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  1. mikeross17

    What's your motivation to make a lot of money?

    Hello fellow Forum Members! I'm thrilled to share my very first post with you all. We're all aware that money is a necessity in life. The real question is how much we earn and the means by which we do so. Around two years ago, I delved into the book "Unscripted," which fundamentally changed my...
  2. Aidan04

    Just Got My First Clients

    Hey all. Been a bit since I've posted. If you don't know me, I'm a product developer/inventor. I'm currently working on a physical product for the automotive industry. Recently though, I have had a problem. See, as a young adult I seem to be very broke, and I need funds to keep bootstrapping...
  3. confuser

    more thoughts about business plan, not sure how to go about doing it

    previous post for context IDEA - SCALING - QUESTION - repost of an idea i want thoughts on if anyone has the time Some rambly thoughts ahead lol I'm pretty confident in this being a viable thing to try out for real but I'm having trouble figuring out how to approach it. Seems that a lot of my...
  4. EthanH

    Starting and Scaling an Exterior Cleaning Business at 21

    Hi everyone! My name is Ethan, I'm 21 years old from the UK and I have spent the last 2 of years working in office jobs, possessing all the traits of a typical Wantrepreneur, always wanting to change but never actually taking any action. Whilst I was told by many how lucky I was to be...
  5. MJ DeMarco

    Stop reading about swimming and jump in the damn pool!

    I've said this over and over here. At some point, you have to STOP reading about swimming, and just jump in the pool. I found this great tweet on Twitter that summarizes the importance of reading, but also on following up reading with a dive into the pool. In today's culture, ACCESS TO...
  6. A

    [Progress] Helping people and (hopefully) making money

    Intro Hey, I'm Artiom. In case you haven't seen my intro, you can check it out here. In short, my goal for the past year was to make a simple living out of the skills I got. Specifically, a solo-business where I fully control my time. Basically, some type of freelancing. Execution Now, my...
  7. AlexWS

    Action Update #1

    Hi all, I’d like to post an update regarding my progress from my introductory post. As laid out in my introduction post I talked about my back story, my FTMs, final FTE and concrete steps going forward. Following that post I’d like to post an update thread for each ‘action update’ as time goes...
  8. J


    Hopefully this will help other aspiring entrepreneurs as much as it will myself. This should be a good brainstorming session and hopefully we can work off each other. Let's extract some ideas As we all know one of the hardest things when it comes to becoming successful is coming up with an idea...
  9. Speed112

    Pursuing Action - The One Mastery That Will Realize Your Desires

    You've probably heard over and over again that "You've got to take action!" "Stop overthinking things and just act!" -Some patronizing guru And it's all nice and swell and surely it would help. If only it were that easy. It's like telling a depressed person to just smile and go outside and...
  10. C


    Hi All, I’ve nearly finished MJ’s book, ‘UnScripted’ and I’ve decided to just dive into the world of Coding. I’ve got ambitions, dreams, and a whole lot of WHY’s. I used to walk the Slowlane, scrounging every dime I could by not spending; today, I just went out my way and got myself a top of...
  11. EmpireBuilder111

    Action Action Action

    Dear all Thank you for all your contributions to this site over the years. I have been an avid reader and have been inspired by countless of you. I reached a point in my life where I am fed up with the results I am getting. 2 years being a reader of the forum as well as doing various self...
  12. D

    2 hours of cold calls a day

    I know, is not that much. But I have decided to commit to 2 hours of cold call 5 days a week. I hate it. I can't wait for the weekend. But at the same time, I feel different. I am more spontaneous in talking to people, I feel like I am doing something meaningful for myself. I feel...
  13. S

    To Those Panicked/Discouraged by the PANDEMIC (or New to FLF)

    Four months ago I graduated from college significantly depressed. My biggest life goal had been reached. It 's ALWAYS been my dream to be a successful entrepreneur. Somewhere along my scripted life I put it on the back-burner. It became something to dream about, smiling to myself thinking...
  14. Ksalazar

    Blue Collar Millionaire Progression

    My name is Kendrick Salazar I haven't been on this forum in quite some time but still am a big fan of this forum love hustlers and the shared love for the grind. Background I went to school for engineering and computer science then dropped out because I just couldnt stop dreading the idea of...
  15. M

    Intro: First motivated, then depressed and now trusting the process

    Hello Fastlane Community, before I introduce myself I would like to thank Mr. MJ DeMarco for his awesome books and creating this forum that has so much knowledge and power. I'm Max a 26 year old man from Germany. I read TMF in the end of 2016 and it changed my mind and my point of view of...
  16. S

    All Businesses Will Fail In a Couple Of Months??

    So we know that the Corona Virus is gonna hit hard - very hard. On the other hand we await the recession and now with Corona it probably will speed up. I think we will probably see the start of the recession still in 2020. Now I´ve been thinking: - What business can thrive in a recession +...
  17. Devampre

    Waiting Angrily - Let's Talk ACTION!

    Perhaps "angrily" is a tad dramatic. But, I was listening to some deathcore, drinking an energy drink going through completing a client's website, when suddenly I realized that I need a special API key... So, long story short, I'm waiting on an email before I can move forward. :rage: On the...
  18. Andrew W

    How to Take Action When You Don't Feel Like It

    We all have those days where we wake up and we'd just rather... not. You are tired, it feels like you're making no progress on your goals. But you typically find some way to get in the right mindset. This technique is for the days you can't. This is when you can't be bothered to do anything...
  19. Aryan Sharma

    Why You Should Go Beyond Theoretical Big Talk??

    There Are Millions Of Way You Can Show Yourself As An Expert In Any Field But This Sweet Talk Won`t Lead You Anywhere You`ll Become One Of Those Instagram Celebrities With Fake Talk The Only Way You Can Go To The Next Level After Reading Unscripted Is Going Out And Take Experiences And Try...
  20. Kyle T

    One Day at a Time: A Message to Forum Newbies

    "I am not there yet, but I am closer than I was yesterday..." I joined this forum less than 6 months ago and this post is specifically for other newbies who are browsing this forum. There are on only 2 things that you have to do in order to be successful in using this wonderful place. Read...