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Seeking Advice on Building Fresh Social Profiles

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Actual Wizard

New Contributor
Aug 5, 2018
Hello. So I'm working on building an authority site and am an expert SEO (10+ years of real SEO work, the type of stuff that big agencies do) and I honestly admit that I am terrible at social media marketing.

Obviously setting the accounts up is no big deal but I have honestly no idea how to build followers quickly the "right way."

The way I used to do this was incredibly slow. I would create a site, link it to it's social profiles, and followers would slowly accumulate as my content ranked. From experience, this is an extremely slow way to go about this.

So I started doing the whole "read what the guru's have to say" thing (I know...) and sure enough their tactics won't work with accounts that have zero followers.

I really don't want to just throw a ton of advertising money (small budgets are fine though) at this either since I already know that I can build quality followers through the site and I know there's people out there that can build social accounts up very quickly with out a website.

I already tried some of the "lame techniques" such as followback and the results I'm getting do not seem to be worth my time.

Is there a no BS guide out there on this?

Thanks in advance.

Note: I have no plans on doing anything like buying followers so please don't suggest that.

Actual Wizard

New Contributor
Aug 5, 2018
I started doing followback extremely selectively and I'm getting some results but it's slow. I'm digging through a few hundred profiles and am trying to find people who seem like humans, are active, should be interested in my work, and I'll follow like 20-30 people a day while keep track of it in a spreadsheet. So far the followback rate is actually pretty goood and the people following back seem like my core audience. This is acceptable in my situation, I really don't want a bunch of worthless followers and like I said in my original post, once the site gets going, the site will build followers to my profiles as well.

I've never heard of anybody talking about doing it this way. It's always "just use automation" or "post great content" which as I explain in my original post, won't work in my current situation.

The strategy of being extremely selective seems to be working but it's super slow on LI and G+. Since I'm doing this with 5 different profiles, it's also quite time consuming. Still searching for good advice.


Mar 18, 2014
Hey man, personally I would take a page out of Gary V and do exactly what he does for building a brand. When i'm looking for SEO advice, i'm not looking for pictures on instagram to follow. I want to be there learning about case studies, tips and tricks, and guides on things that work. I go to Youtube for that. Chase Reiner did something like this and now his agency is killing it.

Some other angles are: Really quality blog posts (helps with backlinks ;)) and just getting involved in general in the SEO world. Tons of knowledgeable people with blogs that you can post helpful comments on, then ask to guest post, etc. etc get that snowball rolling.

Good luck!

Actual Wizard

New Contributor
Aug 5, 2018
When i'm looking for SEO advice, i'm not looking for pictures on instagram to follow. I want to be there learning about case studies, tips and tricks, and guides on things that work.

I'm building a site about digital marketing, not SEO per se, to be clear.

Uh in 2018, it's really just links. What do you want to know? :)

The onpage stuff matters but you're not going to rank jack squat without quality links these days. It's like 20% onpage, 80% offpage for most competative keywords.

Gary has a giant following, I really go off that...

PM sent about something specific.

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