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  1. C

    Ideas and tips to validate a business idea?

    Hey, I would love to know what a pro has to say about the quality of our website. I'm kind of thinking of ways to validate our app and gain traction. If you have about 5-10 spare minutes, I'd be very thankful if you could take a look at the website. Simply dm me. Or comment down below so I can...
  2. aseem

    You can copy business ideas and still be original in execution

    Too many people get hung up waiting for the right idea to start a business I reckon. But especially if you're just starting out in business/Fastlane, having a great idea isn't nearly as important as executing right. Innovating by execution is probably going to give you more success than...
  3. L

    Master Programming: Road to Fulfillment and Wealth

    Master Programming: Road to Fulfillment and Wealth How many coding challenges have you participated in and never finished? I, for one, am guilty of this. You start off strong, have a lot of drive, and want to conquer the world. But after just a few short days, the momentum dies. What gives...
  4. D

    Is Copywriting Dying? - The ClickBait Is A Real Danger

    I've just realized that more and more people are starting to be aware of copywriting, unfortunately in a negative way. We all know what copywriting is (I hope so) and what it is used for. But... there is a big problem. It is being used to promote bad quality products, leaving the ugly mark on...
  5. S

    Advice Needed For My Cold Email

    Evening fastlaners, Below is my cold email for targeting private dental clinics on purchasing digital lead generation services and possible up-sell of sales training packages. I'm very comfortable with phone and face-to-face sales after 5+ years in various sales roles, however copy is...
  6. ManlyMansNegator

    What do you guys think of my copywriting ad?

    This is basically a blog to my website which sells people counters How Retailers lose out on BILLIONS! A dazed customer stumbles into your store, looking around for a red bull to fuel his late night shifts. He grabs the drink and tries to get your attention. However, your...
  7. L

    Looking for feedback-Developer copywriting

    Context I've been studying various materials on copy-writing to improve my marketing skills, and I came across this little gem, slightly paraphrased Marketing to developers throws out the usual rules, because they don't see "Finger-licking chicken" but "deceased Gallus gallus domesticus...
  8. GabrielDC

    Hey guys, book recommendation here!

    Couple of weeks ago I NEEDED to make a giveaway template for my business. No damn idea on how to start and where to start from. After a little research on the web(20 min), i came across this book named: ''Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This!'' It helped me a lot. It's about marketing and ADS in...
  9. D

    Copywriters -- A Game To Make Your Job Easier (Experiment)

    I made an interactive game that challenges people to write better, competitively. People--talented people--actually enjoy playing it. It's had >10,000 responses submitted from all kinds of folks including high-level sales & marketing pros at companies like Microsoft, Lexmark, and HP Enterprise...
  10. Lex DeVille

    What UNSCRIPTED Can Teach Copywriters ..

    Day by day. Chapter by chapter .. I'm reading Unscripted a little at a time. And it occurred to me as I read there's more to learn from the book than what you take from the core message. It's something a lot of copywriters (or wannabe copywriters) could benefit from. It's MJ's writing style...
  11. J

    Yes or no to clickbait copy?

    What do you guys think? On the one hand, might as well do it if it works right? But on the other hand, it may not be ethical & the quality per click may be lower. It's also kinda annoying to read.
  12. J

    To write a letter, or to hire a writer....

    Ok, here's the situation. I'm working a sales job. I took the job to get better at selling. This is an "earn while you learn" experience. I see an angle. I see an opportunity to (maybe) apply leverage by prospecting an area my new colleagues may have overlooked. My idea is to test my theory...
  13. Sanj Modha

    Are you an email marketer looking for a break into eCommerce?

    Hi FLFers! This is something that we've been thinking about for a while now. We're looking to work with a talented email marketer who's outstanding with copy. If you're someone who wants to get into eCommerce - this is the opportunity for you! Our goal for Q2 2017 is to generate 40% revenue...
  14. G-Man

    Freedom Fast Lane (TMF Copycat?)

    Just like I was punished for being logged onto Facebook while viewing a Tai Lopez thread with endless Tai Lopez ads, I'm now being targeted again... this time with something called "The Freedom Fast Lane" @MJ DeMarco methinks you have another copycat... a 20-something copycat with a carefully...
  15. OscarDeuce

    Copywriter Wanted

    Not sure this is quite "legal" here, but if not I'm sure someone will set me straight... I'm looking for an experienced copywriter to produce two sales letters for direct mail. One will be to former clients and "friends," while the second will be geared to new clients. The letters should be 1-2...