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Apple Slice

New Contributor
Feb 3, 2018
United States
I decided to finally take some action on something I've wanted to do for many years, but just never believed I could pull off. There's a chance it could bring some money in, and there's a chance that nothing tangible could come from it. Either way, there isn't a downside. I'm going to make a blog and start heavily posting on social media to promote my name and the blog.
The best case scenario is that over the next few years it really takes off, I make money with Instagram, affiliate links, ebooks, possibly workout programs (been writing these since I was 12), some coaching, and with other businesses I start with my audience, provide value for my readers (this will be my #1 priority), have something for future family members to know me from, and use the fame to aid in anything else I want to do. Worst case, I get used to writing for an audience, spending time on camera, become very knowledgeable, have something holding me accountable to the things I should be doing regardless, and develop perseverance.
My only rule is that no matter what, big loss or big win, something terribly embarrassing happens or I make an a$$ of myself on a blog post, I will not quit for the next 5 years. I'm going to college so if this doesn't work, and nothing else does either in the same time frame, then I'll just temporarily be where the masses are. Using my degree to work a job. It doesn't matter if anyone reads this, but I want to update this thread at least once a week to hold me accountable and to write my thoughts as I turn this into a business. So I'm gonna be around for awhile, and at minimum will post 260 more times. Although I started laying the groundwork yesterday, my first post outlining any progress will be posted in the afternoon.


Silver Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
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Jan 13, 2018
San Diego, CA
Congrats on the first post!

provide value for my readers (this will be my #1 priority),

This is huge in any business.

Have you read the Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted ? I suspect you might have, based off your line above.

If not, please read them and focus on the CENTS (or CENTS) Commandments. This idea has no entry barrier and the need is debatable.

Please don’t interpret this as me squashing your dreams. I spent several minutes typing these words because I want you to succeed.

Either way, there isn't a downside.

The potential downside is that you spend tremendous amounts of time and distracted focus on this endeavor.

If you are in school and writing the blog, posting on social media, creating videos, etc., you won’t be truly focused on any ONE thing (The ONE Thing by Gary Keller is a recommended read).

If you are going to college, get the most out of it. Major in something useful. Put in the extra effort to learn the SKILLS that they are teaching. As well as developing interpersonal skills.

I was able to go through school and get mostly A’s and a few B’s. Now, just three years removed from graduating, I probably couldn’t speak intelligently on most of the things that were taught in my engineering or math courses.

Going to school and only getting good grades just lands you the ability to get a decent JOB. The skills could change your life.

Make your goal to learn everything well enough to be able to teach it to someone else.

If the personal branding doesn’t pay dividends you will have spent five years of your youth with distracted focus, maybe get a degree with no marketable skills, and have nothing else to show for it.
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Apple Slice

New Contributor
Feb 3, 2018
United States
First, thank you for the response. I appreciate you taking the time to look out for my well being. I also thank you for the book recommendation and advice for putting in the extra effort to actually learn the skills I'm taught in college.

I have read The Millionare Fastlane, but have only started Unscripted . Going to be spending a lot of time on that very soon.

I can completely understand why you'd mention that there likely isn't a need, especially with all of the current blogs out there right now. I'm also glad for the warnings that you have given me about possible downsides that it appears I skipped over.

However, I think this would actually help me focus more, as I'll always be looking for new things to learn that could turn into/relate to possible blog ideas. Although fitness would be a small portion of the content I'd use, I'd also be able to bring HVAC information (got a 2 year certification in high school), eventually trading and real estate I'm learning from family, and information from whatever I get my degree in (not that I'm planning to use all of these). I also have a weekly idea that would allow me to start with affiliate links, and eventually my own products. However, I don't want to give the impression that I'll be posting in too many niches.

I feel like this blog will force me to focus more on everything I learn, that way I would have the ability to teach it to someone else. Not only that, but I'll always be seeking out opportunities to do/learn something new.

Or I could be completely wrong and end up regretting the next 5 years, but even if this epically fails, I don't think that's how I'll feel.

Apple Slice

New Contributor
Feb 3, 2018
United States
I've bought the domain and created the Instagram. I'm going to start putting content out tomorrow and aim for 300 followers on instagram by next Tuesday, even if I have to go follow a lot of people.

I'm going to write a few rough drafts and begin getting the website ready and I plan on having 3 articles ready to go by next Tuesday. My goal is to have 3 articles out a week, along with an Instagram post daily. Before next Tuesday I also plan on having Amazon Affiliates sorted out and there are a few people I'm going to contact about setting up some more affiliate links. Down the road I plan on releasing some of my own products, but right now I think this is the best move. I'm not in a hurry to monetize, but it'll fit in with one of the weekly posts I'll be making.

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