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  1. C

    Training Agency Startup Looking for Feedback / Input from coaches/course creators

    Whats up everyone! My names Davis. Im the CEO and Co-Founder of a startup company called Combat Sales.( We're a training development agency that creates, optimizes, and hosts custom training courses on our proprietary LMS (Learning Management System). A little background...
  2. D

    How do I sell these courses?

    Hey Fellas, I've got my hands on courses of Luke Belmar [ Capital Club ], Andrew Tate [ TRW ] and others as well. I wanna sell them, but don't know where and how get i started?
  3. ensoniq2k

    How I sell digital products with no ads using YouTube in less than 4 months

    TL;DR: I’ve created a YouTube channel to gather an audience and sell online courses in the 3D printing niche. Started 4 months ago, got monetized last week. A few days before I launched my course about 3D modeling and already managed to sell 4 at $97 so far (EDIT: Up to 7 already). So today is...
  4. R

    Building an online courses business

    Hey everyone, I've been a lurker in this forum for the last few years. This is my first post and I want to share my business journey as well as spark a discussion. I'd like to remain anonymous for now, so just call me Red. I'm 31 years old this year. Long story short, I've been in the...
  5. bambz

    My online course - results are below expected

    Hi, I've been reading this forum for the last 3 years. I followed the advice from: - @MJ DeMarco to build businesses based on problems and needs instead of our ideas, - @Andy Black to just help people, - @eliquid to do a business in the domain that I know. It was very helpful for me and I...
  6. Costa

    People Complain about this, Missing a very Important THING

    Why Selling Knowledge works? Why showing all your secrets is the best marketing to sell infoproducts? Content Creators and people always complain... "Why are you giving this Info for FREE?" or "Don't show all your cards! Sell valuable knowledge" "Show the What and Why, Sell the How" But it...
  7. Subsonic

    The most cringe part of the entrepreneur community

    Selling a course for 4997€ doesnt make someone a scammer! This won't make me more popular but F*ck it. I am so tired of this dumb idea that its somehow morally wrong to offer high ticket infoproducts. I am also so tiered of people calling every slightly poor deal with those products a "scam"...
  8. E

    Target Market Advice - Film Career Coaching

    Hello Fastlaners, Thanks for all your insight and thoughts, I absolutely love this forum! I was wondering if it would possible to get some outside perspective on a business idea I'm working on? In particular in relation to defining a target market. Any advice, ideas, or feedback would be...
  9. Andy Black

    [Master Thread] Selling Courses

    Here's a thread to chat about selling courses. I'll keep this opening post up to date with links to progress threads and other related threads. Please reply and tag me if there's any I've missed or if there's any new ones. I'll add them to this opening post. # People who know a bit about...
  10. Andy Black

    AndyTalks With Black_Dragon43 About Tools, Teaching, Agency, Focus & Productivity

    I had a chat with @Black_Dragon43 for the first time this morning and we figured some people might want to listen in. We covered: Tools. Teaching. Agencies & Scaling. Selling Transformation not a Service. Focus and scheduling time. Apologies for my sound quality. I didn't realise our kids...
  11. Lex DeVille

    Yechezkel Madanes - School of Enneagram (Reviews and Discussion)

    Yechezkel Madanes - School of Enneagram - Price: Around $1,000 I enrolled in their Enneagram Coach Certification program. The course could probably have been presented better, but the content was awesome. Madanes' take on the Enneagram was different from other perspectives I'd read about up...
  12. Divij

    Amazon FBA or Coaching?

    Hi, I have noticed many people selling Amazon FBA courses online, I always wonder if they are so successful at Amazon FBA why are they selling courses or why are they investing money and time in creating courses when they can invest in FBA. I don't think FBA is dead. Is selling courses easy and...
  13. MexicanCreator48

    Best courses about Amazon Web Services

    Hi guys! I want to know if you guys have you taken any courses on AWS and if so, which ones do you recommend? I have made some websites and I want to put them on the cloud and I'm interested on the functionalities of each service from this platform. Thanks! :)
  14. S

    Andy Black's New Courses are AWESOME

    If you: Want to learn a fastlane skill that you'll never regret having Need to solve a Google Ads problem immediately Have consumed all of Andy's content on the forum and want a more updated, refined, and in-depth understanding of Google Ads Want to learn it all ASAP in quick 5 minute videos...
  15. S

    What online Graphic Design courses would you recommend? (Preferably free)

    I want to learn Graphic Designing to create my company's assets, like product pictures for Amazon, Social Media posts, product packaging. I dont want to outsource because it will cost me money which my bootstrapped business lacks. Any recommendations for Graphic Designing courses I can study...
  16. Andy Black

    Online courses on Fiverr vs Udemy?

    How do the online courses compares on Fiverr vs Udemy? I didn’t even realise Fiverr had online courses for freelancers! It’s a smart move to offer courses to the freelancers they already have on the platform.

    Best technology choice for a Blog with optionally paid Posts

    Hi! I am currently conceptualizing on a sort of educational portal for Data Engineering. The idea is to have a site with a blog where I share tips, tricks, trends, insights etc. on the topic. Then, in a section called "Projects" I plan to give deep insights about specific projects from being...
  18. Logan Powell

    Progress thread -

    Hello everyone! So I have recently started this project. While browsing the internet, specifically reading blogs and quora posts about Dan Lok's course and whether or not it is a scam, I had a big idea hit me. Why is it so damn hard to find reviews on these courses that guru's offer...
  19. SoftStone

    The Business Of Selling Courses

    Hey you all, I created this thead because I am a bit stuck in the thought process and I think many people are in the same boat as me (Sorry If there is a similar thread already, but I haven‘t found it.) Two cents about me: I‘ve identified a niche in the programming industry that is not too...
  20. Lex DeVille

    Lex DeVille's: Guru Cults Exposed: The Tactics "Experts" Use To Pull You In & Suck You Dry

    You're browsing Facebook when you see a post with a title like this: The Biggest Mistake That Held Me Back From Hitting My First $1,000,000... When I first started my business.......... It looks like a blog post. But you see a "read more" icon. So you click it and down pops a story. No...