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Hello from Belgium

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New Contributor
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Dec 18, 2021
Hi everyone,

My name is Cyril and I'm from Belgium, still 29 but approaching 30 years old. I am working as an engineer in a company for a bit more than 6 years so not really escaped from the rat race yet!

I've started the process of re-thinking my "plans" during the first covid lock-down thanks to the additional free time. I've quickly come to the conclusion that I should start investing my money, I've always been a rather good money saver but for some reason have never taken the time to make it work until then. So I started to spare a part of my salary every month to invest it on stock shares and ETF's, I've also tried a bit to invest on cryptos but not so much considering the higher risks.

However after a few calculations with an Excel sheet, it is quite clear that these investments alone will not allow to reach any goal of freedom before a long long time! I'm not really in a hurry because conversely to most of the people here (I guess), I'm not yet fully fed up with my job, I still like the technical challenges etc even if the 5 for 2 ratio is sometimes/often difficult to accept. However I'm quite excited with the challenge to create something on my side and make it grow but I'm willing to give me time for a learning phase ... for now!

With this learning spirit, I set up a few targets for this year:

1) I'm finishing to learn how to code an app and the goal is to publish it still this year --> Learn how to develop an app/product, distribute it and have a first experience of interactions with users

2) I'm planning to create a course on a platform like Udemy. For now I'm thinking to create it about Excel, I know there are already many courses on the subject but I'd like to create it under a specific approach (for a beginer engineer in R&D for example :) ) --> Once again the revenue I could get from it is not as important as what I would learn in the process i.e. how to efficiently communicate/teach to people, the preparation of a course with good value added, improve my spoken communication skills ...

3) I would like to create a blog still this year as well. I have a few ideas in mind but currently still under reflexion --> The idea is to start something from scratch and learn to understand people needs and expectations to grow traffic and grow a small community of readers or potential customers

This might be really small steps compared to some ambitions or results I've read on other threads but these are really the first steps I need to make for a start as I have a lot to learn. Besides that I'm planning to buy an appartment for myself and a small house for renting with my savings (and of course a bit of bank debt too).

I've read a few books but TMF is really the one where I found the more value and also the one that keeps motivating me as I'm reading it again. So I'm happy to join this forum to interact with you all and read about all your inspiring stories.

Thanks for reading!
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Dec 20, 2020
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Welcome Cyril :smile2:

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