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EXECUTION My Journey... Rising to the top...!


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Jul 4, 2019
Hello Fastlaners,

I’ve read the Millionaire Fastlane in the past and I am 1/3 into Unscripted. Great content and insight!

I want to be real with myself and I like to be on track with my vision.

This will be my journey to get there...

I currently work in sales, selling services. It’s a typical Monday to Friday job, I do get a decent monthly paycheck that pays the bills and enough for me to save/invest.

We know that... "Wages will make you a living, profits will make you a fortune" - JR

My vision is to live in a country with a beautiful beach/water so I can surf freely, live in a stress-free environment condo overlooking the beach, and experience financial freedom. My freedom number is $2500 - $3000/month, my platform will be affiliate marketing.

Why affiliate marketing?
Even I don’t have copywriting experience/education, with trial and error, I got attention from big decision makers with words
I don’t like to deal with customer service (ironically, I’m known to have the best CS in my sales jobs by my peers - but it’s the stress that it carries)
I don’t like to deal with physical products (I did FBA, I sold all my units, but it was a nightmare of an experience, and capital heavy)

My plan is to work in this corporate job for 2 - 3 years, learn the ropes, and bank as much as possible because there is no commission cap.

While I do that, I work on my online business, which will take 1 - 2 years to grow and be profitable to hit my freedom number via residual income.

I’m 30 right now... and I hope to be financially free by 33.

By the time I hit my freedom number, I can relax and really focus... on myself and the business - I want to scale like a beast thereafter... 100,000k per year... then 500,000k per year.

Lets do this!
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Read Millionaire Fastlane
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Mar 1, 2018
Atlanta, GA
Vison is easy.
Growing an audience is hard.
Executing is hard.
Persisting is hard.

You can do it. But, only time will tell if you actually will do it.

Love your profile pic.

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