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  1. ryjohn829

    Swim Trunk REFINED

    Why are baiting suits so damn uncomfortable. Board shorts remove the net but you still gotta either ruin your underwear in chlorine/salt water or have your suit stick to your junk when you get out of the water. The worst problem of all is CHAFING. This is mostly a problem when you go to the...
  2. aaron_cortez

    EXECUTION Starting A SUPREME RESELLING Membership Site

    Hey fellow millionaires!! (Lol I’m not a millionaire, far from it for now) So I have an idea, the idea is to have a membership site so that people can buy Supreme (the clothing brand) products for retail instead of paying resell prices. The problem is, I don’t know where to start. Help is...
  3. Millennial

    Kessinger / Clothing Brand Idea

    Hello Fastlane Community! As this is my first thread on Fastlane I would like to first address some information about myself. I am an 18 year old wannabe entrepreneur. Still in Grade 12, I struggle to find the time to focus on my true passion for entrepreneurship, in saying this, I need some...
  4. M

    Help! I'd like to start a streetwear brand.

    Hello everyone! Hopefully my title got your attention. I'm starting a designer streetwear clothing brand. I planning to launch Season 1 in March of 2018. However, there are two very important things I need. I am in need of an online/downloadable design software to be able to have the designer...
  5. Shreyas Nampalli

    Selected Niche Early, Need Help! Clothing with a Cause (pics)

    Hi fastlaners, About 6-7 months ago a friend and I decided to try our hand in clothing dropshipping as well as doing it for a good cause. Truthfully I want this to be for more than just the money because I do care about spreading awareness. I went into it thinking it would be a great idea since...
  6. stormjb1

    HOT TOPIC I cocked-up despite reading TMF 3 times! Any advice?

    Hi guys, I’ve read TMF at least 3 times if not more, alongside numerous recommended reads, and still I made absolute noob errors in judgement. If you trawl through my profile you’ll see I was defo a wantrepreneur in earlier years looking for a quick money-maker. However, over the past 6...
  7. Jonny Blaze

    Jonny Blaze Clothing...back once again!

    Hey everybody! I cannot explain how much help this forum has been, I'm not that active in it but that's just me. I read a lot of the posts on here and man is that ice cream good. So here's where I am at currently: I had a falling out with my partner, I'm not doing business with him anymore and...
  8. C-Jay

    EXECUTION First business endeavour, journey to launch and beyond

    Hi all, I've been on the forum for a few months. For the last two years or so I've been thinking of idea after idea and never getting down to action. In the last few days I've changed that, slowly but surely putting the pieces together for my first e-commerce business. I cannot stress enough...
  9. Jonny Blaze

    Jonny Blaze Clothing back

    Whatsup everyone! Back again to get shit on, helped alot last time. But before that, I wanted to address a few things. 1. Johnny Blaze is method man's brand. Jonny Blaze is ours. Also in no way associated to Method Man and doesnt even look similar. 2. Here's our website...
  10. Alxander

    EXECUTION Launched my own clothing line (in less than 7 days)

    After more than a year of pseudo entrepreneurship with apps etc (just trying things out lol); I created my own clothing line and webshop in less then 7 days (with help from awesome services) The brand is called 10AM and the website is Together with a friend of mine we...
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