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This ridiculous mistake costs you 4 years of your lifetime


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Apr 1, 2018
It begun when I was 20. A guy called me on Skype, he lived over 300km far away. And yeah... He told be about network marketing.
He knew I was a solid online poker player. Some people thought I was a god but to be honest, i just had some statistics a pressed a button. I made some money, but I was not a big player.

€100 fee was nothing and working 8h a day for just a year and I can do what I want? OK lets start!
Playing poker required more than 10h a day. He told me it's a save way if I work hard enough. So I started my journey in MLM. I even moved to this guy to work "together". We didn't, he was lazy and was over 11 years in MLM without earnings over €500. This wife was bringing the money home.
I did not earn any money and my savings were gone.

I thought its me and honestly, ofc it was me I didn't have any skill as sales person. I took me month until I realized, I have to change as soon as possible. So I had my first contact with online marketing. I made planes, but I was broke before I could execute anything. But I was still convinced MLM is the right path. I even moved back to my mum after living on my own for years.

After I had some jobs but noting important or whatever. In the end of 2016 I decided to study. Going for an MBA. My planed learning marketing taxed and accounting. At the exact same time a network marketing expert appeared.

He made over €13.000 a month! Way much more than I made with poker.
And he used online marketing!
OK again lets start and I started using Facebook as my new recruitment system. Yea i though this will be the right one, I will be a rich fast.
At the same time I started with reading Robert Kiyosaki. And again I thought, this is the right way. I worked 7-8h a day while studying.

Just some weeks i good a phone call with the 13k guy and a mechanic. We were talking about MLM and the 13k paycheck yea! But this guy started talking about Bitcoin, and he was also a networker. My upline knew i have a solid computer technology background but I'm not a professional. Understood the technical stuff really fast my upline did not. So he talked about an investment about just 2k, and we will be rich.

My upline was interested. I ask questions for over an hour. The bitcoin at a price of €660 cached my interest. But I was convinced this MLM he was promoting is scam.

When I followed the instructions of the 13k guy, I discovered many questionable MLM systems.
In the end I got cryptocurrencies for €1000. Mr 13k took the MLM.
Now he promoted 2 systems.
When time passed I realized nothing has changed.

Kiyosaki and Europe gurus where no help.
Mr 13k has inherited the MLM structure. This father build it up to nearly €25000 / month. And Mr 13k wasn't able to maintain it.
And my study. I had a B grade but i have not learned anything important. But I was paying and paying.

Again it took me until early 2017 until I moved on. But thankfully that I didn't lose another 2 years. I was yelling "everyone is responsible for himself" and I violated my own saying. I was stupid and arrogant.

But it had one positive outcome, I learned the basics of selling.
I guess it was mid 2017 and I had 5 figures behind because of my cryptocurrencies. When i have realized cryptos are going up and I could pay bills easily. I invested a hours and hours to learn what this really is.
So i wasn a fool anymore when it came to this topic.
And i also changed my mindset but there were still some stupid things in my mind.

Later a company had a Facebook ad.
Here you can learn how to sell and earn money.
I thought, OK selling is an important skill and if I got what I want I will sell their products while investing in Kiyosaki teaching.

They hired me and I learned how to sell! I sold slow lane strategy and earned 300€-600€ a day. Again it happened I was convinced this is a good product. Some month later I realized what it really is. I sold less overtime, but I was still one of the best.

Again my mindset has changed. From this time I developed an attitude like MJ describes in the millionaire fast lane. But the journey isn't over yet. But one question is still unanswered. Is it OK to sell the slow lane stuff and frauds to earn my money or is it ethical bullshit?

Whatever, I made some plans about my own business and invested some time in Web developing. At this point I was able to create more ideas than I can count already. At the age of 15 I wrote my first programs, so learning to code goes 3 or 4 times faster for me than usual. But i never finished.

Over the year I read many books and one of these books was written by a multimillionaire from Austria. I don't know how I did it, but we met in person. I moved there, and he was the guy I respected the most over everyone else. I got rid of gurus before month, except him. I have to say his advises are different.

It did not go as planned but I remember one evening. Me him and a photograph who came there like me, but he left the day after.
He told me many things. I'm still thinking about. I like reading books for educational purpose, so I ask him which he recommends. Of curse, I read all he has written. He turns around, standing 3-4 meters away and told me 2 tiles really fast.

The first was the millionaire fast lane.
I was shocked because I heard of this book before and it uses aggressive marketing texts. He dislikes this kind of marketing and believes in branding. But I came there to hear his opinion.
Later we talked about other stuff, and he had really huge impact on me.

I got the book and i really liked it. MJ described points I had to experience the hard way. And especially I like the word servitude. But he wrote many chapters which were completely new for me. Sometimes I was shocked how precise he described personal developments i or friends experienced. He also had an impact with his story. Normally it takes me 2 or 3 days to read a book which is so nicely written. In English maybe up to 7 days.

But this time and after meeting the Austrian I had changed. I invested ours to update my coding skill. Made curses to online marketing and selling. I made some contacts and found some allies.
Its still 20% left to read.

Now I'm here close to my 25 and still much to learn. I made a process last year, after 3 years in passenger seat.

The millionaire fast lane made me think about some questions.
Is the Austrian a guru? He is different but preaches the slow lane sometimes.

Should I learn to code by myself to realize my plans or outsourcing.
Normally I would say outsourcing, but I lean it way much faster and have a solid background. The Best case I find someone who is involved.

Where can I learn marketing the most effective way?

I would like to realize it now instead of waiting. I have so many ideas.
OK I can get rid of 50% because they violate CENTS. But there is many left, how to become a serial entrepreneur?

What is the next mindset change i have to make?

And mostly who to become a great executioner?

Just a week ago I told somebody who says he can to the coding part about one concept. And he is willing to do the coding if involve him.
I know he is lazy, but we will see.

Some decisions are open but I have changed totally, especially if its up to execute. Waiting does not create results but I get older.

Ok. Thanks for reading the story. What do you think? Did you go a similar way first or had it been clear for you?
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MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
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Jul 23, 2007
What is the next mindset change i have to make?

Solve a problem, find an need, improve something. And then sell it.

Is it OK to sell the slow lane stuff and frauds to earn my money or is it ethical bullshit?

Good question. There's a fine line there because if you believe the lie you're selling, are you lying?

Welcome to the forum.


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Apr 1, 2018
Hello MJ awesome book I can explain how nice it is written while containing so many useful information and makes me executing. It is incredible ! I have noted down tons of ideas last month to. Thanks to you and CENTS i know which one are useless. You also created a drive to act all the time. I read or watch curses when I´m waiting, on toilet and so on. Thanks!!!

Solve a problem, find an need, improve something. And then sell it.

Today I made process with programming for an app. Its way much easier than expected. A friend of mine founded a business last year and got tons of requests. He built a new rad race and finally quit. I found a way how to outsource the requests like a sharing economy principle. I learn and work approximately 8-10h a day to get it running.

Good question. There's a fine line there because if you believe the lie you're selling, are you lying?
Welcome to the forum.

Today I read the chapter about customer expectation and support

1) I do not believe it will have a huge impact nor I believe in this system. It is similar to "law" attraction you made your standpoint crystal clear in your book.

2) We have different leads. One group is like 10h free time a day or no job... folks with no responsibility for their actions and choices. The product tells them you are 100% responsible for your life. So I would say it is good for them. But it is not more effective than an obese person with 320 pounds asking for a trainer. They could start eating better food, or they can book a personal trainer who has no clue but says do this xy. Just because they do anything, they make process. That's it.

Other folks are acting. I guess it won't change anything. Those guys would succeed without the product.

And the last one this is really tricky. So i learned to sell while shut up. Some wants to learn about online marketing. I even sell the product just by saying "the coach is very experienced in online marketing". To be clear, I NEVER tell them "we will teach you in online marketing" and it works.

To your question. It depends on how you define lying. When I say "the coach is very experienced in online marketing" is this a lie?
I know the get their own imagination. If you say its a lie, I lie. If not, I do not lie.
I can tell you I don't feel well, if I sell it to them this way.
I don't know about doing it ethically.
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