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  • Hi devbe83, are just in the start initial phase of something similar and have been cio for a quite large one for a few years. We have already some services in operations and strong funding and are expanding the business further into this sector. I will contact Axxoul tomorrow since we live in the same city and might have more in common. //JoFi
    hi there, read your post yesterday about your idea / niche within the travel industry, and I think we should talk. Have had similar idea (yet you seem to want to do B2C, mine is B2B) for a few months now, and I have access to a lot of tools / gds's you mention in your post, since I work in a travel agency here in Sweden. Hit me up on messenger: Axxoul
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    Have an OTA that seems to be very willing (which reminds me to update the thread after the weekend).

    Definitely interested to chat! Pinged you on FB messenger.
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