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  1. Timo.

    Scaling my Google Ads Freelancing business – 18yo

    Introduction – Last Months -I finished school at the beginning of June. Right after that, I started researching Google Ads. -At the beginning of July, I started cold-calling and cold-emailing local businesses. -In early August, I had my first client. August was a test month. -I managed to get...
  2. Timo.

    How to find good quality Google Ads resources?

    Hey, my name is Timo and I just finished school in Germany. Because of that I have currently a lot of free time that I am going to use productively. For the last couple of months I researched this forum and MJ’s books but I never participated or took action towards my goals. I felt like I was...
  3. Conor Foley

    Ex-Googler here to answer your questions...

    HOT! AMA 
    Hey all, I'm an Ex-Googler who's worked with more than 100 companies both B2B and B2C helping to generate millions in ad revenue. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll see if I can help! Conor
  4. PizzaOnTheRoof

    Game-Changer? New Google Ads Lead Form Extension...

    If you're not aware, Google is rolling out new lead gen forms in beta at the moment. It started rolling out in Octoberish and I just got access in my account. I see this as a MASSIVE advantage for those that can jump on...
  5. WuBa-Solutions

    More than 5 years without success :-(

    Hello entrepreneurs! I'm happy to have read both of the books and I have had read a lot of other books. I started my journey I guess around 5 years ago with an idea in the construction sector after I have finished my house. :) I started a website where I have offered a planning and tracking...
  6. Danny01

    Starting a one-man digital marketing agency

    Hi everyone, I'm Daniel. I'm skilled at SEO, WordPress website creation and Design and Basic HTML/CSS and technical web related stuff. I discovered a real need in my locality for digital marketing. Nearly 90% of SMEs in my area does not have an online presence of any kind. I've decided to help...
  7. Danny01

    18 year old entrepreneur starting my journey to Freedom

    Hi everyone, I'm Daniel. I found the Millionaire Fastlane while reading a blog review of best entrepreneurial books. A little background of my business attempt: I started a blog January 2018 and built it to about 120,000 Pageviews per month by August. I couldn't monetize the traffic pouring in...
  8. Telamon25346

    If you use Google Adwords, or SEO, consider this

    I've been working with and learning SEO and marketing for a while now, And a friend in this industry told me over the weekend about something interesting. Google is now offering a new service that ( in my opinion) can be powerful combined with proper SEO. Even if you're not a marketing agency or...
  9. PizzaOnTheRoof

    2019: Becoming Unemployable (Local Lead Gen)

    “Wealth eludes most people because they are preoccupied with events while disregarding process. Without process, there is no event.” ~ M.J. DeMarco Quick shoutout to the Unemployable Podcast. Lot's of great nuggets for freelancers and "solopreneurs" who don't know where to start. Now, as Tim...
  10. PizzaOnTheRoof

    Targeting Big Events With FB/IG/Google Ads Geotargeting?

    I had an idea that I've been tossing around in my head for a while. Ever since Facebook and Google introduced geo-targeting as an option, I have thought about using it to target say College Football games using a geofence. Think about it, thousands of people with a common interest are gathered...
  11. RazorCut

    Progress Thread - From The Ground Up - The Phoenix Has Arisen

    Hi everyone. Although I have popped in on occasion I have not posted for quite some time. I am back and will be using this Progress Thread in the coming weeks after I tie up a few loose ends with my existing business. So, for the few of you that remember me and have maybe wondered what...
  12. PizzaOnTheRoof

    [Progress] Replacing My Income With Adwords Freelancing.

    Hope everyone is doing well, I've decided to take a step towards controlling my future by starting to freelance with Google Adwords. I am a college student with virtually zero experience but I hope to take this far enough to replace my current income plus some. Please read the post for a...
  13. CoreyinMN

    Google Ads Mistakes That Cost You Money

    They are everywhere... When you search for information on Google Ads you see TONS of success stories. Warm and fuzzy tales of how a local brick and mortar or cutting-edge start-up put a dollar into the Google Machine and started getting 10 times that out of it. And it was soooo easy. All...
  14. Tom.V

    Ranking #1 in the SERPs? Run Ads Too!

    If you're ranking #1 for 'large purple widgets', you're doing good, but the war has just begun. This is the perfect opportunity to run ads for the exact same keyword and truly DOMINATE the SERPs. By running ads right alongside your organic listing, you will effectively take up more of the prime...
  15. CoreyinMN

    Who Is Seeing These New AdWords Conversions?

    I've been noticing new conversions mysteriously appearing in some of my AdWords accounts {see image below]. I did not put them there. I searched for some information on them but got nothing. QUESTIONS: 1) Who else is seeing this? 2) Do you have any more information on them? Pssst... @Andy...
  16. Andy Black

    AndyTalks to a "prospect" about AdWords

    AndyTalks to a "prospect" about AdWords I've been meaning to record a "sales call" for want of a better term. This is how I chat with people who've reached out to me. I give them the best hour of my knowledge that I can. If they want to hire me, great. If they don't, great also. We even...
  17. eqttrdr

    I screwed up a really profitable business... now what?

    Will try to summarize a long story... Maybe people can learn from my mistakes.... Have a diet/weight-loss coaching membership site. Optimized front end/backend Optimized AOV and LTV... found best is one off diet program purchase with 2 one time offer upsells in the front end of the funnel...
  18. Andy Black

    AdWords Keyword Research

    Thought I'd get back into creating videos. In this one I use the Google Keyword Planner to get some suggested keywords and their estimated search volumes. I then categorise them using a bit of Excel. For the video creation, I just did a bit of editing where I was waiting for Excel to load...
  19. Andy Black

    AndyTalks with @MKAmsterdam about Advanced AdWords Structures & Strategies

    AndyTalks with @MKAmsterdam about Advanced AdWords Structures & Strategies We're both good technically. Now to just improve our commercial skills and convert those skills into more coin... > Click here to access the recording <
  20. Andy Black

    AndyTalks AdWords DIY, DFY, Funnels, Offers

    AndyTalks AdWords DIY, DFY, Funnels, Offers A Facebook ads consultant was interested in my landing page offers, and how I generated leads for my business. Here's the recording of us chatting for the first time. > Click here to access the recording < What were your takeaways? What will you...