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customer service

  1. MJ DeMarco

    What are some good books on customer service?

    What are some good books on customer service? (This is a test of the forum's new AI-bot)
  2. N

    Lack of quality for service 2022

    Hi Guys, First time poster, long time lurker. A brief introduction is I'm a business owner in the heavy equipment industry. We do heavy equipment (yellow iron) rentals and used sales, as well as some other odd things like RV storage, property rentals. Family owned and run business our whole...
  3. R

    Is your customer service working for your competitor? If you're making this mistake...

    ...then you can probably say "yes". Earlier today I had two remarkable customer service experiences. One of them isn't the kind of remarkable you want to brag to your friends about. The other one, it was just about perfect. Like night and day, all in the space of about 10 minutes. Let's back...
  4. Mr.Brandtastic

    Best and Worst Customer Service Experiences

    I wanted to take this time to talk a little about a lost art form. Customer service. In this post I want people to share ideas of great and terrible customer service experiences they've had. In this way, we can all learn. Worst: Calling HP for help fixing my printer. Good lord I was on the...
  5. BigRomeDawg

    HOW TO: Increase customer survey responses

    Are you asking your customers for feedback? You should be. You need to know if your customers are happy. To do that, you need to give them an outlet for them to let you know how they feel. A good time to do this is after they receive something from you. If you’re selling products, send them a...
  6. Nizamuddin

    Engineer by Profession but Entrepreneur by heart

    I Mohammad Nizamuddin Studied Master in Engineering (Mechanical) Interested to do research in product development and i want utilised my product development quality for my business. i love to research,develop and manufacture valuable product for customers. with fastlane community i want became...
  7. tracy14

    How to Provide High Quality Customer Service?

    Providing good customer service is often a matter of common sense, but that doesn't mean it comes naturally to all business owners. You may have to adjust your attitude from now on if you are still fighting about every detail of your business deal. Long-term Success business is always based on...
  8. JustKris

    What SUCS about the Slowlane...

    You know the worst thing about working in the Slowlane? The lack of control in the quality of what you're selling. The place where I work now has a decent product, but there are so many problems that keep plaguing the company without an end in sight. And it's so frustrating to have a customer...
  9. ExaltedLife

    An excellent example of SCE

    Although I'm not certain if it was Amazon or MJ Demarco who orchestrated this latest example of Surpassing Customer Expectations (the same principle as SUCS but I like my acronym better), I do know that I've lately received two emails that are a perfect example of the working principle.
  10. MJ DeMarco

    We provide excellent CUSTOMER disSERVICE!

    CUSTOMER DISSERVICE: The act of feigning customer service for the sake of saying you have customer service. In execution, the "customer service" does not exist to solve problems or to be helpful, but to affront as a poor lead generator, hence not delivering helpful customer service, but...
  11. biophase

    How hard do you try to solve issues?

    I have a couple of customer service stories. But what I want to stress in these examples is doing some outside of the box thinking, grinding through work, and what it does for your business. Example 1: Customer leaves a very bad review on my product. Clearly very pissed. The reviewer's name...
  12. MustImprove

    Your Fastlane Rocket Fuel - Compounding Action Power

    Can your simple action open a $100 million door? Well, it turns out that in a certain way it can. Straight up, that doesn’t mean I’m sitting on a $100 mil, but I experienced a wonderful example of the astonishing compounding power of execution and action. You get results that are massively...