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OFF-TOPIC Holiday Season Money Saving Ideas


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Aug 29, 2007
Aurora, Co
This is not exactly a fastlane topic, but holiday spending can get down right expensive if not careful. So I ask, how do you save money around the Holidays.

My family and real close friends of ours always get together Christmas evening and share gifts. Budgets are tight all around. This year we're going to try something new. Everyone will buy $5 worth of lottery or Lotto tickets and place them in hat. Everyone pulls out 5 and scratch them off. Winning lotto tickets will be split by everyone. $55 for a fun new tradition rather then 200-300 on gifts.

Ok, thats our idea. Let's hear yours. (this thread partly inspired by Russ's plan thread)

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Jul 26, 2007
I posted this in another section, so sorry for the repeat. Here are some of our ideas:

1. Donate time/money/goods to a friend or family member's favorite charity- in their name. ...Everyone wins! (Ex. Blankets and food to the homeless shelter, or humane society; time spend with sick kids in the hospital.)

2. Chinese (this name isn't very PC!) gift exchange. ...I think we all know this one. I live for this gift exchange. ...Everyone spends $20 on a gift and everyone draws numbers and then steals gifts back and forth.

3. Pink elephant gift. Start a tradition where you and some of your closest friends either find or create the ugliest thing imaginable- then give it as a gift- the kicker is that the recipient must prominently display the gift until it is regifted! Hilarious! ...We have giant stuffed and mounted fish that is falling apart ( I mean gross looking big time!) floating between people.

4. Have a dinner party with friends and have each friend bring something to drink (or eat) and just have a great Christmas party as a present to each other.

5. Create ornaments for friends- this is great for kids. ...Of course this can be great for adults too as you can create a gaudy, awful ornament and gift it to someone, then act hurt if they aren't thrilled when they open it. ...See if you can actually get them to put it on the tree.

6. Themed mix CD. Workout music? Relaxation? Party?

Just some ideas. :)


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Oct 3, 2007
I have a large extended family so we usually play secret santa. But this year we we're doing something different. Every person will buy a gift depending on the tree. On Christmas night, each person chooses a gift under the tree.

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