead gen project

    A new client signed up yesterday (meaning they paid the invoice yesterday). They generate leads and sell them to local businesses. They’ve used about 5 different Google Ads freelancers or agencies to date and can’t get profitable. We're starting in one city and will scale nationally if it...
  3. Andy Black

    How to read Google Ads metrics

    Thought I'd already created a thread for this but it seems not. Hope it helps. Let me know if you have any questions. View: Here's how to setup those columns: View:
  4. J

    Seeking Advice: Spending entire ad budget in a day

    I'm launching a video call based dating app. To get it going I need a enough people to use it in one area at the same time. So I'm trying to advertise the app in one day. I can't use reddit, facebook, or Google ads due to various issues (reddit and facebook only allow large dating apps, Google...
  5. LiveEntrepreneur

    How to determine customer acquisition cost before launching the product?

    To I've been thinking about this today and I think I might have the answer but was looking to get feedback on it. I have a product that I tried to sell with dropshipping before but it failed even though some of my competitors have been running it for quite a long time. The product has room for...
  6. Andy Black

    Tweaking a Google Ads campaign already running well

    This morning we reviewed one of our Google Ads accounts. Last week it ran at 49.65% CTR and 35.63% conversion rate (albeit lowish numbers), so what could we possibly do to improve that? We made a small tweak, and found a possible tweak we may apply later. Here’s the video on YouTube. Would...
  7. jb5150

    Thoughts on Google Ads for no-fee counselling service

    Hello, again:) I offer a no-fee counselling service (government subsidized for anyone who's been involved in a car accident including passengers and pedestrians). Problem is very few people know about it and it is province-wide so there's scale. The value is built-into the fact that I have 5...
  8. Y

    whats wrong with my google ads campaign

    I have started a google ads campaign for an institute for getting new admission through google ads are getting good clicks compare to impression. i have created campaigns with tightly themed keywords, the CTR is around 17% and 27% for campaigns .but the issue is that we are not getting...
  9. N

    My success journal - From debts and a job to the fastlane

    Hello there Fastlaners, I’m Nico, 28 years old from germany and happy to be here. After reading theMillionaireFastlane I finally found something I was looking for for such a long time when reading dozens of self-development books - a real and active forum of like minded people. After a first...
  10. Ciano_94

    The Quick & Dirty Way to Launch your Shopify Store on Google Shopping

    I run Google Ads for a living and have been trying to grow a new Twitter account recently, based on practical digital marketing advice. I'm distilling some great content down into short-form to provide as much value as possible to business owners. The latest one is a summary of a great article...
  11. Andy Black

    Andy discusses Google Ads on The Subscription Box Show

    I was invited onto The Subscription Box Show to discuss Google Ads. Hope it helps. I’m curious what your takeaways are and what you’ll do different going forward. Andy Black discusses Google Ads on The Subscription Box Show
  12. jonahsr

    How to Scale Google Search Ads Profitably?

    I've been using Google Search Ads to get direct sales for a product. For the past few months, it's been running almost on autopilot on the same daily budget & getting sales profitably. Now I'd like to scale, but I'm uncertain about how much to modify the budget & how it will impact ROI. I know...
  13. Andy Black

    Google Ads Workshop Replay

    I did a 90 minute online workshop for some business owners in Ireland last week. This is probably the most comprehensive video I've done to explain Google Ads ... for business owners. What's your takeaways? What will you do different going forward? View:
  14. G

    I don't want to fail anymore_Ending the failure cycle

    Hello, Really glad to be here! I know that I’m not a real active member of this forum, but I seriously take time to read some of the hot topics sent to me via e-mail each week for a several months now. I’m more active in another forum about Internet marketing. But I think The Fastlane Forum is...
  15. S

    Andy Black's New Courses are AWESOME

    If you: Want to learn a fastlane skill that you'll never regret having Need to solve a Google Ads problem immediately Have consumed all of Andy's content on the forum and want a more updated, refined, and in-depth understanding of Google Ads Want to learn it all ASAP in quick 5 minute videos...
  16. ANR

    PPC / Google Ads: Client Changing Domains, Want Me to Set Up A New Ad Account. Better to Keep Original?

    Got an PPC client with £300k's worth of past data in an ad account. They are changing domains from .com to and have brought me in to do a similar thing with their ad accounts... (moving from an existing ad account to a new ad account they have set up) In my opinion it would be...
  17. H

    Analysis of a client account

    Hi folks:peace: Since I now have a customer whose google ads account I analyzed and looked for ways to improve, I thought about documenting the whole thing. Therefore I have created a checklist for Google Ads, which I would like to share: Is an account structure existing (is it useful)? Are...
  18. Andy Black

    A Google Ads Lead-Gen Project

    A Quick Review of Week 1 Metrics I reckon the biggest benefit of Google Ads is the data you can buy on a whiff of spend. This new project is running with a $20/day budget to buy data a bit quicker than with a $10/day budget. We've generated leads which I consider icing on the cake when in the...
  19. Andy Black

    FREE chat about your Google Ads campaigns

    A lot of businesses and people are suffering at the moment. If you want a quick chat about your Google Ads campaigns (or know someone who might) then just message me and we can schedule something. Stay safe, Andy EDIT: Make sure to check out this too: C0VlD-19: Ad credits for Google Ads...
  20. Pritesh

    Looking for Clients/Leads/Sales For Your Business? I am Your Guy

    I am offering my services of getting you more clients/leads/sales. for your Business. Here are the businesses I will not be working with (clarifying this upfront so there won't be any misunderstandings in the future): 1. Businesses that have just started with little to no sales experience...

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