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I'm a Want-repreneur


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Nov 3, 2017
Fargo, North Dakota
Yes, yes, I'm the want-repreneur the Fastlaners like to joke about. I've read TMFL and Unscripted . I'm currently re-reading TMFL 1) to help solidify the Fastlane mentality, and 2) because it's a damn good read.

Why am I a want-repreneur and not an entrepreneur? Inaction.

I've read so many books on start-ups, side gigs, and passive income. I've taken courses like Zero to Launch and Trailblazer. But I've never put my nose to the grindstone.

I've been reflecting on my uneventful journey up to now and I've reached one obvious course of action: DO SOMETHING! DO ANYTHING!

Will I ever accomplish anything if I'm stuck in analysis paralysis? "Does this meet the Commandment of Need?" "Is my niche too large or too small?" "Isn't there already a product like that?" There comes a point where asking these questions turns from research to just sitting on my a$$.

Reading through the posts on here, I'm realizing that I'm going to fail 1, 2, maybe even 9 times. But there's taking a swing and striking out, then there's never even going up to bat.

Any insights you have would be of great value to me.

Thank you for having me on the forum!
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Greg R

Act, Assess, Adjust
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Oct 28, 2015
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Yea jeez.

Although MJ would be glad your reading the books, I'm sure he would be happier if you just did something...

Go back to the books when you need to solve a problem that you are currently dealing with.

If you are struggling with an idea, go to the chapter about finding ideas. Take action on the chapter and DON'T READ A SINGLE PAGE MORE until you need to solve another problem.

I've been in your shoes. I read MFL X times, then I got wise. I've only read UNSCRIPTPED once and am now I am in the process of executing the book and only turn back to it when I have a problem that I am trying to resolve. So far it has worked like a charm.

Best of luck.

MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
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Jul 23, 2007
I'm sure he would be happier if you just did something...

Yes something!

Forget the Commandments. Do something and get a WIN.

Buy an old dresser at Goodwill for $10, fix it up and sell it for $100.


Not Fastlane, but it makes you a winner.

And it watch your identity -- as of now, it reinforces the status quo.

*UNSCRIPTED* - Identity Hacking: How to Kill Your Status Quo
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Dec 26, 2014
Chicago, IL
Tough love! Thank you.

Here, I'll break down the steps so you can go from wantrepreneur to crappy product selling preneur:

1. Go here: Find Quality Wholesalers, Suppliers, Manufacturers, Buyers and Products from Our Award-Winning International Trade Site. Wholesale Products from China Wholesalers at
2. Click around for 30 minutes.
3. Find something you like.
4. Spend $100 on it.
5. Wait 1-4 weeks for it to get to you.
6. Toss it up on eBay and Amazon with crappy listings at higher or market prices.
7. Do some research and figure out how to make your listings better.
8. Wait a bit.
9. Start wondering why your product didn't sell (probably because you don't know how to pick a good product).
10. Do more research and learn how to pick good products.
11. Once you've picked a product that you think will sell, post it in this thread: GOLD - I will help you find a product to sell on Amazon.
12. If @biophase approves, cool, you know how to pick products. If not, repeat steps 10-12.
13. Import products that are likely to sell. Toss them up on Amazon and eBay and start getting some sales.
14. Switch from Aliexpress to Alibaba. Learn how Alibaba works.
15. Bam. Now you're selling stuff at decent margins and know how to do some stuff.

Honestly. Just start. $100.

If you want to do services then buy some shitty Fiver service and try to resell it. Fail. Learn. Improve. Repeat.

Education is a lot more fun when you're actually doing stuff versus just reading books. As I said before, inaction is for pussies. Don't be a pussy. It's not that hard to be an entrepreneur. It's hard to be a good one. But to be a shitty one it's super simple. And for you, the path is currently: Wantrepreneur --> Shitty Entrepreneur --> Decent Entrepreneur --> Pretty Good Entrepreneur. Start by going to the next phase of your journey.

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