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  1. Joshua Ling

    New and Looking to Explore and Make Friends! ;)

    Hi guys, first thread and excited to be here! Since young I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur but I have always been influenced that I needed to walk the slowlane to be able to reach my goals. It was only until that day when I read Unscripted, only was I able to realize that that was not...
  2. rum_julius

    Basel or Freiburg

    Hello guys, Is anyone here from Freiburg, DE or Basel, CH? If so, let's connect! I am from Schopfheim near Lörrach. Julius
  3. Rey_Lambie


    Hey guys happy new year! My name is Rey I just finished reading The Millionaire Fastlane and jumped at the chance to join the forum to be connected with some like-minded individuals. A little bit about me, I am a business undergrad at the University of Toronto in Canada as well as the podcast...
  4. Andy Black

    Don’t lurk, do this instead

    GOLD! HOT! 
    You may be tempted to lurk - in this forum, other forums, or in life. You'll do better to participate instead. Worried you don’t have value to add? Start by giving thanks. If you read something you like then don’t just hit the Like button. Quote it, thank the poster, and explain why it...
  5. fastlaner_1992

    I would like to be around entrepreneurs in Birmingham, UK area

    Is there anyone from the Birmingham area in the UK or at least the Midlands? I would love to connect and see how we could help each other grow. I am also interested in any mastermind groups and local meetups. Message me if you resonate. Thank you.
  6. Levi Ackerman

    Online business opportunities / real perception of professionalism and the impostor syndrome

    Hello to all, I'm new to the forum. I've read all of MJ's books, I'm finishing "The Great Rat Race Escape". I wanted to create a constructive discussion on an idea that went through my head. I live in Italy, Where to do business is very difficult due to the very high percentage of corporate...
  7. S

    Looking for Accountability Buddy

    The title says it all. I'm making electronic music and finding my mind wondering too much and I give up. It's not good enough. It would be really cool to connect with someone and hold each other accountable. Thanks :)
  8. Kasimir

    What's up Switzerland?

    Hey guys We, a small group of Swiss Entrepreneurs, want to create a local networking group. At the moment we are only people from the German-speaking part of Switzerland, but we are open to everybody from our area. We just thought it would be great maybe share ideas, answer questions and help...
  9. D

    Any Fastlaners in Stockholm?

    Hey there, I just moved to Stockholm from London after 4 years (originally swedish though). Now with COVID, I quit my £130K+ sales job, and decided to start a consumer wellness brand (first up will be a functional beverage) as I'm really passionate about health, fitness, biohacking etc. and...
  10. Devampre

    Are Audits Enough? Trying To Offer More Value Upfront

    In an effort to offer upfront value to potential clients, I've been giving free audits for their digital presence (Website + Social Media) and giving them tips to improve it. However, I'm beginning to feel either that: -Perhaps it isn't valuable enough to make them want to talk with me. -It...
  11. N

    Anyone from the UK want to connect?

    Hey guys, What’s going on Fatslaners! I wanted to start a UK based thread so we can connect and possibly organise a few meet-ups. So let’s start with this: Comment where your from and what you’re working on and what you’re most struggling with and end with a big win you’ve recently had! Be...
  12. O

    Uncovering Business Pain Points

    Hello everyone. I'm going to be attending a small business networking event this weekend, and I'm looking for some feedback and ideas. My main goals as of now are: 1. To ask them wether they would be interested in a website concept that I have that may benefit them. 2. If they are interested...
  13. JWM

    I shed myself of my dead weight "friends"

    I'm not much of a writer, so I hope this flows nicely and is easy to read, bear with me as I start practicing. Over the last 6-8 months I have found myself in a position where I have basically said good bye to most of my "friends", the dead weight in my life. This is part of a larger picture...
  14. WenSuriNetwork

    Greeting to New Members

    Greetings All, I'm Motivated, Energetic, Outgoing and a Goal Seeker. I Enjoy Interacting with People and Helping Them to Get What They Need and Want. Our first priority in life must always be to develop an increasingly intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.
  15. Rich Wood

    Value of your local Chamber of Commerce

    Today, I attended a speed-networking local Chamber of Commerce Event - called First Fridays. There were over a hundred attendees, all representing different companies, products and services. We spent about 2 mins each pitching who we were, what we did, and what our ask was. After everyone had...
  16. MTF

    Developing Relationships With Top Players - Master Thread

    You've probably heard it at least a few times before: you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Personally, I can't stand hearing it in every single article about being successful, but there's some truth in it. Social influence is real - we tend to behave in a similar...
  17. L

    Calling All UK Dropshippers

    Hello everyone So I've been browsing this forum for a couple of months now (prior to making an account) and thought it was about time to make an account, at least. Let me first talk about my journey so far. I decided against the traditional route of university/college because I wanted to...
  18. Rafael_PL

    Networking - social influence on your business

    Hello! I'm thinking about influence of people who you know on your business. How big impact they have for your execution strategy? Is having big network necessary for development? In my opinion yes, because it helps a lot if you need to learn everything new from scratch but you know someone...
  19. M

    New Member intro

    Hello. My name is Maria and I joined this forum to network with other home business owners. I've tried various MLMs over the years but I wasn't successful. This summer I decided to invest in myself and my business. I changed my approach to my business through learning attraction...
  20. Steppenwolf

    10XFactory or 149 Bucks per Month for a Slack Channel

    Just stumbled upon this site over a Facebook Ad. #1 Slack Channel for World-Class Entrepreneurs | 10XFactory Basically a Slack Channel for Entrepreneurs. I was curious and signed up. Now you have to schedule an appointment where you talk to someone and they check if you are suitable to join...

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