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  1. M

    Everything feels competitive and impossible?

    Hi guys! Short intro So back in 2016 (I'm 24 now btw), when e-commerce and dropshipping was exploding on YouTube, I decided to go with it at that time and made some really good dropshipping sites, earned a ton of profit and sold the sites again. All in all a total success. Afterwards I started...
  2. Mattie

    Competition between Entrepreneur Friends

    I was thinking about two of my classmates back in the day in High School who were on the basketball team and top players. It's a story that always inspires me because they were on the same team for a time and then ended up as rivals playing when one was caught cheating on academics. He joined...
  3. MTF

    Harsh Reality vs Pursuing Your Dreams

    In the most glamorous, dream-driven niches, business models, or careers, the harsh reality is that very few people reach the top. For example, the vast majority of actors are broke. Most novelists make peanuts. Wannabe influencers will never reach the high level of success they expect. Most...
  4. Jet123

    So why can't China sell direct and take out the middleman (us)?

    Hey everyone, So I got into a discussion with a friend of mine and talking about Millionaire Fastlane and the ideas around it. Basically my friend is sold on the notion that whatever product you create / manufacture, it will get copied and aggressively competed with to eventually where the...
  5. M

    Business in Russia

    Hello! I am new to this forum. My name is Michael and I am a Dutch man who lives in Russia. I moved here at the end of 2016 to start a business with traditional Dutch syrup waffles. Back then I didn't know a lot about business and just thought I had a great idea which had to become a success...
  6. Jon Rad

    17yo ex Professional Gamer looking to go Fastlane

    Hello My Name is Jonathan Radeck im 17yo and live at my parents home in Germany Hessen. I used to play Videogames earning about 3800€ in about 2 Years Before quitting to pursue something Greater in my life. I sometimes played about 12-15 Hours a Day, well it wasnt just playing it was...
  7. D

    Should I worry about getting crushed?

    So I have an idea that I believe is really good, viable, and helps people. It is something I would use, and I believe many other people would be interested in using. Of course, I dont want to say what that is, but it would save people $, and time. Let's just say I create a website with this...
  8. Paul David

    Competitor concern in a niche

    At what point would a competitor put you off entering a niche? I've been working on a particular niche for a few months now with samples back and forth but now that the time has come to place an order for products i'm reluctant to pull the trigger. There are a couple of reasons for this...
  9. MidwestLandlord

    A Room Full of Opportunity (Follow up on the darn leads!)

    I have 2 stories to share. I think it's easy to get involved in the fastlane here, and start to lose sight of how most people in the world actually are, and hopefully you can realize that it isn't actually that hard to set yourself apart from most. It really just takes some legit effort and...
  10. Niptuck MD

    A good video that you need to watch

    The legend Michael Porter has written some of the greatest books on competitive strategy and strategy in the business realm as a whole. I stumbled upon these gems on youtube. If you cant read the book (it is a hefty read) I suggest you watch the vids. Nothing has changed and you will see the...
  11. F

    If possible to provide an organically lower price for a premium service, is that a problem?

    MJ and others have discussed how "adding value" by undercutting competitor prices is a poor long term business model because it will become a battle for increasingly slimmer margins because of a price war. But what if your business model allows you to make profit while offering the same service...
  12. Consolation

    How do you compete with other 45,567 businesses?

    Billionaire, Mark Cuban says business is the ultimate competition. It's an unending battle. Who knows one unknown little boy will steal your customers and crushed your creation in a matter of time. (e.g : MySpace vs Facebook). He even challenged the small businesses to compete with big known...
  13. Eisenstein

    Harry Browne: Is there really no competition?

    After MJ mentioned Harry Browne and his book 'The Secret of Selling Anything', I stumbled upon his other books and I read them ('How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World' and at the moment, 'Rule your world'). He's a very impressive man and I really like his thoughts. In his books he mentions...
  14. Olimac21

    Listening to customers and analyzing competitors

    I was wondering which are the best ways to listen to customers whether is in on a pre stage (before launching a product) and after the product has been launched. Which methods do you normally use? Focus groups-surveys? and how do you maintain consistency/high levels of customer engagement? I...
  15. O

    What to do when you find out your idea is taken

    So I've been brainstorming what I believed was a really great idea, and something that currently did not exist. However, as I'm sure many of you have experienced, I found out today that there is already a company based around the idea I had and it functions very similarly to what I had imagined...

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