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    Click fraud: don't let your ad dollars go to waste

    We've been running click fraud prevention for our Google Ads for over a year now, so I thought I would share our results: It's pretty clear the investment is well worth it if you are spending a significant amount in advertising. For the $700 we've paid in software fees so far, we've...
  2. Vasudev Soni

    Where to market mobile app for best results?

    Recently, I promoted my app on google ads for about a month and received decent results with about 300+ paid downloads daily. Now, I am thinking of marketing my app on social media and I need your help in determining what social media apps should I go with and how should I maximise the returns...
  3. AlexanderFRG

    Unsure if i should ditch my business

    Hello guys! In short: I'm located in germany and started a physical products brand focused at Dachshund owners. My first product is called DorsusProtect. Dachshunds are because of their anatomy very prone to backpain, and the ingredients of DorsusProtect can avoid this medical issue in most...
  4. Subsonic

    Advertising for a Home Service/Window cleaning Gig

    What are the mediums that would be normally used to advertise such a thing? I have hit some success with doing flyers but those are not worth it to me right now (Cold weather, rain, long walking distance etc.). They did have a great roas tho (2.5 at a small sample size). The reason I want to go...
  5. Damien Boss

    Google unfairly banned my ads account. How do I overcome that?

    I created a landing page for my company's website. And on it, I advertised the app we built, asking users to join the waiting list by entering their email. a few days later, Google sent me an error stating my account was blocked due to a suspicious payment method (Paypal). Since I knew my...
  6. Senecal

    Google Analytics is DEAD… or is it?

    Warning: This is a braindump about Google Analytics issues and questions that arise from those issues. Also, I'm not a lawyer, so please consult with your lawyers about the related legal matters. Hey Fastlaners. As some of you know, Google announced they're officially retiring Universal...
  7. MaxT

    Promote a book with Amazon Ads

    Hello, I launched an Amazon Ads (ad) 5 days ago. The expenses are increasing little by little but I haven't recorded any sales yet, the book is good and is selling very well here in France so I don't think it comes from there... Attached you will find the various statistics in photo. I know that...
  8. Frost

    Creatives Finder For Dropshipping Ads

    Hey guys, While going through the painstaking process of finding creatives (videos/photos) to make ads for a product I want to test, it suddenly hit me that this could be a real need that dropshippers face. AFAIK the current MO for many dropshippers is to use a service called AdSpy for product...
  9. V

    A problem with Google AdSense

    Hey everyone! I’ve received a notification on my Google AdSense panel, it says that my website does not accord with the Better Ads Standards. It also offers me to check the Search Console Ad Experience Report. I’ve checked it, and everything seems fine. I tried to delete the notification, but it...
  10. V

    Need help with AdSense in-page ads

    Hey all, I’ve got a question about in-page ads by Google AdSense. I had vignette ads on my site, but decided to use in-page ads as an experiment. In-page turned out to be not so effective for me, so I switched them off, but they keep popping up 1-2 times a day on my site. How do I turn them off...
  11. H

    Starting my first SMMA business!

    So here we are. I'm tired of my 9-5 job not going anywhere and I want to try something for myself, and what I've been looking very much into is Social Media Marketing Agency. I've been taking Iman Gadzhi's course, and some other readings about Facebook ads, copywriting etc, and hoping I'm soon...
  12. jb5150

    Thoughts on Google Ads for no-fee counselling service

    Hello, again:) I offer a no-fee counselling service (government subsidized for anyone who's been involved in a car accident including passengers and pedestrians). Problem is very few people know about it and it is province-wide so there's scale. The value is built-into the fact that I have 5...
  13. shakeshake

    FB ADS/ Choose the Right Objective after spending 250k

    Hey everyone, In total I've already spent over 250k on Fb ads with a perfect ROI, absolutely very satisfied with this platform. But my big question to you guys: how the F*ck can you make it work without the conversion target? Brand awareness, clicks to the website, nothing works. Only if I...
  14. AddeyRoubens

    Good AdSense Alternatives?

    AdSense just placed a limit on my account for "invalid traffic". I'm still trying to investigate what this "invalid traffic" is, but in the meantime, anyone know any best alternatives to AdSense?
  15. radar81

    Advice to Gain Hands On PPC Campaign Management

    I'm based in Chicago and operate a small web design and development agency. I'm looking to expand my services to offer PPC campaign management (all Google initially). I have a client with a $30k/mo ad spend campaign that is in horrible shape, and they want me to immediately take over management...
  16. I

    Subscription vs Ads

    Hi everyone, I am running a smaller online bushiness and lately I have felt really stuck and would appreciate any help. I have been searching internet for forums like this and ran into The Fastlane Forum which is really amazing since The Millionaire Fastlane was a book that started everything...
  17. HiGHPeR

    Get a higher converting website or landing page from

    Hey everyone! We're almost into summer and its that time of the year to launch those hot summer offers! Contact me today to schedule a free consultation, and lets see how can help you improve your overall ROI or FB ROAS and simply make you more money. We've been in the...
  18. Tom.V

    Ranking #1 in the SERPs? Run Ads Too!

    If you're ranking #1 for 'large purple widgets', you're doing good, but the war has just begun. This is the perfect opportunity to run ads for the exact same keyword and truly DOMINATE the SERPs. By running ads right alongside your organic listing, you will effectively take up more of the prime...
  19. Scot

    Your audience has spoken

    And they hate your product. So I saw this Facebook ad at least 3 times yesterday (I think I got pixeled after I clicked it the first time) There's an important lesson here that the business hopefully will learn and I hope you'll pick up before it hurts you. So their copy reads that they...
  20. eqttrdr

    Facebook Ad Spend vs Audience Size?

    Currently in uncharted waters now.... and trying to plan out future growth... Have a single digital info product with 2 upsells in our funnel Doing PPC on Facebook and currently up to spending $1,300/day on ads with an audience size targeting of 1.8mil. At this level we are about 90% ROI...