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Feb 12, 2019
Hey there my hungry friends,

for a long time I´ve been reading here and done a big mistake... I was just consuming information but rarely appyling it. Didn´t fieldtest my ideas, if I ever had any.

I´m a business administartion student finishing by Bachelor soon. And since I see how others buy into working for companies, negotiating their salaries, and worst of all - fullfilling someones dreams, I don´t feel it´s a fit for me. I want to be the creator of a future that I design. That´s why I registered in this forum to push myself (and hopefully someday others) to finally START THE ACTION instead of just looking from the side of the playfield.

So of course i firstly had to asses what my goals are and how to get there. The what is pretty clear to me:
1.) Millionaire within 5 years
2.) Own a Lamborghini
3.) Buy a great House for my mom
4.) Earn 15k month
5.) Peace of Mind and Body

While the first 4 only focus on financial aspects I feel the last one is very important to obtain the first 4 aswell. What do I mean by that? I feel like I should try to be overall more careing abount my body and my habits (food, exercise, sleep)

So my next action steps are the following:
1.) Create an execution thread in this forum tomorrow.
2.) Start Meditation & visualization of goals (benefitial to Goal 5) (10 min daily at the beginning)
3.) Stop watching TV Shows and instead read books / posts on this forum
acutally no instead of watching tv I try to locate a problem of someone tomorrow (doesn´t matter if I can solve it yet)
(btw: see I almost fell in to the information consumption addiction again :/ )
4.) I got a lot of stuff in my room that I dont need anymore. I will put at least 5 items on sale tomorrow online (on ebay e.g.)

well now I just have to start the action, and since I wrote this post I kinda feel obligated to (THX by the way!)

Have a lovely and productive day

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