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app development

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  1. Alexx_Entrpnuer

    App Development Idea

    Hi, I have an application idea. I have no knowledge in how to launch a successful and profitable application and zero experience in developing applications. What is the recommended route to take? Would love some input.
  2. Panamera Turbo S

    HOT TOPIC Hot Piglet iOS App Feedback

    Hello fastlaners, After I saw that a lot of people made millions from iPhone apps, I decided to code a simple game similar to Flappy Bird. Even if the app is simple, I made the things in a such a way that creates addiction by mixing things up in the game. I know that the best feedback I can...
  3. Rcaraway1989

    GOLD! How I lean startup’d my way to $240k+ on the saturated App Store

    This is a long needed followup to this post. Some of y'all have been pinging me about this, so HERE WE GO. I cofounded a social app startup at age 22. Because I was gonna change the world, DUH. If you could believe it, our private social networking app, our BABY, never found product market...
  4. Peteee72

    Is this an acceptable revenue model?

    Hi guys, So, I've had an idea that I can see bringing in huge benefits to many large companies through their apps, but I am struggling to find a way to monetize it. Without giving away the meat and potatoes of the venture, I am currently developing a 'process' that can be used in a large niche...
  5. shaun mac

    new app that could really help people

    well after listening to the fastlane, really enjoyed the book, it put a fire in my belly and I went out and made something. my girlfriend works with disabled children and has huge problems communicating with some of them but they all seem able to use their phones and tablets so an idea was born...
  6. Rickchise23

    WEB/DIGITAL Weight Loss App creation

    I am in the process of creating an ecommerce Shopify site and also want to create a simple weight loss tracker App for IOS to accompany the programs we will be selling. Question- is anyone familiar with what it might cost to create a very simple app that has weight loss tracker, diet journal...
  7. Panamera Turbo S

    WEB/DIGITAL NEW Mobile App Feedback: IDKWTD

    Hey friends, Yesterday I just launched my new mobile app for Android named IDKWTD (The app can be downloaded from Google Play: IDKWTD). Since I am new in the mobile app industry I will love to hear your honest feedback regarding it. The purpose of this app is to help people when they run...
  8. Safetyword

    INTRO Hi from NM

    Hello, Currently I run an assisted living company based in NM and expanding into AZ, TX and possibly LA. I'm also in a MBA program with a concentration in business intelligence. I'm seeking opportunities to learn more about how to leverage my new found skills and interests in combination with...
  9. Quincosa

    INTRO Young Developer

    Hey guys glad to start my journey on the FastLande Forum. I am a 20-year-old developer and aspiring entrepreneur based out of Miami, Florida. For the past year or so, I have been working for about 30-40 hours a week as a software developer while going to school full time. My most recent...
  10. A

    WEB/DIGITAL What stage to patent and seek lawyers

    Hi dear fastlaners, I'm an app developer and we have 1 published app that's going thru the normal patent process so i have some experience here. We didn't seek any external funding for this app. However a second app, that's i've been doing R&D for about over a year and drawing out the...
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