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  1. Stepan

    To Travel Or Not To Travel

    Hello everyone I'm currently having this dilemma, maybe I will be able to study in China for 6 or 12 month, but I'm not really sure if I should do it. 1) If I go, I think I won't be able to progess in entrepreneurship, because basically you can't learn a Chinese in such short time to be able...
  2. C

    Is sh!t going to hit the fan?

    This is a question regarding Ray “bear” Dalio’s economic outlook and what you would do in my position. If you haven’t heard of Ray Dalio, he was the founder of the most successful hedge fund in history, Bridgewater associates, and just released a book titled “Principles for the changing world...
  3. LPPC

    Question about a particular shipping method, ground from China

    Hello all, I'm importing this batch of products from China to Germany and as you already know, shipping is super expensive. My supplier is offering a shipping method that cost 6k USD instead of the 10k USD that my forwarder is asking for sea shipment. But the way of the shipping is peculiar and...
  4. A

    Shipping goods from China to EU

    Hey everyone, I am planning on importing food boxes made of sugarcane - making it biodegradable - from China, but the shipping costs are so high that it would take all my profits away, making it impossible to even operate with a 10% profit margin. I heard the shipping prices jump high during...
  5. bakhman

    Done with China. New life in San Francisco. [intro]

    Aloha folks ~ 33-year old, born in Chicago, got a couple degrees in Engineering from top ranked universities. Lived and nerded out in various cities across the Pacific. Remained broke as hell until 28, when teaching Physics / Engineering became a viable option in Shenzhen (and still is!). Now...
  6. Lyinx

    China is going to be a competitor in the global mfging chain again?

    China has made a lot of things in our past (still do) but they may be getting pushed back due to shipping rates and raising their prices. I thought they were on their way out, but I seen a series of videos from a company in China, here is one of them: View...
  7. StannisB

    How do I write the first letter with an offer to be a reseller?

    Hi guys, I’m nothing, but a young seedling looking to break out through the hardships of starting your own business and blossom like a sunflower. Why a sunflower you ask? Well, I’m raised by a single mother that has done her best to raise a bum like me. She never stopped smiling working 2 jobs...
  8. Walter Hay


    With Covid 19 causing me to delay the 2021 revision until now, I have decided that the massive changes in international commerce have settled into a pattern sufficient to choose now, after months of preparatory work to finalize that revision. My thread: CHINA PLUS ONE STRATEGY | The Fastlane...
  9. Walter Hay


    I am in the process of writing a 2021 revision of my sourcing and importing book, but I thought I should post this extract now because it is so important. With the onset of what became known as the Trade War between China and the USA, followed by the pandemic there has been a growing interest...
  10. Jet123

    So why can't China sell direct and take out the middleman (us)?

    Hey everyone, So I got into a discussion with a friend of mine and talking about Millionaire Fastlane and the ideas around it. Basically my friend is sold on the notion that whatever product you create / manufacture, it will get copied and aggressively competed with to eventually where the...
  11. ryjohn829

    I just discovered China

    A few hours ago I posted that I was concerned that I would have to rely on another company. There is only one company (as far as I know) that sells gum base in the United States and I don’t want to rely on them because that violates the Commandment of CONTROL. I can get the same ingredients 1000...
  12. Walter Hay

    Is Chinese Cheap Labor a Myth?

    An old friend who owns two huge factories in China told me recently that he has managed to cut his labor force by nearly 50%. He has done it by introducing robotics into his system. He is delighted with the cost savings, but on checking his online published price lists I can see that he is...
  13. Walter Hay

    Walter Hay's Business Books

    Well, I have become a serial business book writer. Three down, with at least one more residing in my brain. The 3 books so far are based on: A lifetime of success in sales and marketing, while designing, copywriting, and structuring all of my own advertising in both major businesses I...
  14. Dom117

    Personal Brand vs. Manufacturer's Brand

    Hi guys November has been awesome for me, I just passed the 4k revenue mark for this month and couldn't be happier. The number doesn't tell the whole story though. It feels like I'm still on very loose sand. This might be interesting for all the Ecommerce entrepreneurs here that still lack...
  15. yomtov

    Launching my first product in the coming days

    Hi everyone, As most of you, I've read the TMF and Unscripted. I liked the idea of finding an existing product and improve it. As suggested, after a long research and picking smthg resolving one of my problem (following the book: if I have a problem to solve then many others have the same...
  16. S

    Plush toy from design to prototype. Go with China or any other recommendations?

    Dear all, I will go straight to the chase. I'm trying to start a business basing on selling custom plush toys, right now I'm trying to create a prototype from 2d sketch (which is done). At this point I have a couple of questions (and problems). This is all new to me so I hope I can learn from...
  17. Overdrive

    Doing business with Chinese vendors? Seeking your feedback!

    Hi Fastlaners! I originally posted this in another thread, but it was considered off-topic (newbie mistake). So here's my own thread: I'm looking for potential pain points and unmet needs, especially of people who purchase from Chinese vendors or otherwise have business dealings with Chinese...
  18. MJ DeMarco

    Let's discuss the "trade war", will it impact your biz?

    Thus far, here is a list of effected industries. Trade war tracker: Trade-war tracker: Here are the new levies, imposed and threatened And this afternoon, more tariffs potentially planned ($200B worth), not yet known where. U.S. Poised to Publish $200 Billion China Tariff List If you're...
  19. akTwelve

    Chinese social networks for sharing AI related content?

    I've recently been studying artificial intelligence heavily and I plan to start an AI business in the future. For now I'm trying to grow a following by sharing AI related blog posts and tutorials on my personal website and Medium. I know that AI is growing just as quickly in China and it...
  20. yana nova

    Canton Fair, Guangzhou, China 2018

    Hi there! Who is attending the Canton fair this year?