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Jonny Blaze Clothing back

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Jonny Blaze

Aug 18, 2016
Whatsup everyone!
Back again to get shit on, helped alot last time.

But before that, I wanted to address a few things.
1. Johnny Blaze is method man's brand. Jonny Blaze is ours. Also in no way associated to Method Man and doesnt even look similar.
2. Here's our website:
3. We've worked on our message a bit :happy: you can check it out under "our message"

So here's where we currently are at:

So we had a pretty successful winter drop, sold out our hoodies completely along with our long sleeves. Spring rolled around and we ordered 2 shirts, a longsleeve, and a baseball tee. We didnt really think ahead to summer when it's 110 out so were kind of stuck with both long sleeves. So now its summer, were about to drop a nice summer collection to go with this crazy heat.

So were currently trying to get stores to carry our product, so weve gone to about 8 or 9 stores to ask. Almost all have said consignment to see how the product sells. While they carry our product were just going to be sending everyone who wants a shirt to those stores. Also hand out discount codes at the mall to our website if they buy from the store. This is all IF we get into the stores. However, I think its withing reach. We've finally figured out our photography situation, so the photos are much better than before. Once we get photos of some young and sexy mothafuckas in our product were going to make look books for the stores, and bring them some samples.

Our social media has been showing some awesome potential. Instagram is at about 1500 followers, increasing at about 100 per day. Snapchat also surprisingly has a made a good impact, people really like a little story each day that relates back to the brand. We're currently working on a youtube channel as well.

We attended ASD Market Week in Vegas and learned about how huge these conventions are. We're heading back to Vegas in august for MAGIC. Super hyped.

Other than that weve just been trying to make as many connections as possible. From kids in our state who are being recruited for sports to a major D1 college to local rappers and bands.

So my question to the fastlaners is this:
I have weeks where I'll be productive. Creating, learning, just overall working on the brand. If im not doing something related to it or producing a better version of me, it drives me nuts. But once I get everything set and ready, I feel like I run out of things to do. Even though I 100% know theres plenty to do, I just dont know what to do. So, what do you personally think I should do when I have this "free time"? Thank you! Also any advice about what has been said above is greatly appreciated.

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Jul 25, 2007
Scottsdale, AZ
Aren't you worried about running into trademark issues versus method man's Johnny blaze line in the future?

Update: You have gotten lucky as the Johnny blaze trademark was just abandoned in Dec 2016


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May 5, 2014
Looks better than last time and its more than one shirt. Respect for coming back and continuing to try. +rep

Your links to your social media are broken.

What makes your brand different? Are you trying to go the Zumiez route like Pink Dolphin or Diamond?

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