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entrepreneur mindset

  1. mamamargaux

    Financial Literacy for Teens

    I need some execution ideas on this course I created. I am from the Philippines. I am a teacher by profession but i have a business degree. I created a financial literacy course with the goal of teaching High school students how to handle to money. The country does not have a fixed financial...
  2. Damien Boss

    How to find a good cofounder ?

    I'm a software engineer, and I've been working on my startup idea for a few months. I came across a friendly guy with much enthusiasm but not very skillful and decided to take him as a co-founder. I agreed with him that we will work together on my project, but I'll pay him for the first few...
  3. mikecarlooch

    The "Inside The Mind Show" With MikeCarlooch - Marketing & Entrepreneurship

    Man.. I'm excited for this.. Glad to announce my new show INSIDE THE MIND Over the past 8 months on the forum, I've met some really awesome people who've done some AMAZING things, and I wanted to learn more about these individuals! (even though the show will not just be people on this forum)...
  4. Woosah

    9 Rules I Follow as a Serial Rule-Breaker (That Have Given Me a Pretty Great Life)

    I wanted to share a recent list I put together titled, 9 Notable Rules Every Entrepreneur MUST Live By for a Great Life. I typically don't like rules because they imply rigidity, and I prefer a more flexible approach to life. Also, I find myself breaking them from time to time when it's...
  5. Tam Nguyen

    Should I study software engineering degree if I want to become an entrepreneur?

    Recently I read the Millionaire Fastlane and it totally changes my mindset and viewpoint about career and wealth. I'm a freshman at college and I'm gonna start my first academic year soon this fall, and currently, I'm majoring in Molecular Biology & Biochemistry. But I feel like this major is...
  6. Martin Z

    A Must Watch For Young Entrepreneurs from 15-30

    This is one of my favorite episodes from Andy Frisella(highly recommend him)! Who's a real entrepreneur by the way. If you're in the beginning stages of entrepreneurship(less than 5 years), this an absolute must watch. It can also be very relevant for successful entrepreneurs on this forum too...
  7. roudlylouis


    Hi all my name is Lourdy.I am new on the forum.
  8. missinfinity98

    Do you feel you are enough?

    I think this is important to touch on this subject on this forum. Because I saw too many people later in their life, confessing - I thought I will be more interesting to others, more deserving of their attention, respect, after making a lot of money/becoming successful/famous. We can still make...
  9. avafab

    Your business ideas are failing, here is why.

    Hi folks, I want to share with you a concept that I recently bumped into. I think this is very valuable for the kind of people who are on this forum. Whether you are a wannabe entrepreneurs who is struggling to find an idea or a serial entrepreneurs who has failed a few times, this is for you...
  10. MaxT


    Hello everyone, I have read in a lot of books that having a mentor helps older people become who they are. What is your opinion on the subject? Is it really essential? For my part, I'm working on a solo, and I admit that the idea tempts me more and more. Even if it's just a remote email...
  11. maxshapira

    Don’t let comparison cause you to lose faith

    The Pregnant Dog And Elephant An elephant and a dog became pregnant at the same time. Three months down the line the dog gave birth to six puppies. Six months later the dog was pregnant again, and nine months on it gave birth to another dozen puppies. The pattern continued. On the eighteenth...
  12. FNeu

    Established Business, but fairly new to entrepreneurship still

    Hey my name is Freddy and I have been running my own real estate business/investments since March 2020 and it is all remote work. I am 26 and from a small town in Colorado, went to college in Arkansas, and now live in San Antonio, TX. I have an entrepreneurial spirit so strong now I don't know...
  13. BadxNerd

    Afraid to ask, But!

    Hey MJ when your new book will come. I am waiting. Please give me a favor and launch it soon. Publish it soon.
  14. Or Vardi

    Hello from Israel

    Hey guys. My name is Or Vardi, 32 yo from Israel. Happy to be part of and be with same minded entrepreneurs. I served in the army for 8 years, and in 2015 I was discharged from the army. I started to read (the right books) in 2015, and since then I'm doing my best to learn and grow. In 2016 I...
  15. DMNinja

    Have you managed to apply your degree to your entrepreneurship endeavors?

    Hello! This effectively is my first post after my introduction. I will keep this short: I've got a BSc/ MSc in Civil Engineering and I want to move away from the slow lane. I have been thinking long and hard whether or not I can make use of all those years of work and effort, but my mindset's...
  16. Billion_!n_a_r

    What problems to look for if I want to solve them and make a business out of it

    Hi guys I've been looking for problems Problems that people are facing so that I can solve it and make a business out of it I don't know where to look Is there any good books about this topic One thing came to my mind is value creation is it the right term what I'm looking for or it's not
  17. KonstantinosFF

    Saving the world before 10 a.m.

    I'm currently doing a research to see what are the biggest issues entrepreneurs face when it comes to productivity with the time that is given to you. That is why I have two very simple questions: 1. what is that keeps you up at night thinking of your personal efficiency as an entrepreneur? 2...
  18. KonstantinosFF

    Wondering what are your productivity hacks?

    Hello everybody!! Just joined this forum and I have to say it seems pretty amazing!! I am currently trying to find out how one could make the lives of busy entrepreneurs, if there are any in this forum, a lot easier ;) That is why I have two very simple questions: 1. As an entrepreneur such...
  19. oku

    Beginning with the End in Mind - Morning Routine.

    I've implemented the life-changing technique of setting goals before bed -- 3 professional goals, and 3 personal goals. Any more and It'd be to stay busy (not what this is about). Be effective, not efficient. After all, spare time is the ultimate luxury. Consider two men who make $50K a year...
  20. oku

    I never thought I'd find a community until now.

    Entrepreneurship for me is quite lonely at times. I had always been hesitant to trust new people and most times remain independent. (Like if you're anti-social). I had always wanted to have a group of friends that were also entrepreneurs, that shared the same interests. I had a business partner...

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