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Unscripted musicians, I need your help with my book's title and artwork


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Aug 18, 2016
Over the rainbow
Dear Fastlaners - unscripted musicians,

I guess I need your help here. I’m updating my e-book and some of your feedback would be (more than) lovely.
Let me (re)introduce myself first: I’m a musician and time and time again, other indies musicians come to ask me for advice in several fields. At first I felt some impostor syndrome on my side, since I didn’t feel like I knew more than others. We were in the same boat, so how could I pretend to be the captain?

But it started to make sense to me when I realised how terrible they could be at branding themselves, ignorant at using the royalties system from performing rights societies and anything that was not directly related to music practice. I began to analyse their behaviour and compare to those of more successful acts. There was something to do here, something that would be adding value to their music career.

So I ended up writing an e-book. I compiled questions, answers, advice from more established musicians, and most importantly: hacks that I personally use and that help me in the journey.

The Rock Star Paradox was first released in 2017, and a revised edition saw the light of day early 2019.

Despite the title, it’s no magic shortcut to turn any struggling musician into Mick Jagger. It’s an analysis of paradoxes that seem to rule rock star lives, and how to inject them in any average musician so they can improve their persona and presence.

I’m now on the way to release an improved version. Because I feel something is lacking. Something’s not right. I exaggerated the subtitle, making it a typical American self-help click bait: “How to quit your miserable musician life by hacking the secrets of true rock stars”, but hey, it’s so cheesy. My advice in the book are rather down-to-earth, usable, and I want to convey this in the title. Without being boring, though. No way to use some academic repellent phrase.

Also, the front image may be a nice piece of art, it however doesn’t really attract potential readers. It’s too unrelated to the content, which I thought was cool at first, but cool doesn’t always mean effective. I want a cover image that hits the mind of prospects, and that’s directly related to the content.

So, you, as musicians, what is the subtitle that would attract you to read the book, when you look for realistic advice? What kind of image would catch your attention, without being the typical cliché with money and fame?

Take a look at the page 雪猫ジル - Gilles Snowcat and the Kindle link. If you have read the book, how did it help you, or not?

Thank you by advance. Of course if you give me any idea that I end up using, you’ll be credited in the book.


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