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Spanish Speaking Course for Beginners - Just got MY FIRST SALE!

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Diego M

Jan 8, 2016
Hello Fastlaners! I’m very excited to share this story with you.

I know that this community can only grow when people share their experiences, failures, success, tips and so on. Today is my turn to share with you how my road to finance freedom is going and hopefully get some tips and constructive criticism.

I'm from Mexico and I work online as a language teacher. In my more than 4 years of experience I've had more than 350 students and I noticed a common problem among all of them: The low level in the speaking portion compared to listening, reading and writing.

Since I know that there are tons of tons of courses online and a gazillion websites that claim to teach the effective, practical, most-used, “real” (whatever that means) Spanish I thought that there must be a course covering this specific skill. It turns out that there is none ONLINE.

Therefore, I figured out that something needed to be made, because until now, there are only three ways to tackle this skill: going abroad to a country where Spanish is spoken, get private or in group lessons and getting a language exchange pattern. I mean, If I had to travel to a place where nobody speaks my first language of course the ability that I'd need the most is speaking! While these are really good ways to enhance the speaking abilities, they share one boundary: They're all synchronous.

So, I decided to create a course focused on developing the speaking (and as a side-effect) and listening portion of the language aimed to beginners from scratch AND that works asynchronously.

Two years ago, I started with a friend of mine a YouTube channel aimed to students who wanted to increase their listening skills. So far, we have over 2,500 subscribers and in average 250 views per video (I know that that’s not impressive; but believe me on this, the competition is REALLY tough). We also have a Facebook page where until now there are 1,000 followers.

I thought that this was the opportunity to create the course and that I could use the Youtube channel and Facebook as a lead and see if there’s really a demand for what I think could be extremely beneficial for all language learners.

Now, to be honest, I have recently pre-sold one course for 29USD as I was sleeping, and obviously I’m excited because I don’t really know this person but he’s believing in the value that I can provide. I don't know yet what I need to do next but I know that I want to get at least 10 orders to verify that there's a demand for this product. Hopefully you guys can give me your insight, opinions, advice or feedback of my business.

Be sure that I'm highly motivated for helping others and believe me that I will do what I need to do to reach the financial freedom.

Web page: Spanish Speaking and Listening Course for Beginners

Thanks for reading!
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Real Deal Denver

Gold Contributor
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Jan 13, 2018
Denver, Colorado
Good job Diego!

I looked over your website, and it is impressive. I might sign up for it myself, as this is something I've been meaning to do.

But. Let me help you. $29 is nothing. Ten times that - your goal, is nothing. Hey - sorry to say that - you have a great service. But you need to make serious money.

What I'd like is a low cost ongoing subscription course. I see you listed one for comparison that charges $13 a month. Why sell the whole course for about two months work of subscription?

I was actually going to do the Rosetta Stone course myself because I want an intense serious course. They have great reviews. That is what I'm looking for, so it sounds good to me.

But your website is SO persuasive. You really hit important points. I am not qualified to know how good they actually are - but the way you present them, they sure sound like your approach is far superior to any other.

I think if you keep hitting the facts of your course hard to impress people AND get this mass marketed AND sell it by the month - you could do really well!

Instead of trying to get 10 customers, think about having 5,000 all paying $10 a month let's say. Who can resist that? That's $50 grand a month! Not $290.

Far from it.

Dream big Amigo. You can do this. You already have a quality service!

Diego M

Jan 8, 2016
Thanks for taking the time to read!

But. Let me help you. $29 is nothing. Ten times that - your goal, is nothing. Hey - sorry to say that - you have a great service. But you need to make serious money.

I agree 100%. This introductory price is meant only to gauge interest and validate my course. I have students who are willing to pay up to $30 dollars an HOUR of private lessons, so I thought that the course itself could be sold for more than that.

However, apparently from my email list, reddit posting, Facebook & Youtube audience and EVEN Facebook ads, there isn't much of a demand for this course as of today (11/05/2018) there have been only 2 persons who have bought the course. Thus, I'm afraid that I'm not explaining what the course contains thoroughly or that the content itself is not appealing. Only time and persistance will tell...

What I'd like is a low cost ongoing subscription course. I see you listed one for comparison that charges $13 a month. Why sell the whole course for about two months work of subscription?

That's food for thought actually... On the one hand, a steady income IMO is better than only one payment, even if this monthly payment is much lower. But on the other hand, I'd need to figure out a way to cover the speaking portion (which is the basis of my course), giving the quality that my students deserve, and charging a corresponding price without selling off cheap nor my my time nor my course.

I might consider this and go for a low cost subscription-high volume of students. Thanks!

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