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Feb 12, 2019
Hey there my hungry friends,

after committing myself to start this execution thread yesterday in my introduction... well here it is.

My journey begins here - well at least that the part where i take charge of it.
For a long time i´ve been an observer in the game of my life. Gone where it took me, played what was offered. Most of the times took the easy road. Now studying business administration and actually like it. What I happen to realize is that I dont really like having a boss. So that´s why I kind of have to become an entrepreneur and be my own boss - at least that my conclusion so far. Financially I´m okay but dont have any wealth (since I got a student loan) and do not earn a lot of income (yet). So this thread is supposed to motivate me to start my side hussle and maybe inspire others to do so aswell.

I always used to read, but never implement. So this thread is my promise to actually do something about it.

So of course i firstly had to asses what my goals are and how to get there. The what is pretty clear to me:
1.) Millionaire within 5 years
2.) Own a Lamborghini
3.) Buy a great House for my mom
4.) Earn 15k month
5.) Peace of Mind and Body

While the first 4 only focus on financial aspects I feel the last one is very important to obtain the first 4 aswell. What do I mean by that? I feel like I should try to be overall more careing abount my body and my habits (food, exercise, sleep)

Dont know the how - but who cares, i`ll get it one the way - right? ;)

So my next action step goals for today were the following:
1.) Create an execution thread in this forum tomorrow. (+)
2.) Start Meditation & visualization of goals (+)
First two went pretty easy :)

3.) Instead of watching tv I try to locate a problem of someone tomorrow (doesn´t matter if I can solve it yet)
This one went better than expected. I had to take my last exam for this month and had a coffee with a friend. We were discussing several things and he complained about this problem. BOOM my mind was sharp and I recogized it as a chance.
So tomorrow I will ask as many people as it needs to get 3 responses wheather this problem is relevant for them aswell or not (still dont have a clue wheather I can solve it - but hey - its kinda fun knowing you might help people with something you create)

4.) I got a lot of stuff in my room that I dont need anymore. I will put at least 5 items on sale tomorrow online
This one was a litte rough. While I had already everything prepped for taking photos with my dslr - I think better photos sell the products better - I had to recognize I´m out of battery... so fine I´ll charge it and write this post while I do it :)
So I finally managed to put 5 things online - but it was harder than expected. Some Items were very hard to price (e.g. some art canvas) so i decided not to sell them for now.
Nonetheless if I can sell all the things i put online today I should make around 400 which would be a great funding for a side hussle.

Goals for Tomorrow!
1.)Meditation & Visualization
2.) Try to locate another persons problem
3.) Speak to as many people as it needs to verify my first potential need (3 qualified answers)
4.) Put 5 more things online to sell - Use the money for side hussle

Have a lovely and productive day
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Feb 12, 2019
Good luck! Keep us updated

Hey Darius, I definetely will.
So how did my Goals from yesterday went so far?
1.) I skipped meditation and visualization in the morning, for no real reason. Will try again tomorrow.
2.) I did not locate anoter persons problem, however someone told me that I have I valuable skill that I was not really aware off.

3 People today told me that I were super funny and why I´m not doing stand up comedy. Not really sure if this is a business or even a Fastlane path, however good to know, and maybe useful in the future. I mean I knew that I am funny - I just didn´t know that people feel the same way XD.

3.) I spoke to many people today and veryfied that apperently the niche I am interested in has potential.

4.) This one I haven´t done yet. Kind of tricky to figure out how to write the copy for my discription so I had to learn that first today. Will get it done tomorrow

Sold my first (not needed) Item online for about 10 bucks. Feels great to get the funding for my startup started haha
I know it is not a lot of money I made - but it really feels like a win to me

My Goals for tomorrow:
1.) Do Meditation & Visualization in the Morning
2.) I realized my room is very badly organized, so tomorrow I will think of a good solution for that. Since i got to work in that area, shouldn´t I have a gameplan not only in my business but also in my wardrobe ;)?
3.) Meeting a friend to further investigate potential of niche

Keep rocking :)


Gold Contributor
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Apr 8, 2013
Cleveland, Ohio
Hey Darius, I definetely will.
Sold my first (not needed) Item online for about 10 bucks. Feels great to get the funding for my startup started haha
I know it is not a lot of money I made - but it really feels like a win to me

Congrats on making $10 online.

What's the plan to make $20 online?

3.) Meeting a friend to further investigate potential of niche

How are you going to further investigate the potential of a niche? What's that process look like?
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Feb 12, 2019
Congrats on making $10 online.

What's the plan to make $20 online?

So I thougt about putting more stuff that I dont need anymore online and try to sell it. No sale today but I got many things done :)

However selling my old things is not really the fastlane and I know that... but it may fund a fastlane Idea :)

How are you going to further investigate the potential of a niche? What's that process look like?

Well I went out today with some friends and I basically talk with everybody about that topic now. For example how they feel about that topic. What are there problems / what is annoying them. I basically want to build my foundation of beta testers now. So when one of my friends shows interest, I will remember them when I get my MVP out there :).

I also thought about targeting customers but concluded I should first see if the people I know like the basic Idea that I have. So that´s why I will first focus on an MVP.

I was basically really enjoying the sun today - feels like the first day of summer here.

I was really comitted to get my room better organized today - really glad i did it. I so many winter clothes I don´t need at the moment and other stuff that I wanted to get back home, so now I got way more space and it looks neat. Clean room - clean mind.

Unfortunately I haven´t done as much as I wanted for business today. But still a good feeling to constantly be kind of alert about what the people around you say.

I´m really proud how the last days turned out so far and will keep going!
Funny thing about that is I was constantly watching some tv shows or videos online. but not anymore - and I dont even feel a difference. So pumped with the feeling of joy like i am already owning my business. I know it may sound odd though.

So for tomorrow I will be working most of the time in my side job, so the only chance to hussle is after that. To be honest I am often very tired after that job because its always hard physical labour... any tips how I can still get things done tomorrow? Most of the time I just feel like sleeping after that.

So my goals for tomorrow are
1.) Try to "build" my first MVP for niche on paper (theoretically explain how it should work, what it should do, how to present it to my friends, e.g.

Acutally that´s it for tomorrow. I feel like this task is very important and so I should focus on it with all my energy. Of course meditation and visualization is still there - but it does not feel like a task.


Feb 12, 2019
@LauraCort Thx, the journey has just begun :)

Today I wasn´t very productive after all as expected, but still got to start with the basic steps of an MVP.

So the main question I asked myself is to find answers to that sentence

As a _______ I need a ______ So i can _______
(answering that sentence like I were the customer)

saw that in a video and found it pretty helpful.

After thinking about that sentence for a while it was pretty clear to me what my MVP should contain and what it shouldn´t. However what I learned today is that I should not just try to ask friends and others for their opinions but try to get some pre-sales before even starting with the invention.

Implemented a new schedule (way more detailed than before) but it was kind of to caged for me. I guess I´m more the To-do type and need slots for all to do´s.

Well honestly I´m really pumped because after day 3 I still feel very motivated. I know I could have done more today but am still glad that I did anything at all. Earlier I would have watched tv and now I´m actually thinking about my business - It feels great!

Of course I know that thoughts alone won´t get me there. This is why implementation within the next week will be critial.

So for tomorrow my goals are:
1.) Do some more meditation (felt really good today)
2.) Try to cut out all unnessesary features of my MVP prototype
3.) Think about and research how to pre-sell my mvp - there should be enough material around here
4.) Text my mentor and ask for a meeting - she might have some good perspective I haven´t thought about yet.

Keep it up
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Feb 12, 2019
So today was a lovely day!

Meet some friends for breakfast and walked there and listend to @MJ DeMarco MFL Audiobook. Really nice! No matter how often I listen to that, I alwas get some new insights. Really liked the 5 for 2 example in your book :)

So I discovered that even before building an mvp I should try to presell my product. Well, for now I dont know the answer how to do that, but I asekd already in the forum and also will take some time to think about that.

used @Santi Merino ´s approach to structure your day, he has a nice thread discussing that - check it out. For me however this was a too detailed plan. So I will go back and stick with my to do´s and some chucks of time blocked.

Texted my mentor - now I will have for her to reply. Since she is often very busy this could take some time.

For tomorrow I just have one task:
Go deeper into the Mvp / preselling Mvp
--> understand what I have to do to presell my mvp (there should be some input from you guys in another thread :) )

Keep it on! :)

Thomas Chauvet

Bronze Contributor
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Jun 26, 2017
Dijon, France
Hi, welcome !

One way I learned about to presell an MVP is to have an image of the concept (some drawings, a video explaining how it works, a 3D model, or anything) and simply sell it this way. It is often easier than building the MVP for real.
Someone on the Inside part of this forum also gathered some "promises to purchase". If you get 200 of them, even for a high/fair price, and even if it's not "real" sellings, you know that you picked something interesting.


Bronze Contributor
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Sep 29, 2018
Welcome to the game bro, its tough out here

I think we underestimate how much easier it is to get richer if we also fix ourselves in other ways as well.Reduce social media, reduce pornography, eat well etc

The sum effect is more energy and a greater chance of succeeding!

But anyway goodluck!
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Feb 12, 2019
Hey there everyone!

I´m back with some updates but not to much going on the last days. I´ve been sick and therefore nearly not as productive as i wanted to be - but hey something is still better than nothing!

@Thomas Chauvet thank you for sharing that - definetely will try it that way aswell. Especially the "drawings" approach might work in my case, will keep you updated!

@ManlyMansNegator Well I always like to say: Life is easy if you make it that way... And you are soooo right about social media! One bit issue for me was binge watching tv, but since I´ve stopped that I got so much more time to either read, be productive, meet friends and of course write posts like this one :D

So what happened so far:
1.) I did not hear back from my mentor since last time - guess she is still busy on her trip.

2.) Meet a friend and talked about my idea with him - got some new insights. While I discovered that the service that I want to offer already exists - I also found that it is not as efficient as i may be able to do it - BAM - that sounds like a good chance.

So basically I want to be the middleman between two parties. for the suppliers I gather customers, for the consumers I save time. The suppliers give me a cut from their profits. Sounds easy enough - right?

Now I have to find out if I can convince the suppliers to buy into this system. Therefore I have to target those ones who are in need of new customers.

This will be my task for the next 2 days (tomorrow not so much happening since I´m visiting relatives)

How do you like my posts btw? Too much? Not detailed enough?

Keep it up :)

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