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Where do I start educating myself to become an entrepreneur?

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Having my own business is all I think about while i'm awake. It's been bordering on obsession for 5 years now but i've done nothing about it. I read book after book and get nothing from it and it's just in circles. I'm trying to figure out how to educate myself properly. I at least know I want to be in the Ecommerce space. For me it's not about the money it's about living life on my own terms. If I can keep my nut as small as possible and make 40K doing my own thing online that'd be phenomenal. I just have no idea in heck where I need to start my journey and how to start my journey. I'm 25 and have no interest in college because I don't want to work a 9-5 soul sucking job for my entire life. Some suggestions on how to start educating yourself, routines, etc would be phenomenal. Where do you start from nothing and how do you keep improving yourself?

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Jeff Noel

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Oct 26, 2018
Quebec, Canada


New Contributor
Nov 14, 2018
^^ thats’s right

Be prepared to be the best version of yourself mate!
Entrepreneurship will dedicate from you a lot improving. If you want to be good, threat it like an instrument.
There is no failures, only improvements.
Start dawning your business map on paper for your new commence store and I wish you the best of luck!
The worst that can happen is that you got some very important skills as an entrepreneur. Always keep pushing and moving forward

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Jun 23, 2014
Buddy Guy Eh
It's been bordering on obsession for 5 years now but i've done nothing about it. I read book after book and get nothing from it and it's just in circles. I'm trying to figure out how to educate myself properly.
Simple answer is:

You need to actually DO IT!

You will never know everything there is to know about anything.

Just start already, and learn as you go.

You want to have an ecommerce business? Okay, sell ONE thing on eBay or Amazon. If you can do that, BOOM, you sold your first product online.


Bronze Contributor
Feb 19, 2018
Cuba v2.1 (Miami)
As others have mentioned you MUST take action. Hey I've been there, too. I read a few books, I got excited, and I reached a point where I realized I was spending more time on books than actually starting a business.

Oh and starting a business can be very daunting. You question yourself with every step. But once you have a flow going, it is easy sailing.

Timmy C

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Jun 12, 2018
Melbourne, Australia
Usually I'd say read the books fiefi but 5 years of reading. You need to take action now.

Definitely make yourself familiar with CENTS first but seriously just go go go.


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Nov 11, 2016
Canada (Vancouver)
Experience is the best teacher


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Dec 8, 2016
Boston, MA
It's not just education. It's also about taking massive action. You can read all the books you want but if you don't take any action with the knowledge that you gain. Nothing will be done.
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Most of the people who discover this forum are hard workers -- at work. It's easy to procrastinate on your own time.

Any time you encounter yourself wanting to put something off, don't.

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Watch your momentum build.

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