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Hi there, I have a online fishing business where we teach peeps to fish. It can be trying at times and exhausting so looking for tips to lighten the load. This forum looks the goods and I can't wait to read the books. I am also thinking of creating a forum for my peeps on my site but am told forums are a thing of the past and I should get a FB page instead. Does anybody else have a forum on their site? This one seems to be going gangbusters!
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Oct 20, 2012
Hi, welcome to the forum.

You need to automate the business, have you read the book by MJ?

Create systems i.e create S.O.P and have staff manage everything, or automate as much as possible by for example making video tutorials that people have to watch in stages and find a way to have the community engage/help themselves (like how I'm doing right now). :)

Good luck.

Walter Hay

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Sep 13, 2014
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Be careful if you intend running your business via a Facebook page. I know it's all the rage, but the business Facebook pages I have seen fall miserably short.

I searched recently for a branded $2,000 item to buy, and the great majority of search results led me to a Facebook page. They were near useless.

They were more like social pages, not business sites. Self-congratulatory chats going on, but very little information about the products they were supposedly selling.

In several cases it was not even possible to find their location. That was a critical issue, because the item is very large, and being located in a regional rural area I need to know how far I would have to travel to view the product, and how much would freight cost.

I should add that the websites I visited also had an irritating practice. When I clicked on the product I wanted, I was transferred to the manufacturer's website, where I learned nothing about the product except that it was the best thing since sliced bread, and I also learned nothing about that particular dealer who had passed me on to someone who was never going to provide the information I wanted.

Outcome: I bought from a dealer 60 miles away, and they delivered it at no extra cost! Personal discussion via the phone told me what I needed to know.

Remember this vital point: By the time people find your site, they are in buying mode. They want information that will confirm that the product is what they want, and that you are the best ones to provide what they want.

Maybe for your particular business a blog full of information would work?


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