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My first experience with MLM

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Apr 16, 2019
So about a week ago, I met a man at my day job while I was closing. (19 and I work at a restaurant)
He asks me about school and we start talking about business. He says he got a business degree himself, and we start to talk about passive income, retiring early, etc. Asks for my number and says he’d love to meet for coffee sometime as he’s “building a team” of highly ambitious young entrepreneurs as myself. Eager and excited, I wondered what he did for a living, as he stated his mentors “retired before they were 30” blah blah blah.. so a week passed and he’s been texting me trying to schedule a meetup. Asks to meet at a local Starbucks, I’m enthralled on a possible friendship and mentor ship (he’s about 35). We sit down at Starbucks and he starts asking me questions about my lifestyle, how I’m so young thinking about big things etc. I’m not gonna lie, I really connected with the guy. He seemed really genuine and I was so entrigued. (How foolish) about an hour passes and he keeps talking about mentor ship and how important it is to have value from someone who is where you want to be. I agreed with him. (I mentioned TMF many times through this coffee btw) he starts talking about opportunities and money systems. When I mentioned it would be great to create my own money system he frowned and started telling me “ we already have a system that you can implement, it’s just are you prepared?” He was really talking game. I was so blindsided because I know how value able a real mentor ship can be. We talked about family and how time is so important in life. In the end, he tells me to read this book “Business of the 21st century” I told him I would download it on audible, and he recommended me to just read it. He airdrops it to me and we split ways, I generally feel like the relationship has potential and I’m excited to meet his “business coaches” I get home and search the book on amazon to see reviews with IDENTICAL experiences as mine. Even though it was sort of a let down, it made me realize I have a lot of potential at my age and I don’t need to be spoon fed ideas and methods to be successful.
What do you guys think, should I go to this next “meeting” with him and waste his time? How do I even tell him he’s a d*ck for wasting my time?
TLDR: Guy promises me milk and honey and I realize it’s just Multilevel marketing bs

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Jun 1, 2019
Do you want to become this kind of a person?

Ethics aside, does he even have the lifestyle you want? Consider that this guy spent an hour talking to you at Starbucks. Do you want to be there 15 years later? Spending 1 hour on a potential downstream member with no current skills and no idea about business — does it exactly sound like fastlane?

You feel relationship has potential because you are happy that someone semi-normal took an interest in you. You have not connected with that guy — he used manipulation tactics on you. You don't have to listen, that's fine. Just don't give them the money of your parents, okay? Don't sell your apartment or your car or whatever you have. My suggestion is, don't put any of your current savings in, because this is exactly this guy's business model. Your loss is his gain. If in the end you just lose some $5-10k and a couple years of your life, that may be a fair price to pay for some life lessons.

How to tell him — you can just text that you are sorry, but you've changed your mind. Then don't meet with him, don't pick up the phone, don't respond to emails. Don't — or he will likely convince you. (Though again, it may be a lesson that you need!)


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Aug 19, 2017
I had similar experience when I came to Cyprus one month ago. I went to work in a cafe, and had to borrow an adapter from a local guy (different plugs). When I gave it back two hours later he asked my if I want to know about his business. I thought he just wanted to network, so I agreed.

He took his laptop and started his crappy MLM presentation, which didn't even look like one when he started.
It initially appeared to be a travel business or an affiliate marketing hospitality biz, but then turned out he couldn't answer my questions directly, was giving me nice sounding phrases, and I quickly figured that ALL it was about was making other people join, and then their mission would be to make other people join, and then... the circle goes.
There was literally no value and no meat on the bone other than constantly finding new people to join this crap, and you would be rewarded $50 for one person, and then they would have to look for people to join...Jesus... literally the worst MLM I ever heard of. And he never wanted to tell me how much he was earning exactly because "It doesn't matter..." :D

He wasted one hour of my time I would rather spend chilling at the beach that was 10 meters down the road (yeah, I wanted to be nice because he initially helped me). And yes, he would give me bullshit about lifestyle, freedom, and how Bezos and Gates said that if they could start again, they would do an MLM instead :D :D :D At this point I nearly fell down from armchair.

TL:DR: F**k those guys for wasting our time, stay away from MLMs. I would rather have a normal job than do this pathetic shit.


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Jun 3, 2015
I had to do a double-take, because you post pretty much the exact story of someone else on here, and someone before them as well...

Keep the enthusiasm, ditch the MLM lamo.

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