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  1. csalvato

    HOT TOPIC You copywriters are being replaced by AI.. Writing copy is driven by common language elements and metrics that can be measured...a perfect task for AI, and at least 250 big companies are replacing copywriters with computers.
  2. kelvinfernandezm

    How to turn $1 into $70 in under 5 minutes

    Here's a quick story of how I made $70 from a $1 investment in 5 minutes. I've been on this forum for years and I've read almost every thread there is. I still haven't created my fastlane ticket but I do try to use the advice on this forum whenever possible. The person that help me turn $1...
  3. kelvinfernandezm

    EXECUTION Free Copy Writing

    That's right the first person that replies to this thread that needs copy written for them I will do it for FREE. I'm working on Lex DeVille 15 Days To Freedom Challenge. GOLD! - Lex DeVille's: 15 Days to Freedom - Make Money Copywriting in 15 Days or Less The first day challenge is to help...
  4. Neville Medhora

    INTRO Hi I'm Neville Medhora, I do copywriting and everyone says this is a great (non-Facebook) community!

    Hey there, my name is Neville Medhora! I'm part of a few companies such as Kopywriting Kourse, AppSumo, Sumo, and The Hustle. My main job is being a keyboard monkey and writing content. I've written literally THOUSANDS of blog posts, so if you want advice I'm happy to help. I also help...
  5. FreedomXX

    Don't make people feel you are trying to trick them

    This is going to be a very short rant. I receive a number of messages through Linkedin and other social channels every week. I read almost all of them, not because they are (mostly) good copywriting but I am obsessed to see why they suck and make me feel like somebody tries to trick me : )...

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