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John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Scam (Or Spam)?

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Jan 4, 2014
**** Public Service Announcement

John Crestani Affiliate Marketing Scam (Or Spam?)

In the last week or so the forum has been flooded with John Crestani spam from affiliate marketers.

(Guess what? NO FORUM USERS HAVE SEEN OR CLICKED ANY OF IT!!!! It gets deleted before it gets to the forum front page, so everyone here is spared from the drivel!)

Is this affiliate program a scam?

I have no idea. Nor do I care.

But here’s what I know… I’ve literally (or the mods) have deleted hundreds of idiot affiliate marketing spam from people promoting this crap.

Check out this free training...
Guys I've got this inside scoop on free training...
I've gotten rich from this free training...

OMFG. You're kidding right?

Here’s another fact: the only guy getting rich on this shit is the guy who has these affiliates running around like crazy flesh-eating zombies, spamming the forum with “free training” and other nonsense. They’re not here for the community, they’re not here to learn how to build a REAL business, they’re not here to learn something new, they’re here to PIMP their schemes.

Sorry, it won’t work here.

The fact is, if you’re selling this shit as an affiliate, you’re fooling yourself.


Here’s the fact of the matter…

As an affiliate…

  • You are NOT an entrepreneur, you are a marketing pusher.
  • You are NOT a chef, you are a cook.
  • You are NOT a driver, you are a passenger.
  • You are NOT a leader, you are a follower.
  • You are NOT an innovator, you are a copier.
  • You are NOT an artist, you are a printer.
  • You are NOT a value provider, you are a money-chaser.

You are no better than some drone who joins an MLM, hoping to get rich.

Folks, if you really want to get rich, write your own check, and claim your own destiny — you need to be the person OFFERING the affiliate program, not the PEON selling it. (Looks like some savvy marketer knows this, ya know, the guy you are huckstering for??)

And by the way, if you’re selling this crap here, good luck.

You’ll be banned as soon as you post your offer for “free training.”

Free training?

Yea, right.

Stop being a weak-minded guppy — and start thinking like a shark.

Stop violating the Commandment of Control.

If you want the tools, strategies, and mathematical concepts to make that happen, I suggest downloading any of the two books (The Millionaire Fastlane and/or Unscripted) that this forum is based on.

With that said, if you're here to pimp your "free training" get FN lost.

Or wise up and learn a REAL SKILL, something better than a drive-by post that says, Hey guys check out this free training.

Sheeze... you can do better than being someone's affiliate prostitute.

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Entre Eyes

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Sep 7, 2019
The guy certainly has smooth delivery.

If you do a search for his name and Forums you can get a peek how his customers are doing.

I would just say at those price points you could get a whole lot of DFY or acquire a Business/eCommerce store already making cash.
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MJ DeMarco

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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ


( Jason Brown )
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May 29, 2013
Louisville - Kentucky
I know a tiny bit of info since I did affiliate marketing and was the one of the very first people back in 2007 to start the whole mass affiliate marketing explosion when I was employed at MediaTrust ( an affiliate network ). Most of what you see today came from tactics harking back to 2007 that I helped start.

This guy has exploded the last few years, pushing the affiliate marketing dream with his teachings and course.

But before he was famous, he was going to guru teaching events. I've seen pics of him taking courses from another affiliate guru at a training learning how to "learn affiliate marketing". Then a year later or few later he is teaching it?

I guess someone could say there is nothing wrong with that. That he had to start somewhere. But I personally thought it smelled of possible re-hashing to others what he had just learned a year or few ago at a training himself. Maybe he was taking notes on how to "give teachings" instead.. idk

I have no way to prove if he is rehashing though since I have not took his course or know him personally. Maybe he did get success after the training and is pushing that. I don't know...

What's odd is, the pic I saw of him where he went to learn more about affiliate marketing, was at an event being taught by someone that actually copied and used my affiliate marketing tactic I started at MediaTrust and helped this teacher to get his big break. I only know this because the owner of another affiliate network I was friends with told me and I also met this teacher later as well at a few affiliate conferences and had talks with him over the years and even have a post of mine on his blog.

There is at least 1 instrumental guy on this forum that probably knows what I am talking about. He is a very tall person that helps a lot here.

I guess everything rolls down hill.

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Apr 3, 2019
UK, London
John Crestani = Fake Guru.

I remember researching this guy for one of my YouTube videos on the industry of selling courses, and I would definitely recommend avoiding him.

Like this post says, the only person making the big money here is John from people buying his course thinking that affiliate marketing is going to get them their 'passive income' and 'laptop lifestyle'.

John along with many others in this fake guru industry are selling you a false solution to an achievable dream.

I genuinely find John's marketing disgusting at points (and trust me, I sat through hours of his webinars and videos during my research, so I've seen a good deal).

The constant tugging of your emotional strings and insecurities is one thing, but it's another when he genuinely pushes people who don't have the money to buy his course to finance it.

If you really want to get into affiliate marketing, learn about it through free resources, DO NOT give this guy your money.

And if you really want the 'passive income', 'laptop lifestyle', then understand that it will take solving a genuine problem to do so - not pedalling other people's products just to earn some commission on the back of it.

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