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HELP WANTED Looking For Copywriting Apprentice!

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Apr 28, 2017
Eastern Europe
This is for someone who wants to learn expert direct response copywriting from one of the leading agencies in the industry and start making money as a business owner/partner without having to ever look for clients.

We are going to start a new copywriting only service at my agency aimed at small business owners (as opposed to the high-ticket services aimed at the high-end of the market that we're known for), so I'm looking for a new partner. Your role will be to take over the jobs and write the initial copy. For larger jobs, you'll start by receiving the strategy from us, with the request to translate it into copy in the beginning. As you get better, you'll take over doing everything. For smaller jobs, you will be doing everything and then submitting to us right from the beginning. We will teach you how to do your market research and provide you templates based on what you have to execute to make the jobs faster.

Once work is submitted to us we review it, and make the necessary modifications to submit directly to the client. We will send you a copy with track changes in Word so that you can see where you could have done better and where there's room for improvement. There will also be comments to guide you.

Your earnings will be a percentage of what we make (which will be public, we'll have fixed prices). This will start at 25% and go up to 62% very quickly (so that you'll make most of the money out of this), depending on how well you perform. If it requires a lot of changes and work on our end, then obviously it will be towards the lower end. Basically working for us is just like working for Upwork, except that we find you clients, train you, and you benefit from our systems, brand and expertise and all you have to do is perform the work... that's why you're paying us 38%, not 20% as you'd pay Upwork. You should think about it as your marketing/client acquisition cost!

Here are the requirements:
• Your level of English MUST be impeccable, better than a native speaker. If it's not, please don't even bother applying.
• You must have read at minimum the following four books:
- Ca$hvertising by Drew Eric Whitman
- Influence by Robert Cialdini
- Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins
- The Boron Letters by Gary Halbert
• Please attach a single sample of your work which best represents your capabilities. It must be at minimum 1000 words, in English. If you don't have one yet, then pick a product and write a sales letter on it.
• If you are chosen, there will be a video interview, where we will discuss the books that you have read - so please make sure that you HAVE read them carefully + your sample.
• You will need to sign a subcontracting agreement with us. The conditions will be as follows:
- you have to take all jobs coming from our new service unless you email us before a new job comes in that you're at full capacity.​
- the contract is NOT exclusive - so you can take other jobs and do other work apart from what you do with us.​
- you will not control the pricing, the marketing for the service, and communication with the client - that will be our responsibility.​
- the contact details of the client will remain confidential, and you are not allowed to reach out to those clients for a period of 5 years from when you first received the job, through any means.​
- you are not allowed to publicly post or share the work you do for us, or divulge our relationship, however, you are allowed to privately send other prospects that you have examples from the work you did for us. Again, even in that case, please do not divulge that it was written for us.​
- you will get paid once every 2 weeks, and you must invoice us for it. If you are based in the EU, you need to have a tax id to invoice us.​

To submit your applications, please PM me. You must:
- Attach the sample mentioned above
- State all the marketing/copywriting/sales books you have read
- Explain why you're interested in this opportunity

That's it :)

Looking forward to your application!

(P.S. If you have questions, please also reach out by PM, do not post in the thread)

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