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From poor life to good life with insides in sports.


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Dec 19, 2017
Hello. My name is Vania. I am 25 years old gambler. Yes, I am real gambler and all my life is a game. I born in Moldova, Chisinau. Poor and small country between Ukraine and Moldova. When I studied at university I started to play poker and started to make my first money. Average salary in Chisinau is 250 $/ per month so my winnings in poker(500-1000$ per month) gaves me comfortable life . But time is going and I decided that I want to try something new. I loves sport , football, tennis and basketball so I tried to making sports betting bets. First 3 months I lost 2 my bankrolls and decided to buy tipsters in blogabet but profit was 5-10 % per month from my bankroll and I wanted more. I decided to invest field more and to know some people who knows more. So I relocated from Chisinau and start to travel to itf and futures tournaments to make more money. Now I am making 15-50 000 $ (depends from month) on fixed games. We with my partner's (2 friends) buy Infos with very big price and make money on fixed games. There are some problems with maximum of bets because Infos that we have is a small markets. But I love my life and my lifestyle. Traveling , communication with a lot of new people. So guys , try to make in life what you love and you will earn money. If you born in poor shitty place it's not over ;) [REMOVED BY MODERATOR] I wish you all good luck and big money! Sorry for my English :)
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May 7, 2014
I know a LOT about this market...A LOT. This sounds like you want to advertise a scam to be honest, I’ve seen this time and time again. Though I do hope your telling the truth, you’d be a great asset here if so.

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Arthur Redline

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Dec 14, 2017
The Netherlands
Haha hey man! I do not think that do what you love or gambling are good advice for people who want to build a life around entrepreneurship. I do think it is cool that you can have a good life doing what you do. I wonder how long such a life is sustainable. Anyhow, welcome to the forum.

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