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I am 26 years old and tired of my job.

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New Contributor
Oct 31, 2018
Im 26 years living in Belgium near the Dutch border. Started in the military being a Marine and a scout at the infantry. After 4 years I was tired of lying in the bushes like an absent person and decided to work in the office.

I became more and more depressed during office work, every day the same from Monday to Friday. The weekends were also messy. On Sunday a football match and the next day I was able to work as a slave again.

I start reading the fastlane millionaire and think and grow rich, it got me inspired. I told my self to make something of my life instead of rotting away at the office for a boss.

But I just do not know with which products or services I want to start my own company. Perhaps I will find out in the course of time or some people can give me tips, the financial means are there.

hopefully I can learn a lot here.
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Bronze Contributor
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Oct 1, 2018
If I’ve learnt anything, I’ve learnt this.

There is no list!

There is no magic bullet, or a spectacular catch all, sure fire product that will part the sea of mediocrity and deliver you to promised land.

Because even better than that, the answer is everywhere!!

Opportunity for a Fastlane existence lives in every facet of your life. Every single thing that irks you is a problem, and within that problem is an opportunity.

Once you tune your mind to the problems, you’ll see opportunities everywhere.

Be wary though, a lot of opportunities are disguised as bloody hard work!

Good luck searching!

Santi M

See you on the fastlane
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Jul 22, 2018
Hi! Maybe you could look for not-solved problems at you work, and work on it the 8 hours you're not sleeping nor working your job. If you readed TMF then you got some tips, that "expresions" of people like "this sucks", and all that stuff.
Good luck, and remember, oportunities are everywhere, I'm looking for mine too ;)

Jeff Noel

Go all in.
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Oct 26, 2018
Quebec, Canada
Welcome to the forums !

Listen to people around you. Let them do the talking. Most often than not, everyone has ideas that they will discuss but never execute.

Try to find the idea that helps people. If you can help people, and a lot of them, money will come with it. If you listen carefully, there's probably a few gold nuggets that passed by in your daily chat with colleagues.
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Legendary Contributor
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Oct 3, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
Welcome to the forum. Sounds like your military background will be an asset - not likely you'll struggle with discipline.

I'd recommend you read Unscripted . It talks a little more about how to find products to sell. It really fleshes out the CENTS framework in a way that I think will benefit you.

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