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The Blind Leading the Blind

Topics relating to managing people and relationships


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May 28, 2014
The blind leading the blind is inevitable. While we resist this notion, fight it, struggle with it, it exists period. This is one phase of human nature. This is one part of evolution and growth. This is the number one reason why it takes so long for someone to reach success.

In Entrepreneurship the first thing is our awareness of who we choose to surround ourselves with. The popular consensus, “The five people we hang around influence us.” This alone is training one’s self to decipher who is healthy to be around. What social group is challenging us to reach our full potential.

Each social group has rules, regulations, communication styles, methods, techniques. The group serves a specific purpose. Instills ethics, morals, values, or the opposite, lack of ethics, morals, and values.

Throughout one’s life time as an Individual we join countless social groups which might serve our needs at the time. Over time we may out grow that social group, those connections, and separate from that social group and move on to another that raises the bar.

All of us have social groups on the micro and macro level. This is family, friends, co-workers, romantic partners. Naturally we seek to reach our 100% best.

All of us are blind to what we teach others along the way. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t failed, grown from trial and error, failed, and found insight in the experience.

There is an endless ocean of information out there.

Blindness requires you to use your five senses, sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound. It requires you to use your intuition, instinct, logic, analytical skills, practical skills, connecting the dots, digging deep inside to find the right answers for your authentic truth. Problem solving. The inner compass is how one navigates through society. The inner compass questions everything. There are a million questions to be answered within one’s self.

Individuation is separating from the social groups of society. Finding you path, your purpose, your why. Someone else can’t give you that answer. Someone else can’t point out that truth.

The blind lead the blind every day. While it’s simple to get upset with the idea, fight with it, struggle with it, it is beyond our control. Sure, we could burn every book, magazine, film, newspaper, turn off the Internet and perhaps the information high way would be gone for a day or two.

With 7.6 Billion people on the earth, humanity will express itself in some shaper of form. The inner voice can never be silenced for long.

Following many authors through my life, artists, and musicians, you can tell from their first piece of work, they evolved through the years, decades, and grow.

Stephen Hawking grew and evolved in his work. Was he the blind leading the blind, or just hadn’t reached his full potential in his earlier work?

Thomas Edison invented the phonograph, motion picture, and when we look at the upgraded devices and technology today, was he the blind leading the blind?

When it comes to relating with other people, the ocean of information leads down many different paths. While we don’t like to be stereo typical, fortunately there are different social groups concerning different types of relationships. There are unconventional and conventional relationships.

There are different personality types, there are different generations who have been brought up in different times, eras, different rules, regulations, methods, and techniques.

The instinct is to break out of the conditioning, stop following the herd, and breaking down the old systems that no longer work and serve humanity in a positive way.

Each person who becomes a leader starts out, the blind leading the blind. It’s quite hard to skip this step when you learn as you go through education, experience, knowledge, and wisdom from interacting with the masses. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t start out with limited knowledge and experience.

Opposition is just a natural part of the game. Everyone in the ocean won’t agree with you. Everyone won’t support you. Everyone won’t like you. Haters are just a part of the game. Entrepreneurs know this.

The blind leading the blind can have catastrophic endings, you can jump off a cliff, and land in a huge pit. The question is why did the person need to experience this event, what did they learn from the experience?

Human nature loves creating drama, complexity, crisis situations, and will repeatedly do so until they’ve learned to face their weakness, deepest fears, decipher who to listen too, and who not too listen too. This is kind of like sticking your hand in a fire. If your burned enough, feel the pain enough, you learn not to stick your hand back in the fire.

Well intentioned we love to try to control other people, navigate their way, tell them the best route. This can also be a form of the blind leading the blind.

We project our core personality is the right one for everyone. We try to shape and transform other people into who we believe they should be. We also project our ethics, morals, values, and judge them for not being who we are and buying into our philosophy. This was my main failure in life, allowing an ESTJ to try to convince me their path was mine. I’m INFJ and it’s just does more harm than anything, because you can take years and years trying to get my brain to function like an ESTJ, and I will never work that way.


Relating with others is surrendering all control of the outcome. Also allowing them to make mistakes. While it may be painful, and while they may wipe out, get burned, there are important lessons in the experience. If you don’t know what doesn’t work than you don’t know what does work.

While the world is seeking out perfection this becomes a huge road block in Entrepreneurship if you’re so focused on creating perfection 100% of the time. Being from Generation X, I’ve earned the badge to say, we need to stop seeking perfection in an imperfect world. Perfection is my middle name, I’ll push myself hard until I exhaust myself, push others to reach their full potential, but in 2018, I’m learning to understand it’s beyond my control to stop the blind leading the blind.

The biggest responsibility of being a leader is to add value and serving humanity in the best way possible. While I have big dreams, see the big picture, and envision a better world, I know I must be realistic. The blind leading the blind will always exist. I’ve wrestled with it myself. One of my mentors taught me long time ago, allow others to navigate their way, trust them they’ll do the right thing, and allow them to grow at their own pace. The best gift you can give another human being, is teaching them to trust themselves. Believing they can make the right choices.

I honor M.J. Demarco. And when I arrive, I hope to meet him and thank him. At the same time, he sets the example. He’s never told me the last year what to read, what to watch, what to listen too. He did the same set the stage with his books, but he knows the rest of it is in our hands.

One thing I have to say. It’s best to take your eyes and focus off what other leaders are doing, worry about where you’re navigating in life. Grant Cardone has a point. If you’re worried about what someone else is doing, hating, blaming, shaming, guilting, sabotaging other people, you’re wasting your time, your energy, and your money.

Top Entrepreneurs are usually what 2 to 5 percent of the world. Not everyone makes it there. Some of this is due to the blind leading the blind. And some of this is learning to navigate your way, instead of trusting the external world to lead you.

The true leader navigates from the internal world, has full control of their thoughts, emotions, feelings. They’re not afraid to dive into the information, weed through the gems and throw out the trash. They’re not afraid to make sacrifices, spend 10-19 hours a day honing their skills before they become master teachers, leaders, writers, communicators. You don’t become the best by following other people. You become the best by training every day relentlessly, breaking through the blind, taking healthy risks, and jumping over the naysayers and haters.

There’s the blind leading the blind, and then there are those who choose self-mastery. Those are usually your Spartan Warriors. The only thing I learn as I go, is I see better, find more clarity, expand my consciousness, and become better skilled.

I don’t think it’s possible to prevent mirroring in other people. This is natural for everyone. What we don’t like about someone else is usually something we have to make inner peace with in ourselves. It digs in our subconscious mind, triggers some event, triggers an emotion, triggers a feeling, and this usually means some inner work must be done.

The subconscious mind is where the blind leads the blind. This is the garbage we all love to shove under the rug, the emotions and the feelings we love to suppress. The faces we love to avoid. The fear that digs down deep inside and forces you to face every piece of garbage you ever encountered in your life.

When you attack another leader, teacher, or Entrepreneur this means there’s something more to be removed from the garbage dump. This is what I love about Entrepreneurship. I feel if you’re attacking someone else, this means you may be the blind leading the blind. The win-win mentality is quite different than the win-lose mentality. Does someone else have to lose?

The less garbage you have in your subconscious mind the less you will fail. The less you will sabotage yourself, the less you will sabotage other people. The less you fail, the less your children will fail.

The blind can only lead the blind, if they haven’t taken the time to face everything there is to face within themselves. When you know thyself, the more you do the inner work, the less you will become the blind leading the blind.
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