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content creation

  1. ariceon7

    A modest start - My Newsletter! Venture in Content Creation

    Hi Fast Lane Community! I am currently reading “The Millionaire Fast Lane” and drawn on to the idea of establishing a content system. I have started my Newsletter called “Wonderletter” last month, sharing personal , career reflections, and tips on growth in finance, business and life. I...
  2. B

    Creative content/subscription/rental based business ideas?

    I am new here and have ready Fastlane and Unscripted. I just purchased Rat Race and can't wait to read it. I have spent 30 years selling enterprise software and I want out! I have a small window of opportunity/time/money for a couple of months and I am determined to make the most of it. I have...
  3. Selfmadeujjwal

    YouTube Shorts - Results & Tips

    I've been working on a shorts channel since 2.6 months and I've gained almost 1.6k subscribers, 1.9k watch hours and 221k+ views. These are the lessons I learnt while working on this channel: 1. Fix a time for shorts, like I'll upload a short everyday at 2:00 PM. I think this helps youtube...
  4. G

    Is YouTube a good business to start for a 14 year old?

    I am 14 years old (2008) and I have been on the kind of self-improvement and money making mindset for around 9 months now. I have thought and researched different kinds of business models, but never really taken any real action. I go to school for 6 hours every day and go the gym 6 days a week...
  5. Costa

    People Complain about this, Missing a very Important THING

    Why Selling Knowledge works? Why showing all your secrets is the best marketing to sell infoproducts? Content Creators and people always complain... "Why are you giving this Info for FREE?" or "Don't show all your cards! Sell valuable knowledge" "Show the What and Why, Sell the How" But it...
  6. A

    76,068 Ads Served, $0.20 Revenue Earned From WordPress , Is This Normal?

    As my title of my posts says, one of my posts went viral on reddit, reaching the front page, etc and attracting around about 18,000 visitors mostly from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and the EU so all western first world countries, according to Wordpress during the time the article has been...
  7. M

    Video Book Review: The Millionaire Fastlane

    Hi Everyone, When I joined this forum a few weeks ago, Mr. DeMarco asked me the subject of focus for my YouTube content. As I work closer toward that answer, the center of which feels like an entire mindset shift and developmental journey, I'm sharing the most meaningful influences I find along...
  8. B

    $100k/mo From YouTube

    Hello and welcome to the world of YouTube. Where internet money is 24/7 ESPECIALLY when it's on the world's 2nd largest search engine. Vision: To create 1 YouTube channel that each averages 1 million+ views per week. Goal: $100k/mo (combined from AdSense, physical product offers, and...
  9. Hassassin

    Building a community on YouTube from scratch

    There’s less than half a year left (currently 167 days) until 2021 comes to a close and I’ve accomplished nothing. Sure, I’ve made some progress in my day job (content marketer), but apart from that? Nada. That’s the harsh truth. And the primary cause is a lack of focus on one thing and a...
  10. trylks

    Books, productocracy, and the creator economy

    Lately, the "creator economy" is "blooming", I mean: there is a handful of services to allow you to upload a PDF and get paid for people downloading it. I want to share my opinion about it because I would like you to correct me in whatever I am wrong, perhaps not too much: This approach to...
  11. R

    Created a tool to save myself countless hours of tedious copywriting and quickly iterate on new ideas! Thought I'd share with the community!

    Hey Fastlaners! Have you ever had that moment where you stare at your screen, just trying to think of a good headline for your email, website or product... but nothing really happens? Wouldn’t it be great to just skip that...? This problem is the reason I decided to create this tool...
  12. Mauii

    Knock Knock- Who's There?

    What going on everyone?! My name is Mauii. I was born in Argentina but made in America. I am 27 years old. I live in DC, but moving to LA in just a month (I must be crazy to make this move during these times...right? Spoiler Alert...I am a little crazy). I'm a freelance video producer with my...
  13. Hassassin

    Side hustle to $5k/Month:Watch Me Go All In Content Marketing

    You know that light-bulb "aha!" moment when something inside you just "clicks"? A powerful idea or message penetrates you with brutally honest, but beneficial and life-altering truths? Well I recently finished reading "Can't Hurt Me" by David Goggins, and it jolted my mind into gear. It...
  14. BigDaddyKane

    The [Hello World] Model & Content Creation

    HELLO WORLD. The year was 1978 when a young man named Brian Kernighan wrote a programming book. The words he wrote “Hello, World” marked the beginnings of astronomical change in the world of computers and really, the internet as we know it. The words, which he admits are a feint memory as to...
  15. BigDaddyKane

    My process of selling a product online. Brand from the mind to reality.

    Ok let’s get started. I’ve been a member of this forum as far back as I can remember. High school in-fact (2011). And I’m happy to say that there's a reason I’m still here - the principles and frameworks I’ve learned here have molded me. Shoutout MJ. Now, there’s a dichotomy in me saying this...
  16. BigDaddyKane

    Observations from working in the business of content creation. (Music Videos, Commercials, Social )

    Hey all, I work in the business of creating video and film content for musicians, businesses & brands, and sometimes I just make films for fun with my closest friends. I'm not a director in the usual sense. That's usually the question I get from people. Instead, I produce. I handle the...
  17. Xaridimos

    I Started My Fastlane Journey Through Blogging

    Hello everybody, I have joined the forum last summer and have read the Millionaire Fastlane a couple of times. I have also been following the forum and reading the must-reads since then. I am kind of hooked on the great content that is provided here for free.:rofl::smile2: I purchased my first...
  18. Dan Willis

    Is your content marketing strategy converting?

    Is your content marketing strategy booming? If not this simple shift could make a huge difference!