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  1. D

    EXECUTION Looking to take the Next Step! Feeback / Constructive criticism needed

    Hello fastlaners! it's been a lot of years lurking in this forum, learning from the success and failures of others and I'm very grateful that I was introduced to this community. For many years I decided to push back an idea that I thought was worth the shot but never really pull the trigger...
  2. Andrew W

    Ultimate Resource List (Websites, Books, and more!)

    INTRO I've been browsing through this forum a bit and (forgive me if I'm wrong) I haven't seen a thread that shows a massive list of resources for learning. Obviously learning is vital to surviving in this day and age. Creating a business? Gotta know basic salesmanship, marketing, manufacturing...
  3. D

    EXECUTION Spanish Speaking Course for Beginners - Just got MY FIRST SALE!

    Hello Fastlaners! I’m very excited to share this story with you. I know that this community can only grow when people share their experiences, failures, success, tips and so on. Today is my turn to share with you how my road to finance freedom is going and hopefully get some tips and...
  4. Fox

    HOT TOPIC The Learning a New Language Thread

    Who else here is learning a new language? I just started Russian and I can tell I have a few hard years ahead of me! I only know the letters and around five actual words but it is a lot of fun already. I have always wanted to visit (I go for New Years for the first time) and generally have...
  5. D

    EXECUTION Spanish Language Learning Website; my road to the Fastlane

    I've been lurking in this forum for more than a year and after having finished my undergraduate studies I decided that my life needed a change. God knows why but I stumbled across MJ's The Millionaire Fastlane book in 2015 and I couldn't help but finishing it all in one sitting (Of course there...
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