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Places for self publishing ebooks?

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New Contributor
Mar 28, 2018
New York
I'm new to publishing ebooks. Need few suggestions on where I could self publish my first ebook

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May 28, 2014
I'm new to publishing ebooks. Need few suggestions on where I could self publish my first ebook
You can publish e-books anywhere. And you will have to watch some videos, read some blog's, because this is upgraded every year. The rules are always changing.

Tiger TT

Bronze Contributor
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Dec 25, 2015
Your own website.

Did you even start writing your eBook?

Silver Silk

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May 10, 2017
Publish your ebook on amazon kindle, then publish on CreateSpace for the physical copy to be available and then have an audiobook made with audible. You upload your book and then you run audition for the speakers who will record your audiobook and in return you split the profits with them or you can pay a fee outright for there service.

To start with the Kindle process isnt to complicated, just youtube it but don't fall for the gurus that will try to sell you their overpriced courses.

Not sure how much experience you have but you'll need to get a book cover made and the reverse with the book blurb. Got to market the book and research the tags and categories it will be best suited for, IE which category will it get the most sales in.

Neha Mishra

New Contributor
May 28, 2018
I'm new to publishing ebooks. Need few suggestions on where I could self publish my first ebook
Publishing ebooks anywhere is possible there days. You can go for Amazon kindle or too if you want to give a try to something different.


New Contributor
May 17, 2018
Woodbury, Minnesota
I recently self-published my first book. It released March 25, and launched April 24, 2018.

I published through Amazon KDP. Where you publish is completely up to you; as stated in a previous reply, research helps this process.

Good luck!

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