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  1. M.Shahrukh

    ChatGPT integrations for online businesses

    Hi everyone! TLDR: I am providing ChatGPT integrations to businesses, as a service. I need help on how I can find clients for my services. The details of my services can be found here - Scribble With AI This is my first post here, so let me quickly introduce myself. I am Shahrukh, a Software...
  2. bambz

    Apps based on one or more AI API which makes nice money

    Hello, recently I read and heard that during the last few months, clever people have been doing apps (web and mobile) that are just wrappers on AI API. Those are simple - for instance, one call to CHAT GPT API which is nicely prepared (some content from a user and added context from the...
  3. farahead

    I just found new chatgpt jailbreak, give me your prompt ideas.

    (i can make chatgpt break his guidelines..) Im not really sure what to do with this lol. Open ai has bug-hunting program where you can earn up to 20 000 $, whitch is not much for some of you but for 17 year old broke student its alot, and could buy me 5 years of time to grind on my business...
  4. Costa

    Go Fastlane with ChatGPT: Full Guide + Free Prompts (Zero Excuses to Succeed)

    You probably have heard this "If you wanna become millionaire, find problems, and create solutions to those problems" But we need to be realistic here, this is "Easier said than done", if was easy to do, everyone would be reading this on their own private jet flying to Dubai. So, is this a...
  5. Andrew 1177

    Will AI kill the fastlane dream?

    This is just me riffing but hear me out. To anyone with a fig of foresight it's pretty obvious AI will very soon shatter existing paradigms of work, business models and very likely capitalism as we know it. Whether or not GPT-4 is already exhibiting signs of AGI (which this early on in the...
  6. Rahul veerwal

    I'm having AI anxiety. What is your thoughts on upcoming AI?

    Hello, I am interested in hearing your thoughts on upcoming AI tools. Initially, they were incredible, but now they are causing anxiety. Do you share this feeling, or am I alone in this? The ongoing bettle between Altman and Musk regarding AI, as well as the six-month pause on all AI Labs, have...
  7. MJ DeMarco

    Introducing EVA, the forum's AI bot...

    I'm happy to announce that the forum now has its own AI bot (@Eva (AI-Bot)) that is basically a ChatGPT clone. I think having an AI option here and available is an asset. Having it run amuck is a liability. Right now it is configured to run in THIS FORUM only (Ask the AI) and a user has to...
  8. Sean Marshall

    ChatGPT + SwaS + 1 Client + 8 Hours of Work = $5K in 7 days (Here’s How…)

    I’ve personally been using ChatGPT almost every single day ever since I first saw the post by MJ talking about it. It’s amazing. But, I’ve seen a lot of people posting about using Chat to provide content for courses and then using sites like Pictory & Tome to do all the heavy lifting to create...
  9. A

    How I Found a Solution to the Problem of AI Writing Tools Inventing Incorrect Facts

    I used to spend a lot of time fact-checking and correcting errors in my content after using AI writing tools. It was frustrating to see incorrect facts in my work, even after I had put in a lot of effort to generate quality content. But then, I discovered a new AI writing tool that changed...
  10. Costa

    The First Prompt Marketplace... Wait, What?

    That's how you go fastlane with the "AI Revolution", no making shitty blog articles or doing cringy youtube faceless channels
  11. M

    Copywriting / SEO Articles and ChatGPT - Is it possible to get customers anymore?

    Hi there, For a few years, I've been running a side-hustle, where I write and translate articles, copywriting etc. Primarily with focus on SEO. Now I want to ramp up my business, but I am afraid that people will reject me, because people now know of ChatGPT. What do you guys think? Have you...
  12. circleme

    SEO & ChatGPT

    I think there is no topic more talked about right now than ChatGPT or GPT-3. I have been "playing"/working with the "tool" all week. I think it is unnecessary to mention here that it amazed me in multiple ways and still does. We know that some of the classic SEO tasks - especially the on-page...
  13. Black_Dragon43

    How to Write 2,000+ Cold Personalized Emails in 1-Hour For FREE Using ChatGPT/AI

    Cold emails can be a very effective way to scale a marketing agency or online business. Here’s how to write 2,000+ personalized Cold Emails in less than 1-hour using AI, for FREE. Step 1: Install Cargo Extension for Google Sheets from (use the Individual Install...
  14. MJ DeMarco

    Immediate ban: First post = AI / ChatGPT Responses

    Effective immediately, any new user who is using AI or ChatGPT to respond to posts is immediately banned. The forum already has an AI bot who can respond to some posts and it is clearly noted as such. @Eva (AI-Bot) I don't have an issue with AI, I have an issue with humans being deceptive and...
  15. I

    The end of asking for new ideas?

    I was reading the latest post of MJ about the new ChatGPT and got some impressive results in a vary different subjects. But there is one thing that new people are always asking for and posting about in this forum, which are business ideias. Maybe this can help you guys in finding something...
  16. MJ DeMarco

    ChatGPT AI is a huge breakthrough, a Google killer

    HOT! CHAT 
    Been spending some time on ChatGPT, holy shit this thing is insane, a total Google killer. It in effect, is like the Star Trek "computer" for those of you familiar with Star Trek. This thing already likely saved me 3 hours of my time in a matter of 10 seconds. I haven't been this impressed...