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I have read TMF and Unscripted


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Sep 12, 2017
I was born in Kenya and came to the US when I was 15 years old. Now I am 30 years old and have achieved a lot in the US. I have a BA in International Relations from a university in California and a Masters in International Development from a university in the UK.

I have tried to run for a local political office in Kenya but failed. I have tried to start a business exporting electronics from the US to Kenya and lost a lot of money. I have also tried exporting coffee from Africa to the US with no success.

In 2012, I launched a computer project to support schools in the rural Kenya with technology such as computers, power generators, and science equipment. Although the project was successful, I did not have enough funds to keep it going and abandoned it this year (2017).

The sad part is that even with my past experience and education, I have not gotten any job offers... Even after hiring an experienced resume writer. Some of my classmates who have never traveled outside the US or the UK have gotten jobs with big NGOs government agencies in Africa. I still don't understand why I couldn't even land a single interview despite my experience.

However, I am glad that I never got a job offer because I would not be here right now. I would be living the scripted lifestyle had I not read TMF and unscripted . I think everyone should read Unscripted instead of reading TMF twice. After reading TMF, I thought about reading it again or buying another book that would show me how to start and run a Fastlane business.

However, in Unscripted , MJ tells you the truth that you should not expect a list of business ideas or anyone to hold your hand and show you how to do things.

Only taking action will deliver results. This was an eye-opener for me. After reading Unscripted , I have been able to spot so many needs around me that could be solved and add value. I stopped chasing money and now I am chasing needs and helping people. I do not plan on reading another book unless it is related to helping me understand a need and [or] solving the need.

I plan on using my past experiences and skills to build businesses. I now have excellent writing skills from my MA studies that I plan to use for copywriting. I also have an excellent political network in Kenya that I could use to expand my services and products in Africa. I have friends in the UK that might also be helpful in my business ventures.

I plan to return to politics and international development after I achieve full financial freedom. I also plan to start my own non-profit organization in order to introduce technology in schools in the rural Kenya and elsewhere.

However, for now, I must focus on taking action and solving a need. I have a list of ideas that will create value and some that will help solve needs.

I'm glad to be working for Costco Wholesale where I am always surrounded by customers who have needs and products that could be improved or in need of proper advertising.

I will be sharing my progress on the forum.

Thank you MJ and all of the contributors to this forum.
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