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Words for Recovering Sidewalkers

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Oct 6, 2017
San Jose, CA Bigg Biz Cluster of Software Fastlane
I have to say, I am currently a recovering sidewalker. I stacked up expensive parasitic consumer debt thinking I'd pay it off when I got my hustle rolling, while sneering at the slowlaners wasting time for $2 an hour. While I am not going to become an inconveinent saver, because I think bigger than that - I am not going to take on another dollar of parasitic consumer debt, either by adding new credit lines or by revolving my balances (in case you don't know what that means: pay the minimum payment, and then treating the available balance as spending money, charging it back up again and revolving that parasitic debt).

I define consumer debt as any debt that doesn't pay for itself each month with recurring revenue. If I buy an investment property during the deep recession, with a private lender, and the numbers check out as an intelligent risk, and If I don't have to stress about delays, bumps in the road, and initial expenses, that's acceptable debt because it will pay for itself on a month-to-month basis.

This is not an excuse to buy equipment on credit because "I'll make thousands next month". For the Recovering Sidewalker with Fastlane Aspirations, If you're going to start a hustle it has to be serving a hobby you've been active in for years, and you don't have to think about affording initial expenses before customer revenue. Now, You can't afford to start an laser engraving business, or any business where you need a piece of equipment that costs more than your last months income to deliver the product or service offering. Honestly, you're better off with a job this year.

How to Start Today:
The best thing you can do as a recovering sidewalker who has read TMF / Unscripted is to do something productive that will benefit society at least once nearly every day, even on Saturday and Sunday. If you don't remember the last time you donated, donate your computing resources (at no out-of-pocket cost) by installing BOINC, and pick any project you're passionate about. This will get you into the giving frame of mind, which is the first phase towards Fastlane Entreprenuership.

Next thing you do, if you have trouble keeping jobs sign up for a gig. If you're been really good at sidewalking you will have spent a lot of time in retail stores being a consummate consumer. Leverage this experience by shopping for other people, via a shopper gig like Instacart, Shipt or PostMates. You'll barely average minimum wage after car costs, use that as motivation to upskill and raise your value to society. The reason that these gigs often pay lower than minimum wage is because the expectations from you are lower than a minimum wage job. Hourly pay is the average value you bring to a company.

Before you go any further: Are you open to spending years of your life developing yourself?

As a recovering sidewalker, these are your new mindposts:

Debt Perception:
Consumer Debt is Corrosive. It's Bad M'kay. It's PARASITIC as it's function is to turn free time into indentured time. Instant Gratification is a toxic behavoir. If I want it now, I am going to work for it NOW so I can have it later.

Time Perception: Time is Scarce in the context of a human life, Life is too short to waste it on sidewalks.

Education Perception: Self Development is the best thing I can do for myself, now and in the future. I will develop myself in the ways I can now, in a results-driven fashion. I've planted the seed by reading through TMF / Unscripted , now it's time to do everything I can to make it grow. The process is not going to be quick or easy, but will be totally worth it when I make it.

Money Perception: Money is a placeholder for value. If I add value to the world people will trade their value with me in the form of currency. The degree to which I add this value determines my wealth.

Primary Income Source:

Primary Wealth Accelerator: None right now. I need to stabilize my finances first, build a $1000 emergency fund, shrink below my means with the goal of raising my means, and chip away at my parasite dollars that cost me more dollars with interest and fees.. I'm done gambling as a financial plan, because the house doesn't always win, but they are the biggest winner. The house wins the most in any game of chance. I'm tired of gambling against the house, I want to own the house. Now that I know how millions are created in less than a decade, I don't fear mediocrity anymore because I now know the way up. Luck is when prepardness crosses with opportunity.

Wealth Perception:

Wealth Equation:

Destination: Fastlane Freedom backed by taking the drivers seat of my own life and being responsible, then accountable for my choices.

Responsibility & Control:

Life Perception:

Post Unfinished
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